3 LAWS of TEXTING Girls (Exactly What To MESSAGE) NO FLUFF

Kai Palikiko           June.  12, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Stop thinking going there, am I good enough? Am I good looking enough? Am I gonna be good enough, you know, to be your guy? No, you're good enough. So stop viewing as approach as you're less than them.

Start viewing now as you are actually qualifying these girls, you are actually seeing if they are good enough to be with you.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you are completely brand new to my channel, hit that subscribe button, because I guarantee I will elevate your life overall. So this applies to other platforms as well when it comes to text messaging girls, not just for online dating profiles, but for Messenger, actually texting, WhatsApp, any other, you know, even DMs on Instagram, any other texting platform, this applies to all of it.

Now when it comes to all of this by the way, all of these platforms, there is a trap that a lot of guys fall for, especially when it comes to texting girls. Now what's the trap you say? That trap is being used as an emotional tampon by these women, being used up by this woman for your emotional comfort, for your validation, for your nice compliments, they're pretty much there to literally leech off all of the good vibes you're gonna have for their emotional needs.

And then in the end, right, in the end, this is what's the worst part about it, once they have their emotional fulfillments being met and satisfied and guaranteed by you, you're going to be tossed aside and then a Chad like me comes in with two or three senses when it comes to the text messages.

And now they're going to look for their physical sexual needs, because you've already fulfilled all the hard stuff for me, you've already gotten the good feelings, the good vibe, the emotional attachment and then now they're going to look for that physical attachment that they're looking for.Now to be effective when it comes to you moving along to actually looking for what you're looking to do. 

Either for actual relationships or just to hook up, your job is to get their number within the next five to 10 messages.  Any more than that, man, you gotta move on and cut off that, no matter how promising she is, no matter how nice she is, after five to 10 messages cut off that deadly if it's not moving on and go for another person.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Now you're probably asking, I mean I'm still talking to her right, what's wrong with keeping her in this platform? What's wrong with just me messaging her on this online dating profile?

It has really nothing to do with the way of communication. It's more about her compliance, her willingness to actually invest in you by going, or pretty much to what you're looking for, you want to be able to talk to her outside of that platform, to see if she's actually willing to invest into what you're looking for. Because remember, if they don't have any compliance towards your needs.

They are literally going to use you up as an emotional crutch or as again, I would like to call it an emotional tampon. You don't want to be shoved up in there, left all bloody and that's it. Damn that sounds gross. Pretty much they will use you up as an emotional crutch, like how, and I'll openly admit it, how some of us guys will use these girls just for sex and that's it and move on. That is the equivalency of that. Right? 

Because it is bad both ways. Unless, of course, they are in the know, and they actually want to just go for that type of relationship, nothing wrong with that at all. If that's not what you're looking for, if you don't want to be used up as an emotional tampon, you need to recognize that right away and move on. Now as for the game plan of what you're actually going to say, right, yes, it's going to sound scripted. 

But here's the thing boys. When it comes to my experience with women, when you talk to so many of them, it is going to sound scripted, because that's pretty much what it is, any type of social interaction is not taken away from you being unique, it's just that most people tend to say the same things over and over again. Oh, what do you like to do? Oh, I'm in nursing, I'm in psychology, I'm studying.

I'm going to this and that, I'm a foodie, I like to travel. Most girls, I hope you know, when it comes to them being socially savvy, they're not they're either. The majority of people in general socially suck. Right? They are gonna say the same thing over and over. So that's why it's ok for us to use a scripted line until when it's finally time to open up and then emotionally invest, but for the first initiated interaction. 

It's absolutely ok to use scripted lines, absolutely. But once you're in an actual date with them, once they actually will invest in you as well, then you could open up more, than you can actually give them the luxury to reveal your full self. If they haven't earned that yet, because they actually need to earn us well. Look when you're in these interactions and you're trying to, you know, talk to these girls, stop thinking that you're not good enough. You are good enough, you are a good looking guy. 

