ANADROL: My A-Bomb Experience Before & After

Kai Palikiko           Oct.  12, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

In this video, I'm going to break down to you my personal experience when it comes to using Anadrol. A- bomb is one of the best oral compounds that I could take for bulking, and of course it comes with the strength as well.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email.

Now for all of the new guys out here, the link to my email is right in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it is going to go directly to my proton mail. And hey, be descriptive about it as well. I can't just answer anything when it's like two words. Be descriptive with your questions. So anyways, when it comes to my personal experience of Anadrol.

Or A-bombs, I'm going to break it down to you. Now, when it comes to this cycle by the way, just so it does not get, you know, interfere with other compounds, I'm going to tell you my experience when it comes to just test and Anadrol by itself, no other external compounds, no other orals with that, not even Proviron, it was just test, Anadrol and an AI. Week one through four, the strength was apparent.

 I mean, I literally felt that on day one, the very first day that I took Anadrol, the sweat already started coming in. This is me stretching, this is me literally saying like, oh... That given though, I did take it about five times before I worked out, but just to stretching along, I could already feel the energy, I could already feel the excitement. By the time I was doing my warmup set, I was already sweating like crazy.

Now, I do like that, some guys don't, but for me, it's like getting ready for battle. Like I'm already sweating, I am already thinking about it. So week one to week three, that's exactly what I experienced, the preparation for it, the focus for it, the aggression, it's a happy aggression, don't think it's a negative aggression, it's a happy aggression. At the same exact time the strength. 

The strength is, it's a good bonus by I just had to tell myself to remember, week one, I got to dial it back, because I can already see right now, if I were to push myself a lot harder, I would have pulled something, I would have strained something, I would have messed something up because my joints and my ligaments weren't ready for that type of explosive movements. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Yeah, so week one, I had to dial it back a little bit, I just did a little bit more volume, more repetitions. But then week two to week four, that's when I just really pushed it.

The way I was lifting, I honestly had no gauge, everything felt light, everything felt like I was in that movie Gravity where there was no type of resistance at all. I would go up to a machine, just for the sake of bad habits, I would start with lower weight. But then at the end of that work, I always go to the full stack. The same thing with my basic fundamental moves as well, when it comes to the barbells and the dumbbells, nothing felt heavy at all.

It was freaking insane with my usual lifts. So after that, I started doing a lot of PRs here and there, but then again, I had to keep in mind though, even though I was already ready for that type of explosive movements, I still kept in mind I could possibly injure myself, because that type of strength man, there's just no way, even if it was conditioned, my soft tissues and my ligaments, I still had to make sure I was not gonna mess anything up. 

In terms of how I deal with the force that I used or the explosiveness that I used, the best way is just feeling it. If I feel like I'm really, really pushing myself, even though it doesn't feel heavy, I just got to keep in mind, there's no way I could jump frolicking a 100 pounds on my deadlifts, or a 100 pounds on my bench-press, all within a few weeks. 

I just got to keep that in mind, even though it feels like I just got to make sure that I don't over push it because I could definitely see myself injured. And I did before in the past, I absolutely did injured myself, I injured my lower back before, I injured my glutes before in a squat. And also when I was doing good mornings as well. Yeah, so those simple mistakes, as long as I make sure I keep in mind that the strength is there.

I just got to make sure I condition myself up. Between week five to week eight, that's when the water retention started coming in a little bit. Now it's not as bad as say Deca, when it comes to water retention of Anadrol, it is there, but it's not as apparent. I don't look fat, I don't look bloated, I don't look like my cheeks are out of nowhere to where I have a second chin either. 

The bloat is there, but it's not to the point to where it looks really, really, really bad, to where it's just like, oh my God, I got to do something about this. With that given I was taking a small amount. When I say small, I'm talking about a micro dose of Anastrozole, and that was just to keep my E2 level. So I'm not sure if that was the main reason why, but then at the same time, I don't really convert estrogen to a high amount either. 

So that's why I probably don't hold a lot of water retention, while I'm on Anadrol. Now between the last few weeks of this cycle, of test, Anadrol and Anastrozole, that's when everything happened, between week nine to week 12 the size was just insane man. It was huge. I'm talking about my back was out. The only problem with this too, because the gains were so apparent, that's when I started seeing the floss of my workout.

That's when I started to see oh, ok, I do tend to do a lot of rowing exercises and not enough lat pull downs, because when I saw my back, we were taking a photo shoot that one day, my rhomboids were like sticking, I looked like a ninja turtle from the back. To me, I don't think that's aesthetic. I wanted to keep everything as balanced. I was like, ok, I do way too many row movements. 

I need to do a lot more pulling moves because my lats were lagging behind my rhomboids. And the same thing with my traps, it looked like I was a frolicking camel hump in the back. So that's one of the things that I like about that apparent gains and the instant gains as well, it does show the flaws of my personal work as to where I tend to do certain things. 

The same thing with my shoulders for example, I tend to do a lot of laterals part of my deltoids and also my interior. I tend to ignore my post here, so that's why I saw this as well. This was growing like crazy, this was going like crazy, but I didn't do enough of the posterior. But that's the beauty about these gains. It's so rapid, it is so apparent, so certain parts of that cycle, I had to say ok, no more rowing movements, at all, zero, none.

