DANGERS of Compounding Pharmacies & Your TRT Clinic

Kai Palikiko           Dec. 26 2019

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The error is about 2%. Compounding pharmacies is as high as 33%. So hypothetically, if I were getting, say four of my Test bottles at a compounding pharmacy place, four of them, one of them is most likely going to be underdosed, or bunk or not the right measurements.

What's going on boys? Kai here and what I want to talk to you about today is something extremely important for the lifestyle that you and I have. 

Now before I go into the safety stuff of what I want to talk about today, I want to take it back a little bit, and for you to really have a good understanding of what a compounding pharmacy is, right?

Because this relates to everybody, guys who are on TRT, guys who are in need of certain compounds from your TRT clinic. There's a reason why I feel like not a lot of people are fully aware of where they're really getting their compounds from. 

So before I get into that though, if you have any questions about this particular thing that I'm talking about to you today, the best way to reach me, it's a link right down below this YouTube video. That's the best way for you to get in touch with me. 

So, before I get into the whole safety protocol of it, the majority of you guys do not understand what a compounding pharmacy is. So pretty much to make it, the best way for you to understand is this - a compounding pharmacy is not where you go into manufacturer. 

To where they have an assembly line of complex where they make their stuff, right? Like robots, stuff like that to where every single measurement they have for whatever compounds that you are gonna be using, it's all the same exact measurements. ?

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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No, a compounding pharmacy is pretty much like how CVS or Walgreens, how they did it a long time ago to where they literally make their own compounds from scratch. Now, this is a very good thing for TRT places, simply because it's much cheaper for them to grab it. It's good for them.

Now the reason why I'm making this video is because it affects us, it affects me and you, and more importantly, this is more about the safety that you and I are trying to achieve, especially with the lifestyle that we have, because I'm literally putting these substances inside my body, and I have to make sure that actually goes by the standards of say, what I want it to be.

When it comes to the differences between a commercial manufacturing place to where, you know, a good amount of say Test E compounds are being made, ok, they're under a good amount of oversight, strict regulations and on top of that, as well, it's all FDA approved. Ok, that's the difference. Now, this is going to blow your mind - in terms of compounding pharmacies, there is no big oversight. 

So yes, when it comes to any compounds that they make, and this goes beyond, you know, Anavar and Test or Anastrozole, this goes for any compound that they make at these compounding pharmacies. Again, there is no FDA regulations when it comes to any compounding pharmacies. What does that mean for you? 

It means this - there's a good percentage out there to where I'm not actually going to get the right amount of Gear that I'm getting, I'm not actually going to get the right amount of AI, the right amount of exact measurements that I want out of my Test, or even Anavar, or anything that I am prescribed for.

So this is the reason why I'm bringing this up to you, ok, because some people truly believe that their TRT place is just as good as any manufacturing commercial places out there for their pharmacy stuff. I've heard countless of stories right now, when it comes to guys emailing and stuff like that, where, this is a good example here, and this is a lot of it. 

A lot of guys feel worse going to a TRT clinic than even starting their TRT regimen in the first place, meaning that they would think that going into say a TRT clinic, ok, they would fix their low testosterone, but yet, a month later or even a couple of weeks later, they actually feel worse than before. 

Another one is this too, this really blew my mind, this is like a perfect good example, and not just some fabricated reason why I'm giving it to you. Blood test is one of the best things, in fact, the standard way for us to know for sure if the Gear is legitimate. If my total testosterone does not shoot up like crazy, if I'm on a blast cycle or even on a TRT dose, that means the Gear is bunk.

Now, the only time anybody would hear that from, like myself, or even you is through a UGL Lab, a pre made place, ok? You would never think you would hear it out of say a TRT place or a TRT clinic. When I think of it, after talking with so many guys, getting a tsunami wave amount of emails, the same thing comes up again and have to ask, are you getting your stuff from an actual TRT place and they're like, yeah, but your blood test doesn't show otherwise. 

Like I had to ask a couple of guys over and over, because I'm being their blood test, I am like are you sure this is recent? How long have you been on the cycle? How long have you been on this TRT clinic? Why is it that your testosterone, your total testosterone or even your free testosterone hasn't budged at all, not even your estradiol levels have increased or decreased. 

So what I couldn't understand is if you're getting legitimate Gear, why is it that none of your blood test levels have budged at all, either up or even down? I just want to see some type of movement. These places, these TRT places are also getting it from compounding pharmacies as well. 