You are there to qualify them as well. Stop viewing up and, you know, when you're talking to these girls, oh am I good enough for you, because that sounds needy, right? You are of value, you are good looking guy, you are into progression, you have plenty of things for you to give them. So this is actually what you're going to say. I'll break it down to a very short form, and you could literally just follow it up as a script.

The first one is introduction. Again, you could, you know, view it as how you want to do it, you can change it how you want to do it, but keep it like that, the main frame of it, Introduction, what I normally say - you look adorable, who are you? That's it plain and simple. Now just to leave you in the know why I use certain key words, because again, you can go all up into the compliment. 

I just personally use the word adorable, because it's like a puppy or a dog, I find them adorable as well. So it's like an inside joke for me, she looks like a puppy, I could pet them. And her line will be oh my God, blah blah blah. Same scripted line over and over again. The next part is a small qualifying question, a little bit of investment from your end. So what do you do? What's your career about? Could you tell me more? 

Oh my God, I am in nursing, psychology, I do hair, you know, basic, typical girl shit. And then the last line, this is it right here, this is how fast you're going to take action. The next part would be to see if her compliance will be for your needs. Oh, that's cool, haha, I like that too. I want to keep this interaction going, so let's move this conversation over to a Starbucks or sushi. What's your number? And that's it.

There's no more else after that. Don't fall our for her shit when she says oh, I don't give out my number right away. Really? Really? They will give out their numbers right away instantaneously, even if they don't know you, if they actually find you attractive. That's pretty much what it is, anything else after that, they are literally priming you up, opening up in a package and getting ready to put you in there as an emotional tampon. Do not fall for that shit.

Simply put, move on. If you get any type of resistance, no matter how nice she is about it, move on. If and when they give their number right away, after you ask for it, text her right away, let her know it's you and start making plans. Now for the record. There's nothing wrong with talking to a girl at all, but you just have to use the right platform. Phone call is for the actual emotional investment in really getting to know the girl. 

Texting is just for plan making, and that's it, do not intermix both at all whatsoever, because if you do, you're going to have some terrible consequences behind it Now when it comes to texting, just to dive in a little bit more, it's more about action and plan taking and all that stuff, but it's ok of course to give a little bit of GIF, a little bit of meme here and stuff like that, a little bit of inside jokes.

But I would reserve that more towards after already making the initial phone call. That's the good side out of you. That's the value side out of you. She needs to earn that as well. They need to earn you, they need to be able to be good enough for you. So stop just giving away all that good, valuable stuff if she hasn't earned it yet. Remember, these are laws, do not feel like you're above this. 

If you do, if you feel like, you know what, maybe this goes a little bit different. No, you're going to be used up, toss aside, and that's it. Abide these laws and I promise you, you, when it comes to dating women, is actually going to accelerate considerably. I'm talking about, you're going to get multiple backup dates every single weekend. This isn't a maybe, this isn't a well maybe if this is.... 

I guarantee you, if you do this, your lead list is gonna build up, you're gonna have three to four different women every single week to choose from, and the main reason why it's not about, because I don't want to give out the wrong message here, ok? It's not about you being a player, or you doing that. No, it's just part of growth. Also, when you are in a abundance of women, it completely eliminates you being desperate.

Being needy, being constantly bothering the same girl over and over again. Because look, I get turned down all the time. The reason why I'm not bothered by it, because I've got backup plans, B, C, D. If she doesn't want to go out, cool, awesome, let me call up the next girl. Oh look, she wants to go out. That's why I'm not going to seem desperate at all. That's pretty much what it comes down to. 

I'm getting you to the point to where you're in so much abundance, that you get to choose the perfect partner for you. You get to choose, so you're not in the state of, oh my God, if this girl doesn't say yes to me, I'm gonna go all crazy or do some weird, socially awkward shit, just to get her attention. I want you to be able to have so many choices out there, you're going to be in that good positive mood all the time, which attracts more girls in your life. 

This is where it begins. It begins on how you are perceiving yourself in front of these women, especially in text, because I mean, that's pretty much the first initial interaction out there, the texting game. Get this done so you can move on to the fun stuff, the action taking stuff. My email, right below this video. Other than that, Kai here out, boom. Take care.



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