Biggest Mistake I made on Tren

Kai Palikiko          NOV. 27, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here, Formula Secrets, and today's video, Tren enanthate versus Tren acetate. But before I dive right into that, for those of you guys are wondering, by the way, the guys who are initiated, the guys who are in the fraternity, I am posting all of my older videos in my website. 

So go ahead and go check that out, find it, you know where to go for it. I just want to give you a quick reminder, I'm not a doctor, and I do not recommend any of the lifestyle choices that I have made. Especially when it comes to anabolics.

I'm going to get a little petty here, right, before I dive in, I'm going to get a little bit petty here. When it comes to my decision of which one is the best versus Tren enanthate and versus Tren acetate - I love the fact that I have been right this entire time. 

For the past 15 years, I had been right the entire time, and it I just feels so good. Because you have to think, back in the day, the only thing that I had when it comes to information was the forums and everything that I've made so far. 

When it comes to specifically Tren, they kept telling me I was wrong. But logically in my mind, I knew that the choice that I have made when it comes to choosing which one was actually correct the entire time. 

When it comes to the full break down of Tren, first of all, the reason why I absolutely love this compound is the simple fact that I could be on a cutting cycle or even a cutting diet, and it preserves my muscle tissue the entire time, I mean I am on a full ketogenic diet. 

And I still keep majority of the muscle tissue that I have, that is the biggest balance that I have to fight every single time I'm on a cutting cycle. Because I'm not trying to look anorexic when I'm trying to get shredded down, I'm trying to stay full as much as possible without looking too flat either. And that's the whole point of Tren.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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On top of the strength gains, on top of the vascularity, on top of the insane amount of aesthetic that I get when it comes to that compound.

The difference between both, Tren enanthate versus Tren acetate, is just the Ester, right? So back then when I first started, everybody was telling me if you're a beginner, blah, blah, blah, blah, take Tren acetate, simply because it's in and out of your system.

That's what they were saying, thinking that Tren acetate is much more superior, only because if I have any kind of drawbacks out of Tren, it's in and out of my system right away. The drawbacks could be, you know, allergies from it, profusely sweating, insomnia, over aggression, all the bad stuff that I don't want. 

So their logic, their logic back then was that it's in and out of my sister, if I have a bad draw back out of it, it's out of my system right away. To me, that didn't make any sense, because my logical way of thinking about it, if it's out of my system right away, it sounds awesome, but it's also going to be in my system really quickly as well.

My logic back then was if it's in my right away, that's gonna hit me like a fucking truck. I am talking about it's gonna slam into the compound, into my bloodstream really quickly. But I didn't know any better. I had no Kai, I had no guideline, I had no Formula Secrets. So I went with their recommendation and I took Tren acetate. 

Brother, it was a terrible time. I mean, the entire time, insomnia, the entire time profusely sweating. I mean, I'm talking about embarrassing moments where I'd be out socially, I'd be out in a restaurant like this, I'd be on a date, I would try to keep calm the entire time. 

Not take any kind of caffeine or anything that will raise my heart rate, I would still be sweating like crazy. Because I knew it. If it's coming out of my system hard, it's going into my system hard as well, just like any other short ester compound out there.

Oh my God, I gave it enough time to where I knew what it comes with, and it was just terrible experience. I would not recommend it at all. Unless of course, if we want to be socially awkward, if we want to look like we're robbing the store, if we want to look like we are paranoid, if we want to look like we're full anxious or anything like that.

No, I do not recommend Tren acetate whatsoever. Unless of course, we're doing a contest prep or doing a photoshoot, we're getting ready to look good for a beat. That will be in a rare case. The way Tren enanthate works, the reason why it's so much more superior, and now it's coming to Tren by the way, and everybody jumping into my way of doing Tren. 

Now a lot of people say oh, hey, maybe. No, I've been right this entire time, and I'm gonna be petty out of it, and all the reason why? Because everybody back then was calling me that's stupid, that's dumb, to you even know what you're doing? Go read the sticky, go read the sticky in the forums, you have no idea what you're doing. 

But I knew it. The reason why Tren enanthate is far more superior, even though it's a long ester, and if I were to have any sides out of it, it would be my sister for a while. But it's a longer ester, it doesn't hit me like a truck. It isn't going into my system really fast. So my body actually has time to adapt to the compound.

