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Kai Palikiko           Apr.  1, 2018

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here from Formula Secrets and today's topic is going to be about cutting agents, mainly Clen, Albuterol, T3, ephedra, DNP and just for the hell of it, we're going to talk about Apple Cider Vinegar as well.

So before I dive into chocolate milk shake here because I'm a fucking degenerate, so we're going to start off with this, because I have a little gripe about Apple Cider Vinegar.

 I'm in conflicting situations about it. So when we talk about anything natural, anything that you can find, say exactly here, in Whole Foods, we all know it's garbage. Natural supplements, all that shit does not work. We are in the type of society where even if it does work hypothetically, like say all natural supplements work, right?

We don't have the patience for that kind of shit. It mainly because even though if it does work the type of results you're going to get is practically negligible. I'm not going to sit here have a complete diet, amazing workout to where a supplement is going to help you lose what, an extra half a pound in the next two or three weeks?

No, we want to make sure we're going to be shredded for the summer, because that's the entire goal here. So my dilemma with apple cider vinegar though is that even though as a cutting agent it is absolutely garbage, as a probiotic though guys, it is amazing when it comes to that stuff.

That's going to be a different subject, so I don't want you guys to just put apple cider vinegar off the side and it's complete garbage. As a cutting agent, yeah, it is complete garbage, but as a probiotic guys, do more research about it before I make this topic about it, but I guarantee you probiotics for apple cider vinegar is amazing. So in terms of cutting ages, what we're going to talk about first is Clenbuterol. 

So a lot of people use that mainly because they're just so used to old ways of pretty much steroids, like say Deca, Clenbuterol for example, people are just so used to using the old ways not the modern ways of doing it. Now, in terms of it as a cutting agent, does Clenbuterol work? Absolutely, it's amazing stuff. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But because it's 2018 now, I want you guys to start doing more research on different things. Clenbuterol, it works, yes, but there's so much other ways around it in terms of that. Plus the side effects are just unbearable, right?

You're constantly sweating, and at the same time your heart feels like you're about to explode, your hands are shaking, you feel terrible, because you're just in this jittery feeling. That's the main reason why I don't like using Clen, mainly because of all those bad side effects. So yeah, that's my gripe against Clenbuterol.

Mainly because even though it does yield results, it just has so much more terrible bad side effects out of it. And one of the other ones too, that I forgot to mention is the fact that you can't sleep on it, you have to time it so perfectly, like the moment you wake up, say around six, seven o'clock in the morning so that it's not in your system by the time you go to bed. 

That's my main thing against Clenbuterol. And Albuterol is pretty much the same exact thing guys, even though it's a shorter ester, you still have to time it properly because you're still gonna have the same exact bad side effects. You can't sleep, you're jittery as hell, and you are gonna be sweating constantly throughout the day. 

And at the same time, even though it does yield results, both of those two things, it's nowhere near as much as my ultimate fat burner, which I'm going to mention later on in this video. Now the second one would have to be T3. That one right there, it yields a whole lot of results. For the bad side effects of that, if you're not on any type of anabolics, if you're not, say just a regular cycle of testosterone at 500 milligrams per week.

Not only that you're going to waste away the fat that you're looking for, at the same time, the bad side effects are that if you're not on any type of anabolic, you're also going to lose a whole lot of muscle as well guys. So to me, it's not worth losing that much muscle when - it takes a lot longer to build muscle guys, I want you to treat muscle as that. 

It takes literally like say, three to four weeks to burn a lot of fat, but at the same time if you are just going to take T3 without any type of anabolics, you're going to waste away way too much muscle for it to be worth it. So it's T3 worth using as a cutting agent? Absolutely, if you're using it on top of anabolics. Next topic is going to be about ephedra. 

This one's hands down my favorite. Even if I'm not using it as a cutting agen5, say I'm bulking for the winter, I like using ephedra. Why? Because it has so much more benefits than a cutting agent, right? It curbs your appetite, at the same time the biggest one, the reason why I use it even as bulking is it has this focus factor that comes with it. It's like a miniature version of Adderall.

That shit makes you focus, so if you have a paper to write, if there's something you need to do at home, if you need to clean, if you need to work on your car, if you need to do some type of editing or whatever it is that you do as your job, if you need something to focus with, ephedra would be the thing to take. Especially when either you don't want to take Adderall because of all the bad side effects that come with it. 

If you need to focus on something, ephedra would be it. And with that stuff, even though it's not a hotshot cutting agent, you can take it by itself, you don't need to stack anabolics with that. And that's the main reason why I like taking ephedra throughout this entire year, even if I'm not using it as a cutting agent, I'm using it to be focus for whatever job I'm doing. 