Now for the most part, a good amount percentage of them, they would actually follow up and make exactly what they need to make for the stuff that you and I are trying to get. Again, it doesn't have to be necessarily about TRT stuff. It could be any type of medication out there, but in relation to what I'm talking about with you, the lifestyle that we have, I'm gonna make it more about testosterone. 

One place that I could absolutely trust, say hypothetically I'm going to a TRT place, one place that I can absolutely trust is a commercial manufacturer, meaning again, everything is on a line, robots are making it, exact measurements, same exact thing over and over again. Now, I am not particularly fond of TRT measurement, simply because they just suck.

The oil is much thicker, the compounds, the solutions, they are a lot more painful. I get more PIP out of a TRT pharmaceutical grade type of testosterone. I'd rather prefer homebrewing it my way. That's how most people's understanding about TRT places, but the majority of these places, they're actually getting it from compounding pharmacies.

So that's why it's always different every single time. Now, who would you trust more - a person who's making it for you out of my compound pharmacy location, or say, a commercial place or better yet making it yourself. Not only that, there is a far more superior way of doing all of this. 

And at the same time, it's for safety stuff, because I had this one guy, emailed me couple of months ago, I haven't heard from him since though, I hope he's doing good. But several months ago, shared me his blood test, blood results, showed me everything, and he was going insane because he's been at this TRT clinic.

Hasn't gotten any results at all, he wasn't even trying to go into a full blast cycle, he was just really trying to fix his low testosterone, right? Getting away from depression, getting away from lethargic, getting away from any type of lack of energy. That's the only thing he was trying to do. Why he couldn't figure out is I'm going to a real place that's supposed to be legitimate.

Why am I not getting the results that I was expecting? That's what he couldn't figure out as well. And I was willing to work with him too, because like, ok, majority of TRT places, I trust that as well until it was just insane amount of evidence after evidence showing the fact that majority of these places now are going through compounding pharmacies. 

And again, from a business point of view, I kind of understand why they go through this route, because it is cheaper for them. But that doesn't say anything about us. Because I mean, again, who do you trust more? Who would you trust more, like for myself, right, where would I rather get my say compounds from?

Would I rather have somebody else make it or make it myself? Would I rather have some guy who has to make different types of compounds all day, every single day to where human error is a lot higher than anything else, compared to say, if I make it for myself, and I'm not making anything else, I'm just going to literally make my own cycle for me. I don't have to worry about John Smith or Bob's other compounds that he's trying to make.

All I'm trying to do is making the compounds for myself and that's it, then I'm done for the day. With these workers, you know, again, all power to them, I know they're just doing their job, but when it comes to these workers at the compounding pharmacies, they have to stay in there, clock in and make an incredible amount of different types of compounds. 

So human error is most likely going to happen. And here's another good stat as well - when it comes to errors happening at a, say a commercial manufacturer, robots, slides, all that stuff, the stats that show that, the error is about 2%. Compounding pharmacies is as high as 33%.

So hypothetically, if I were getting, say four of my Test bottles at a compounding pharmacy place, four of them, one of them is most likely going to be underdosed, or bunk, or not the right measurements.

Now, if I was making four for myself, five for myself, I'm going to guarantee for sure that every single one of these compounds that I'm making is exactly how I want it to be, perfectly safe as well, and more importantly, making sure that I'm legitimately getting exactly what I want, because this thing is scary. 

The more I read up into this, the more I find out about this, like the way they store their compounds, the way they store their raws, the way they store is just like - again, I'm not all about scare tactics out there, these are just legitimate facts, people have actually died from infections because of these compounding pharmacy places.

The reason why I'm bringing this up to you, I just want you to be fully aware of where you might be getting your compounds from, especially from your TRT place, your clinic or wherever you're getting it from. Again, the reason why I can't just have anybody else make it is again, when it comes to say steak for example, I know for sure, my steak might not be FDA approved.

But guess what, I'd rather trust myself making my own stuff than anybody else. Same exact thing with the compounds that I'm taking, it could be as simple as Turinabol, or Anavar or something as simple as DBol.

I'm not gonna trust anybody, especially if I'm going to put it inside me, if I'm putting it inside my body, I'm not going to trust anybody else making my stuff other than myself. I'm not here to spread paranoia, or scare tactics or anything like that.

I just want you to be fully aware of what you are getting, especially when again, we are placing this inside our bodies. Anyways, other than that boys, hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, out. Take care.





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