Insomnia, non existent, profusely sweating, barely a little bit, and only it really happens at the gym. I'm not going to be sitting in a restaurant, about to have my burger right here, and I'm sweating like crazy. That is the benefits that I got out of it. Oh my god, you dick is so big, holy shit.


So because it was in my system easily, my body had time to adapt to the hormones. When it comes to the Tren cough by the way, I had that pretty much at least once a week with Tren acetate. You know your Tren cough, non stop coughing within a span of about 10 seconds, where I felt like I was dying. 

With Tren enanthate it only happened one time for this full 12 week cycle. Brother, I had a good time. I mean, I'm talking about I couldn't wait to pin my Tren days, I couldn't wait to get home, draw, pin, boom, get the job done. I actually had a good time the entire time.

So that meant, because I was sleeping properly. a better time at the gym, I was able to actually push myself every single time, I was recovering a lot faster. I was gaining every benefit out of the pros out of the Tren compound, without any of the drawbacks at all. I mean, oh my God, it was a night that I might as well call it a different compounds. 

I might as well call it Tren Ace, some dog crap compound, compared to Tren enanthate, the oil of the gods. That's how significant the difference is between both. I mean for a lifestyle, because that's what I'm doing Gear for, I'm doing Gear for a lifestyle so I can eat terrible food like this, go out, still look good, still have the energy. That's why I'm doing Gear for.

Also, the other drawback of Tren acetate is that I would have to pin that on a daily basis, on a daily basis. And on top of that, not only that I have to pin myself, it's a short ester. So yeah, there is going to be some kind of PIP on top of that as well. So Oh. So on top of that, there would be some days where I would just be - let's pretend this the needle, right?

I'd just be looking at it and I would delay everything. Oh, I need to hear up my food, ok. Oh, and check my emails. Ok. Ah, I think I need to take a shower. Let me just take a shower really quick. I would do anything to avoid it because it was just painful, ot was inconvenient, it was just a bad time all around. Tren E - twice a week. That's pretty much it. That's the middle. 

If I want to do it three times a week I wouldn't mind either, because it's a long ester, there is no PIP. It's absolutely amazing. It's a definite lifestyle type of compound. Long ester, having a good time, no PIP whatsoever.

Now there are some guests that I do train, they still experienced the sweating, they still experienced the insomnia, but only because they don't know how their body reacts first when it comes to that compound. A couple of tweaks here and there with their diet, with their sleeping habits, boom, done, easily fixed on top of that.

With Tren Ace, we have no choice but to live with it, because I do still take Tren acetate if I'm getting ready for a photoshoot, if I'm getting ready to go up to the beach or something like that, getting ready say for a wedding. Anything in terms of event oriented type of stuff, then yes, that's when Tren Ace has a place for it, for sure. 

Or if I'm going to wear a thong, go up on stage and do a bodubuiilding, sure, yes, there is a place for it. But in terms of lifestyle, it has no place on it whatsoever. The only thing that kept me hoping when it comes to Tren Ace, even though it was such a terrible time, that I knew I was going to get good results. 

Like let me, let me, let me just state that clear though. Just because I had a terrible time with Tren Ace, that does not mean I did not get good results, which I did, for sure. But Jesus Christ, I don't feel like a lot of guys would have that type of tolerance at all, only because I was willing to put myself through that.

I was willing to go through hell and back to finally be able to really see the [creation] out of my shoulders, out of my chest, the separation between my abs and my obliques. It actually gave me the V taper of my Adonis belt. That's the cut that you see on your abs. I never had it before. until I started taking Tren. I can still get the same results out of lifestyle out of Tren enanthate.

Hands down, it's awesome, it's good, it's amazing. On every cutting cycle, I am always going to personally put Tren enanthate into my cycle. Hit the comments right down below, I want to hear your expeience, even if you had an opposite effect. Maybe you had a better experience out of Tren acetate. 

Let me know in the comments section right down below, I want to hear your story. Give me the full breakdown as well, any weird social situation as well, let me know on top of that, too.

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Other than that, Kai here, FOrmula Secrets here, out. Take care.





Biggest Mistake I Made On 

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