If I'm editing videos for you guys, if I am making content for you guys, if I'm in a meeting, if I'm writing something, if I'm doing something that I need to get done right then and there, and not let anything distract me at all, ephedra would be it. And that stuff guys, it's easy to get.

You could go to your local Walmart right now, grab a box of Bronkaid, grab a small box of caffeine, combine those two things together, and there is your ephedra stack. It's easy to get, it's cheap, and at same time you can use it for whatever reason you want. Appetite suppression, cutting agent, focus factor, whatever you need to be, it will absolutely work for you.

Now, even though it's summer, what I'm going to talk about now, and you guys know exactly where I'm going with this, the best cutting agent you can use would be DNP. So, even though I'm going to talk about it so freely and so relaxed about it, a lot of guys are gonna flame me for it. 

Here's the thing, yes, I get it, DNP is dangerous, DNP can kill you, it has all those bad side effects, if you don't know what you're doing. If you calculate it the right way guys, and you know exactly what you doing, you know the proper protocols, DNP is the ultimate cutting agent to take. One, you're not going to get the shakes out of it, you're not going to get the weird trembling shakes like you get out of Clenbuterol or Albuterol.

Yes, you sweat at night, but not because your heart rate is going crazy. It does not affect your heart rate whatsoever, right. It just makes you sweat like you're in a sauna. Now these are for higher milligrams as well. Say you're taking as little as 150 or 200 milligrams, you may sweat a little bit, but it's tolerable. Where guys are sweating profusely is when they up it to 500 milligrams per day, 600 milligrams per day. 

Those are starting to get to the advanced levels and also the dangerous levels. But if you look into start up as your first cycle of DNP guys, you can actually sleep with it, you can take it right before you go to bed, and sleep with it, and as long as your AC is on, your fan is on you're going to be good to go and keeping it at low levels of 200 or below. I wouldn't take it lower than a 100 because you're not going to gain anything of it at all. 

But if you keep it between 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams a day, you guys are going to see fantastic results, minimal side effects and at the same time that is very tolerable. Just have to make sure that when you do get your DNP or if you make it yourself, you are accurately measuring it, because you don't want to take say a 1000 milligrams, that's how people get into trouble.

But if you take it and dose it properly, it is hands down the best cutting agent you can take, better than Masteron, better than Winstrol, better than Tren. Yeah, I'm saying it like that, better than Tren, just in the sake of, obviously weight cutting. Now if you put it hand in hand together, like say Tren versus DMP, of course, everybody's going to pick Tren, I'm going to pick Tren no matter what, because that shit is awesome. 

But in terms of weight loss guys, DNP would be in. So if I had a choice between Clen, Albuterol, all that stuff, T3, all on the table, I would always choose DNP. Now, I'm going to go in the advanced stages here, right? Can you stack any of these compounds together? My answer is absolutely yes. Here's the thing though. If you're going to stack all those cutting agents, yes, you're going to atrophy a lot more too. 

So I wouldn't stack any of these things unless you're actually on a cycle of anabolics, at least again, 500 milligrams of testosterone per week. Now where you can stack it, you can stack DNP on top of T3, on top of ephedra, and here's how it works. When you take DNP, it's going to be a cutting agent, and we take T3 on top of that, it's pretty much going to exaggerate the weight loss even more.

Here's the reason why I stack ephedra with it. Now DNP and T3, they're both going to be greedy with calories already. So when you're in that low caloric state guys, ephadra would be your answer to keep your energy up. You don't want to walk throughout your entire day feeling like a zombie, feeling like you literally have no energy at all, you don't really care about life anymore, you're just trying to go throughout your day, right? 

But if you take ephedra with it, it's not so bad. In fact, you're gonna have a lot more energy when you're actually on ephedra. It's crazy how something like that, even though energy wise, calorie wise, you're barely taking in over 1500, but when you have ephedra in your system, your energy goes through the roof, and on top of that, you're still focused as well. 

So yeah, you could take all that, do your job, do your work, whatever you do, and still have function properly if you take ephedra on top of all that stuff guys. So that is my recommendation. So obviously, if you're a beginner on this, don't stack any of that stuff guys. Try Clen if you're still curious about it, try Albuterol if you are still curious about it, but take it one by one, as in take one cycle. 

See how you feel, change it up the next time, change it again the next time. And then once you're at that advance levels, yeah, definitely stack DNP, T3, and ephedra. And that would be my recommendation. But again, guys, do not take any of that stuff that I mentioned, unless you are on some kind of anabolic steroids cycle. Why?

Because again, it is so much harder to build muscle tissue then to actually lose fat, right? Take that in a much smaller way. So anyways, until next time guys, click like, subscribe. I'll see you guys soon. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.



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