I got to do a lot more wide grip stuff to make sure my lats are starting to balance, the same thing with my deltoids work. And of course, my bench, that was one of the first time where I stopped benching for a good two and a half weeks, I didn't even touch any pressing movements at all, because this right here, it was just so overbearing, that I needed my arms to catch up. I like to stay aesthetic as much as I can, meaning I have to keep a good balance overall, when it comes to my growth.

Just because Monday's chest day, for example, I'm not gonna keep doing it, if I see that this thing is just frolicking protruding like crazy. Now, when it comes to me comparing Anadrol to NPP, for example, don't get that confused, injectables are always going to win, hands down in terms of overall growth. 

So when it comes to the size, it was close to NPP, like I said before, but NPP is going to win hands down. Anything that's injectable, any orals just doesn't compare. The Anadrol that's comes into play, it's more of like the instant results to get right away. But it's the long term game that I always keep in mind. And here's a couple of things that I want you to take a note too, when it comes to my personal experience.

It happened throughout the cycle when it comes to saying using Anadrol. The pumps are there. Now the pumps, as in the cramps, they are tolerable, but I got to make sure I'm stretching in between sets. Like the camps that I would get out of my biceps, it was just... The very first time it happened, I'm like, what do I do? It's not going away. Oh my God, this looks like there's an alien inside my bicep. But I just gotta keep stretching. 

Not enough bananas, not enough water was going to fix it because I tried, potassium, all that stuff. No, it didn't work. I just gotta keep stretching between sets to make sure that I don't cramp up enough. But the cramps always gonna be there. The same thing with the back pumps as well. The only problem with the back pumps, even though I'm able to keep that away while I'm working out, the drive back home was a pain. 

Like, I'm not sure if there's going to be a DUI for working out, but I felt like I could have gotten it, because I'm like driving, like keeping like my back from stiffening up and I was like holding myself. Dude, it was weird, it was really weird when it goes to driving home with all that pump. But I like it though, I like it because it says the Anadrol is there, it is going through my system, it felt good, and it was just amazing.

Now the other drawback to this is this - my blood pressure. It wasn't to a dangerous amount, but the entire cycle, because I did monitor as much as I could, man it was always elevated. I'm not seeing at the dangerous levels, I am not saying to the point to where I needed to give blood in between cycles, but it was absolutely elevated. I'm talking about, I don't remember the numbers, but I just remembered it to be always elevated from literally week one, or the end of week one all the way to week 12. 

There was no dick problems, there was no acne problems, there was no weird Gyno symptoms either, everything was good in that department. Oh, the hunger, it's not as bad as taking Superdrol either. The hunger was actually, it was tolerable, because I kind of did want to be hungry anyways to give more calories and macros into my system. So the hunger was actually right at the fine balance. 

It wasn't anything crazy, like EQ, anything crazy like Superdrol to where after an hour and a half I am starving like crazy. No, it wasn't anything bad like that. And I like that feeling. I like that feeling because I feel like I'm not going to leave my workout in the middle because I'm too hungry. It was actually manageable. Now when it comes to the effects that I get outside of the gym, remember, lifestyle cycling boys, we are not just about arms and abs, we are all about life in general.

The pump, the pump was there, you have no idea how good it feels when you're just grocery shopping, and I'm looking down the aisles, I am like oh shit, four hours later, my frickin arms were still huge. It was like ginormous. The veins were still popping out like crazy. It was just one of those things where the pump would stay on me, it was, I can't say all day, but if the pump stays with me five hours later, practically all day, right? 

I mean, wouldn't you agree? Because by the time I got home the pump wasn't as apparent, but I mean it doesn't really matter anymore because nobody's looking at me at home. That sounds so vague. But anyways, yeah, that's one of the things that really affected me outside of the gym, it makes me look good, it makes me look hard in terms of my muscle structure as well, and at the same time the pump was just absolutely insane. 

It was to where it would push the veins through my skin a little bit closer, so where you can see everything. I love that look where you can see the veins literally popping out of my deltoids, you could see like a spider vein type of deal there. Now it can be to the point, like say EQ where it gets too much, I don't like that look either, but Anadrol didn't give me that to veiny of a look. So that's my personal expense when it comes to Anadrol.

It's one of the best compounds out there for bulking, if I also want to incorporate the strength into it as well. The gains are pretty awesome. It's not as dry, but it's not as wet as say Deca either, it's awesome to where it's a good balance between I'm bulking up, but I am not holding a lot of water, I don't look fat, I don't look bloated, I don't look anything like that. But it did show that I was holding just a little bit of water retention. 

But it definitely did make my gym time a whole lot more fun, because I mean if you're the only guy grabbing the 140 pound dumbbells, if you're the only guy taking up all the weights, you know, it's so much more fun. So anytime I do a bulking cycle, I do tend to stick with Dianabol. 

But sometimes man, when I have, you know, two months worth of Anadrol and I just want to throw it in there, and the fact that I could homebrew Anadrol for $12, why not throw it in there once in a while for a lean bulking cycle?

And yeah, you're in the right, $12 for a full cycle of Anadrol. No, I don't have six months’ worth of it, but I mean $12. Anyways, my email is right in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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