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Kai Palikiko           Jun.  7, 2021

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Say I was overweight, fat, obese, what is the best anabolic Gear cycle for me to take? What's going on brother? My name is Kai, if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email. And you can easily find that in the description. You click on that link, it takes you to a website, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it's going to go directly to my ProtonMail.

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So hypothetically, if I was fat, obese, overweight, in terms of my journey, let me start off with this man, I'm not going to give you some cookie cutter routine, to where all you got to do is do a little bit of dieting, take some apple cider vinegar, and you're going to lose weight. No, your journey is absolutely going to be brutal, it's going to be hard, it's going to be tough, and here is the most important thing that you need to hear.

Nobody else is gonna tell you this, but I will - you are going to fail, accept it, so that way you're fully prepared to fail, and then get back on your track as quickly as possible. Because the biggest hurdle, the biggest battle you're going to face when it comes to this entire fitness journey as an obese overweight person is this - the mental strand of fitness, not the diet, not the workout program, not the fact that you have to completely change your life.

It's all within the mental strand of it. The reason why is because your brain sucks when it comes to change. It doesn't want to change, it will adapt, and once you're there, it doesn't want to make you progress or change anything about it. So if I were, say I was obese right now, and I've been obese for most of my life, I've been overweight, I never really got into the gym, or fitness or working out or dieting down.

My body is going to tell me Kai, screw you, you're going to stay exactly where you are. Now, the good thing about that, though, is hypothetically, if I were to get fit, then I'm going to want to stay within the fitness type of lifestyle as well. That's the light at the end of the tunnel. But the one thing I have to admit right now and get ready for and to prepare myself is this lifestyle change is going to be tough. 

And the reason why I'm telling you this right now, that you are going to fail your first time around, it's not because I want to be an asshole about it, and to...

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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It's not because I want to be an asshole about it, it is to prepare you. For example, for some of the guys right now who are taking Judo or MMA or boxing or anything like that. 

When you prepare yourself for a hit, and you're bracing yourself, you absorb the hit a little bit better, you don't get knocked out. But the parts of the time where we do get knocked out, because I've been knocked out before in the past, it's the hits I didn't see coming, it's the hits that I did not see coming, or getting choked out or at one of my Judo classes where I can already tell I'm about to get messed up when their hand goes underneath my collar and I am about to get flipped over.

It's like the moment that hand goes underneath the collar, oh, that's it, I'm about to go for a ride, here we go. So I brace myself, so that way my body gets ready for it, it tenses up, and I don't get hit just as hard as say if I was to be relaxed, and I don't see it coming. That's the best way I can put it. So if I think of myself, ok, cool, here we go, here's the hardest part of fitness right now, ok, I'm mostly likely going to fail. 

That way, if I have that mindset, I'm gonna get ready to get back on track as quickly as possible. So most people, they don't expect themselves to fail, they're super enthusiastic about it, but when they do fail, they give up for a long period of time. So that's what I expect out of you, fail, get back on it as quickly as possible. Now for some of the guys who are thinking, so if a fat person is trying to lose weight, why do they need to be on testosterone? 

You're probably thinking they don't need testosterone, they just need to work out, they just need to diet down. Completely wrong way of approaching that. Because here's the thing, when a fat person or an obese person, overweight person, they don't have a lot of energy, they don't have a lot of enthusiasm, they don't have a lot of confidence.

Guess what compound is going to give them that confidence, that energy, that enthusiasm that's constantly going to be there? Testosterone enanthate, or cypionate or sustanon, or any type of ester when it comes to the testosterone compound. That's where it is because a lot of guys are thinking they don't need it, they just need to diet down. It's like no man. And I'm not just talking this out of a hypothetical situation. 

I have trained so many guys that come from 300 pounds, 350, down to 260, 250, 240, some guys haven even taken it a little bit too far, 300 down to 200. It's like no, dude, you don't look good at 200, especially when you're 6 foot 1'. It doesn't work that way. But anyways, that's a different type of conversation. So the compound is absolutely testosterone. 

Nothing else, like I wouldn't throw in Anavar in there or anything like that, because bigger guys or guys who are overweight, they are tend to be more prone towards testosterone to estrogen conversion. So I'd want to keep that nice, safe and easy, just by taking test compound, that's it. Like I said before, the mental strain of it is also a benefit too. 

So if we're confident, we have a lot of energy, we're more likely to stick with the diet and the workout program. Now that's the next thing that I want to get into as well, the workout program, because that's the easier part of it. I'll save the diet a little bit later in the video, because that is the harder part, especially for an overweight guy. The workout program, we also have to be realistic as well. 

