6 WEEK vs. 12 WEEK CYCLES | Which Is Best?

Kai Palikiko          Feb.  10, 2020

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Can I push myself and go from TRT to do a 12 week cycle? Is there any dangers of doing so? Can I actually do a six week cycle to its full effectiveness, or is it just a waste?

What can I do? And that's what we're going to be talking about today.

But before I do, if you have any questions towards me, the best way to reach me is my email, proton mail, you know the deal, click the link right down below, that is a fastest way to get in touch with me.What's going on boys? My name is Kai and if you are completely brand new to my channel, I guarantee I will elevate your life overall. 

Six week cycle versus 12 week cycle, which one is the more appropriate one for me to do? Let's not get into the whole flame wars of six weeks cycle is better, 12 weeks cycle is better. They're both good, it just really depends on our goals of what we're looking to do it to make sure that we are reaching our goals as well. It all really depends. 

In terms of the easiest one for our system to handle and for horrible adaptation, the 12 week cycle. We have plenty of time to gain, we have plenty of time to where we don't have to rush into the cycle, have a lot of hormonal influctuation, which causes acne, emotional instability, maybe some Gyno out there, but it's easier for our body to adapt when I do a full 12 week cycle.

I'm not using short esters. I'm not rushing the hormones into my body. I'm not trying to hit a certain goal. I'm not stressed out. I'm not putting myself into any type of stress levels at all when I'm doing the cycle. I'm having a good time, getting the gains, looking good, looking jacked, looking shredded, and then on top of that as well. 

The body, my body's able to adapt to these compounds a lot easier, because I'm using a much more longer type of esters. So in terms of safety, the 12 week cycle is always going to win, because my body's able to adapt to it, I don't have to worry about Gyno. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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I have to worry about my nipples being spicy a little bit. I'm able to enjoy it the entire time. I don't have to be hypersensitive of any bad sides that I could possibly get. 

Now, to not discount the six week cycle though. Have I done that plenty of times before? Absolutely. Why? Because there are more for certain social events, a wedding, a beach day, the Vegas trip, the Tennessee trip, the Georgia trip, the New York trip, the Texas trip, the California trip. 

What else did it take? So pretty much I reserved this 6 weeks cycle simply because of the social reason. I'm not doing Gear just for arms and abs. Is it part of the reason why? Absolutely. But man certain things come up. You're invited to an all white party. You're invited to a wedding, you're in... 

What happened? ...Let's cut that part out. You're invited to the hood part. Let's cut that out. But that's what it's called. Here we go. You're invited to luau, you invite certain thing to where you want to look good, you want to give the best version of yourself. This is where this six week cycle really comes in, because that's what I mainly use it for. It's like I'll be cruising. 

I'll be on my TRT dosages, wait, oh crap, I forgot about that, or you're instantly invited to a certain event and you want to look good for that certain event. That's what I use it for. The only bad thing about doing really short cycles about this is that I'm not getting the full benefit of each compound, I have to use shorter esters, and on top of that, the hormonal fluctuation is really really, really bad for me.

For me personally, though, I don't get any bad sides. If I flood my system with a whole lot of hormones, a whole lot of compounds, the only thing that I would probably get is insomnia, a little bit, and maybe a little bit of profuse sweating, that's pretty much it. I don't suffer from acne in that way. I don't suffer from emotional instability that way, because I know the protocols that I need to do personally in order to avoid those sides. So that's why I could afford to do these very short bursts six week cycles.

The only drawback to that, take for example, if I'm getting ready for a beach day, or a luau where I know I'm going to be shirtless, because there's gonna be girls there, you have to do that, the only bad thing about that is I'm not going to be able to use the Tren compound, which I'm definitely gonna add to its full effectiveness. 

Some of these compounds do not kick into life until at least week two or week three. And then, you know, well I am only left with three weeks to really get the full benefits out of it. So you could start to see why the 12 week cycle is always going to win. But we don't ever want to dismiss the fact that a six week cycle can be very beneficial to certain events. 

Certain events means a lot. For some of you guys, it probably not because you are probably thinking, well, I don't really have much going on right now, I don't really have a lot of trips right now, certain things aren't popping, or maybe you are just very organized. Some of these things, man, it's going to pop up out of nowhere, you are going to get invited to certain wedding.

To a certain event, to a certain beach day to where you will not plan for it, it wasn't in your Google Calendar, I wasn't in your email list, it wasn't in part of your schedule. Some of these things will come, and to put your best foot forward, we might have to do certain short esters to give us that effect. So this is why I don't ever hate on short cycles. Is that the ideal way to do so? 

Of course not, of course not. But again, we all have different goals. So between both the safest route from my experience is the 12 week cycle, easier hormonal adaptation, I don't have to worry about any bad sides at all, I'm having a good time, and on top of that, I'm really using this compound to its full benefits. It kicks in around week two or week three, and then now I have more than enough time to really see these compounds come alive.

That's why my basis standard is always going to be the 12 week cycle. I don't ever discount. I forgot about certain thing. You know what I need to look good for that event, it's gonna be awesome, it's gonna be good, it's gonna be tons of people there. Let me do a quick short six weeks cycle, just so I could look good for that event. Email below. Other than that, Kai here, out. Boom.



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