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Is this going to be the right transition from you, from going to premades and actually homebrewing, or making my own testosterone?

So before I started homebrewing, one of my main concerns was where are these raw powders coming from?

What's the quality of it? The guys that are going to be giving it to me, do they really care? What goes into the entire process of it? Is it safe for me to do? What's actually going on? This now this is before I did the lab test, before I did the Amazon testing kit, before I did any of my tests, because again, I didn't know any of this stuff here, I didn't know that one of my friends did actually test it for me in terms of quality, right?

So the only thing I had was to go off by what these representatives that would be telling me. So that's the first thing I did, I just straight up called. I called them just to make sure that is this going to be the right transition from you, from going to premades and actually homebrewing or making my own testosterone, making my own Tren, making my own Anavar. Is this actually going to be safe for me to do?

Because I am getting my raws overseas. So the first thing I did was talk to a representative and man, not only that this person literally put my mind at ease, it literally blew my mind on where I was getting my raws from. I'm getting my raws the exact same place as where all these big pharmaceutical firms are getting it from.

That's what a lot of people don't recognize, just because I'm personally getting it for some odd reason, a lot of people automatically assume oh, I'm getting a lower quality. I'm not getting it where the pharmaceutical grade companies are getting it from. I am literally getting my Test from the same exact big pharmaceutical companies are making it from. The only difference is that I'm not making a batch of a 1000 bottles. 

I'm really just making it, scaling it down for myself. Now the point though, is the whole safety of it all. I wanted to make sure that this is pure, it is 100% pure testosterone, prop, enanthate, cypionate, whatever it is that I'm trying to make, and on top of it as well, you know, is it actually safe for me to do? And to be exact, it's not a 1000 bottles that those guys are making, they are literally making millions of it. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

Because they're trying to serve all these TRT clinics. The only thing I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make it for my own, but that's not the point here. The point here is that is it actually truly safe for me to do?

Now again, this was before I had it personally lab tested, and also the kid that Amazon sells of the purity of it all. But anyways, yeah, the big thing that I got out of it when I spoke to that representative, oh my God, cleared my mind. It started the way this person made it and the entire conversation, but oh my God, I had no more questions after that. I still did get it lab tested though for sure, and you know, they came through the word.

Exactly what it came on with, 100% pure, exactly what I was getting. Because that was my biggest concern, man. I mean, is this going to be the real outlet for me to get exactly what I'm looking to do, which is pure 100% testosterone, or whatever it is that I'm trying to make when it comes to any of these anabolics.  Now, after I've been already doing my homebrew for a good couple of cycles or so, and I started really thinking to myself. 

Because everything is so inexpensive when it comes to all these raws that I'm getting, it logically doesn't even make sense for these guys to rip me off, for the premades, for the guys who are selling premades, it makes perfect sense for them to rip me of, because that is literally their business model. But when everything is so cheap, take testosterone for example, if they're going to rip me off, how much are they really going to make? 

Pennies to a $1? And then they'd lose out a customer. You know what I mean? It doesn't have any type of incentive for them to rip me off in any other way. It gives them more of a better business. If they give me the real legitimate stuff that I'm asking for, because everything is so inexpensive. And that's the beauty about it. When you take out any of these financial greed, like say the premades that comes with naturally.

They have no incentive to rip off any customers they have. And I absolutely love that. Especially when I am getting my testosterone for literally pennies to a $1, how much are they going to really make out of me, if they were trying to rip me off? Like an extra 50 cents here and there. Because that's their goal, they want a lifetime customer, they want me to keep coming back over and over again, not just because of their great. 

Amazing customer service, and the sales who are just amazing group of guys. Simply because they want to make sure that I keep buying from them. They want to make sure that I am so happy with their service and on top of that, the quality of the raw powders that I would have no choice, that if I really want to secure my homebrew and pretty much keeping this up as a lifestyle, yeah, that's the way to go. Getting my homebrew from raw sources abroad. 

And the other thing that reassures me that everything is good to go with these guys, and getting my raws overseas, is simply the fact that their customer base is so big, why would they target one person by giving me some kind of, you know, bunk Gear, when they're serving all of the big us pharmaceuticals, a lot of customers after that as well. Why would target one person to make two cents? It just does not make sense. Literally.

Unlike the premades, though, again, I'm not knocking on the premades, but again, when you really look at it, because of the premades they're making it and I'm not sure what's going inside it, they have every incentive to do so. When it comes to the powders, it's like ok, well, since it's pennies to a dollar, they can't rip me off. But when it comes to the premades, that $100 testosterone bottle wouldn't even really be testosterone. 

It could just be carrier oil, that's pretty much what it is. For the most part, that's where the scam lies when it comes to these premades. So that's what really gave me that peace of mind when it comes to homebrewing and getting my raws overseas. It is the simple fact that these US pharmaceutical companies are literally getting it from the exact place where I'm getting it from. 

And after getting a good reputable source, after trying them out for so many times, lab testing it, making sure it's safe for me as well, that trust that I have after that, man, it's priceless. I mean, do I still check from time to time on every single new batch? Absolutely. But every time I take it now, since I've been with these guys for so many years, oh my God, you have no idea the peace of mind that I get every single time that I pin.

Every single time I am making an order, every single time that I homebrew it's literally not even a thing that comes to my mind anymore. I wouldn't even worry about anything like that. Now to openly admit, my very first raw batches, I didn't test it at all, because again, I know I did stupid stuff back then, but you have to look at it from my perspective. Brother, I was excited man, I finally had a good amount of testosterone raw powder ready to go. 

The first thing I did was I brewed it right away, exactly like how my mentor showed it to me, because that's how excited I was. So to be honest, I didn't test my first batch. I tested my second batch and on. Now the way I got my powders tested, one of my friends, she works at a university and she had the proper equipment to literally test everything that I wanted to. So not only that I got my first batch tested, because I bought a big amount. 

I also started buying different powders from different sources as well. And the one thing that always comes up and after what she started getting, she started getting annoyed, I'm like, you know it already comes back to 100%, why you have me test these again? Even though it wasn't such a bother for her, but then again, you know, when you asking a person for a favor, it does take away from their day, that's at least another hour for them to spend.

But just to be sure, I bought her dinner, I did all of this stuff, I got her showered with gifts, because I know what she was doing for me, but she could understand like, yes, the Anavar came back a 100%, yes, your Test E came back 100%, what else do you need, because I'm tired of having to do this over and over again. But that did give me that reassurance. No matter where I was getting my raw powers from. 

It could be from a different manufacturer, it always comes back to that 100%, and I absolutely love that, because I can never go wrong. Because again, it always comes back to the same exact thing. These pharmaceutical companies are still getting it from the same exact places, and at the same time, same thing with these TRT places as well. 

And that let me leave you off with this. When it comes to me doing this for more than a decade now, I have... And again though, even though I am comfortable now doing it my protocol, my way, I still get these batches tested on every single new batch and it always comes out to 100%, and I love that.

I love being able to dictate what I want, being able to know for sure that I'm getting exactly what I want as well. But anyways, if you have any questions for me, my email is right below this video, click on that link and that's going to go directly to my proton mail. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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