So hypothetically, I've been an obese guy, an overweight guy, for the majority of my life. I can't just go in the ring and start boxing like a regular person, I cannot go to the gym seven times a week, six times a week. Why? Because I'm going to be a lot more injury prone, I'm gonna mess up a knee, a joint, a soft tissue. And guess what happens for the remaining of the cycle? 

I'm going to be back at home, sitting in the couch, eating bad junk food again. So I got to be realistic with what my body can perform. So I usually like to keep it safe with the guys that I trade right now, four times a week, maybe a fifth day, but the fifth is usually more for cardio, either the pool or the elliptical, something where it's a little bit more low impact on their joints. But four day split workout is absolutely the best. 

Fifth day too much, and definitely six or seven days, that's just way too overly enthusiastic and they're going to be sore, they're not gonna be able to move and they're not going to be more likely to go to the gym again, because they feel terrible. That's my approach of it when it comes to the workout program, take it easy, be realistic with what my body can actually perform, especially when I'm nearly 300 or 350.

Now, here's the hard part, the diet, because any guy can be overly motivated to go to the gym, but the hardest part is the diet, because that's the one thing that I would have to battle if I was overweight, every moment of the day when I'm trying to lose weight. 

The gym is only an hour, 45 minutes, somewhere around there, but the diet, meal one, meal two, meal three, meal four, meal five, that's a lot of hours, that's a lot of time in the day to where I can absolutely fail. So I want to approach that in an easier manner. If I've never done a diet before, I'm not going to go from couch potato to a straight ketogenic diet.

I'm not gonna go from couch potato, and straight into counting my calories and my macros and weighing everything out. Wrong approach. I'm going to do what I think is the best in terms of healthy eating, because anybody can look at that way, what's healthy? Ok, cool, healthy food, avoid McDonald's and junk food and all that stuff. I just got to think of it as healthy. 

And then, once I'm ready for a little bit of a nutrient macro calculation, I want to keep that simple as well. A simple 1000 caloric deficit and that is it. For the guys who are thinking, isn't a 1000 calories a little bit too much? What about their muscles? They are going to atrophy? 

That's where testosterone comes in, that is the beauty about it, because remember, when I said why do bigger guys or fat guys, or overweight guys need testosterone, that's the other part of it, testosterone is going to preserve the muscle tissue that they have. It's not going to metabolize, it is not going to atrophy. And that's the reason why they're able to afford to do a 1000 caloric deficit because of the testosterone.

Because remember, at the end of the day, can we take a 300 pound guy down to 200 pounds easily? Yes, we can. But it's all about the end result. I don't want that guy not to look muscular either. I need him to look good. It's not just about body fat loss, it's about the end goal. That guy is going to want to look muscular, have arms, have a chest, have a wide back with the taper down narrow waist. 

We can't have a big back or a big chest when everything in terms of a caloric deficit is going to atrophy and catabolize. That's where testosterone comes in. And here's the other factor right here that you and I need to be aware of - your enthusiasm, your confidence. When it comes to any journey, there's the stuff as weight loss, your energy, your enthusiasm by all of this is depleting. 

You only have a short period of time to where you're gonna feel motivated. So we got to take advantage of that or after a while it is going to be depleting, you're not going to want to go to the gym anymore, you're not gonna want to diet down anymore, you're gonna be sick and tired of it. So the short time to where we are confident, we are enthusiasts, we are full of energy, we need to attack the gym, the diet, the Gear program, the cycle as hard as we can.

And the other thing to also keep our enthusiasm going, and our energy going, our confidence going is the results that we see. And that's another reason why testosterone is a must. Testosterone is going to keep me seeing results on a weekly basis, and not just in the weight loss, but the muscular development. When I see a little vein pops up, oh my God, are you kidding me? 

I'm going to be enthusiastic about them, I am like, oh my God, here we go, that's another motivational factor. When I see my chest popping up a little bit more another motivational factor, when I see my energy a little bit more, when I see my stomach flattening out a little bit more motivation as well. So testosterone is absolutely key. The top priority from my perspective in terms of the weight loss, from an overweight person, top would have to be testosterone easily. 

Next one after that would be the caloric deficit or the diet. And then the next one after that would be the workout program. But all in all, man, the hormonal part of this is the biggest key of it all, because that dictates everything, like I said before, confidence, enthusiasm, energy, the ability to actually lose weight when it comes to testosterone, and also build muscle at the same exact time. So from my perspective, that's what I would do.

If I was overweight right now, obese, fat, whatever it is, it doesn't matter if I've been overweight for my entire period of my life, or I got into a car accident or something bad happened and an injury happened, this works for an overweight type of physique. This would be my plan if I'm seriously looking to get it done.

Anyways brother, if you have any questions for me, like I said before, easy to reach me on the link to my email, that's right in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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