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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

If I were to actually stop Gear, oh that sounds so weird. Anyways, if I were to fully stop Gear right now, I've been doing for 14 years, all I need to do is do a proper post cycle therapy, boom, done, I don't ever have to inject for the rest of my life, if I don't want to.

If I want to pick it back again, five years later, two years later, a year later, two months later, I could as well.

If you have any questions for me, check out the description right down below, it's gonna hit up to my proton mail. So hit me up. I thought I would have to pin for the rest of my life. I'm gonna have to be on TRT, I'm gonna have to pin for the rest of my life, I'm gonna have to be on some kind of Gear forever.

Because honestly, I don't want to be dependent on it. Because even if I wanted to, even if I want to blast and cruise for the rest of my life, right, that was my plan, I still want to have the option to not be on Gear if I choose not to. Like hypothetically what if I somehow decided to have a career change, what if I were to be on a very long vacation?

What if I just wanted to come off of it because I didn't want to be on it? I didn't want to have to pin myself all the freaking time, pinning it all over my face, or whatever. I just choose to not be on Gear. But back then, back in the days, there was no information out there.

So I honestly just thought I was going to be on Gear for the rest of my life, because I decided to be on Gear in the very first place. Now as I met my mentor, not only that he showed me the right way, not only that he guided me the right way, he told me no, really?

 But again, to me, it was a really statement, I didn't know anything, I had no idea what I was doing, I have no idea what the proper protocols are, let alone what the future lifestyle is gonna be. So pretty much the way he told me is this, right, as a full breakdown when it comes to this stuff, now, the way I viewed it is pretty much it made sense too. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

So he told me if I want to quit at whatever time, if I want to quit at whatever time, say if I were to do, if I were to pin myself one time, and it was only within the span of one week, I don't need to do a PCT because it hasn't built up enough into my system. 

I haven't shut down my natural testosterone yet. So I don't need to do a proper post cycle therapy if I was to just do like, say two injections within one week, like oh, wait, I forgot, I have a very long vacation coming up, I'm going to be overseas for the next four months, I can't bring my Gear with me, I don't need to do anything at all, zero.

Or I would think that if I just started right now, oh, wait, maybe this might not be for me, maybe I might actually want to compete in the Olympics or something like that. Or maybe I just have a change of mind. I don't have to do anything, I can just complete stop, cold turkey, if I were only to do it for one week. 

No consequences, nothing bad happening, no permanent shut down whatsoever. Now where it gets a little bit more complicated is at the two week mark. If I were to pin myself for two weeks in a row, it doesn't matter if it's one pin a week or two pins a week or three pins a week. 

If I had to do some kind of pin of whatever Gear I was doing within a span of two weeks, then I would actually have to do a proper post psychotherapy. But that's at the two week mark. If I still want to get off, all I need to do is follow the proper protocols of post psychotherapy, boom, done.

If I wanted to quit gear, I do not need to pin myself every day for the rest of my life. I can't stop cold turkey. I would still need to do a full proper post psychotherapy, check out my bloodwork, all that stuff that I need to do, but again, I don't need to pin myself for the rest of my life.

If I was blasting, cruising, blasting post cycle therapy for the past 14 years, my exact situation, say right now which no, I would never because I love my lifestyle. I love the benefits I got out of it, the luxury that I got out, and pretty much the gains that I'm getting out of it. 

But hypothetically, somehow if I wanted to stop, if I wanted to fully stop doing Gear - that sounds weird, like I don't I don't think I could. I'm trying to picture, because that's how I usually do my planning, I try to picture myself, and I picture myself not pinning Tren or Te

Anyways ok, if I want to stop Gear at any part of my cycle, at any part of my life, all I need to do is do a proper post psychotherapy, boom, done, the end, natural testosterone is still back up. For the uninitiated guys, they think that, you know, I'm living my life right now, but like oh they're probably thinking yep, that guy is screwed, that's it, he asked to do gear forever. 

Do I have to do that by the way? I get to do a Hear forever. But back to the uninitiated guys position. If I want to stop Gear, I don't need to keep going at all right. I don't need to where one cycle, that's it. So back then if I were to decide to just do one cycle, and I'm satisfied with the results. do a proper poolside therapy, boom, done. 

Or if I wanted to do for like, say a year or so right, maybe I want to blast and cruise for an entire year, as long as I personally do a proper post psychotherapy., I'm good to go as well. Because I think again, that goes right back down to when I first started.

When I did as a beginner, I really genuinely thought that's it, once that one inch pin was going to go inside me there's no more, there's no more Natty life for me. But again, I could still... that comes to me into a moral dilemma right now. I want you, I want you and your input about this. If I were to quit right now, right, proper full cycle therapy and all that, and I haven't done Gear and about say six months a year or so.

And I still have this physique. Could I call myself a Natty? Can I me like oh, I am a Natty right now. No. First of all, the way I work out, but I really do want you to, you know, have that question because that is a good question to ask you guys. If I were to stop right now, a year late, could I still consider myself as a Natty?

Just to be clear if somebody would ask even if I've been off of Gear for five years right now, even if I'm 90 years old, I'm still going to claim I'm fully enhanced, I've been on gear, that is my lifestyle and that is the person who I became to be.

If it was not for anabolic Gear, I would never even come close to the physique that I have, to the lifestyle that I have, the mental drive that I have, or any of the accomplishments I have. If you have any questions, proton mail, submit right down there. Kai here, out. Take care





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