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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

How do I know or when would I know if my TRT is finally working? Obviously, the best way to find that out is by getting a blood test done. But I mean, how convenient is that? I mean, am I gonna get a blood test done every single time, right? Week two, get a blood test done, week five get another blood test done. It's not really, because even though that is ultimately the best way to find out if my testosterone levels have bumped up, it's finally working for me, that's the best way to know, right?

Blood tests. But obviously like I said before, it's not convenient. So this is my personal take and finding out on how I would feel when TRT is finally kicking in for me.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is through my email right below this video.

You click in this little triangle description thing, it drops down, my email is right there, you click on that, it takes you to my site, name, email, any question you have for me, I'm going to be personal reading it myself.

So for the guys who have slightly declined or lower testosterone, it's not going to be like a big hit, right? Obviously, if I'm blasting, oh, I know when my Gear is kicking in, right around week and a half, two weeks into the cycle.

It's gonna punch me right in the face, because that's how big these dosages that I am taking, especially when I'm blasting. I know when I'm gonna feel it when the DBol kicks in, when the NPP kicks in, when the Tren kicks in, I know when it's working. 

But it's not like that at all during a TRT, especially when I just have a slight decrease on my testosterone. So these are the signs that I look for, to know when my TRT is finally kicking in, when I have a slight decrease in my natural testosterone.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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So it's not going to be a punch in the face. It's more like a gradual increase of a better lifestyle. My skill will start to look good, I'm gonna start to feel a little bit better. 

Now I'm gonna dive into it a little bit. So in the sense of that well being that a lot of people talk about, the best way I could describe it, I just wake up just feeling happy.

For some weird, odd reason. I don't have that depression, toxic, weighing down on my shoulder that most people feel when they have a slight lower decrease of testosterone level. It's that weird, toxic behavior to where you wake up one day and you just feel terrible, you just feel bad, you're just naturally negative. 

When I fix that, with increasing my testosterone, that feeling completely goes away. I'm gonna wake up just happy one day out of nowhere, and it's a weird feeling too, because like normally, when you feel negative and toxic for a very long time, I'm gonna associate that as that's how I am as a person. 

But that's not the case at all. Nobody out there should be, and I really want to make that perfectly clear for everybody, nobody should be out there, waking up like some kind of annoying, angry person. That is not how you are. That's not how I am. That's not how anybody is.

Nobody wants to wake up like that at all. So if we're waking up like that, clearly we're suffering from low testosterone. So in the sense of that, you know, feeling good, when it comes to a slight decrease in testosterone and fixing it, that's a slight gradual increase, a slight gradual increase as well. 

The resting time, right, it's not going to feel instantaneous, but it's going to be a slight better recovery during my sleep time as well. I'm not going to need 10 hours of sleep anymore. One day I'm gonna wake up. ok, cool, I feel good, I feel recovered, you know. 

A week later it's gonna be like ok, I don't need as much rest anymore, this is weird. But that's how it is when it comes to a slight decrease on my natural testosterone level and I start to fix it with TRT. It's a slight gradual increase of a better life.

Now, the case for the guys who have plummeted testosterone, I'm talking about the guys who are walking right now with a total testosterone of 175, 200, 300 even. When they fix their testosterone levels, and finally their TRT is kicking in, it is absolutely a punch in their face. 

I'm talking about Holy shit, it's gonna feel like me feeling Tren for the very first time. It's like me feeling DBol for the first time. It is literally a punch in the face. They're gonna wake up, because I've coached so many guys and they say the same thing, it's like, holy shit, I think it's kicking in, I think it's working.

Because it's not a gradual, it's like, holy shit, this is how I'm supposed to feel? I'm supposed to feel this good? I am supposed to feel this exciting about my actual life? Yes, yes, you're supposed to feel this awesome every single day. And it's not like some kind of weird superpower, that's how we are when we have a good healthy range of testosterone.

So for the guys right now who are walking with extremely low testosterone, they're not going to be depressed, or honestly they're not going to be feeling suicidal anymore, they're actually going to feel good, they're going to feel like rock stars, because going from 200 to 700 natural testosterone, oh my God, it is a huge increase. 

Unlike the guys who have slightly plummeted, slightly decreased testosterone, they're going to go from what, 400 to 700? That's not too much of a big deal. Now, they do need to fix that, right, but the way they feel it's gonna be like, ok, cool. I feel awesome now. But for the guys going from 200 to 700, it's gonna be like, holy shit, this is fucking awesome.

And, you know, out of all the stories that I hear when guys are getting results, yes, hearing them getting gains is awesome, the guys who are using NPP for the first time, Primobolin for the first time, that is exciting. What's more exciting to me, is guys literally waking up for the first time in the last 20 years.

The guys who are literally pulling themselves out of their toxic behavior, their depressed behavior because they finally fixed their testosterone. That to me is so much more exciting man, because I feel like oh my God, they finally found their way. They're not negative anymore, they're not toxic anymore.

And it's like finding out this brand new person that was in them this entire time, but they just couldn't discover it because they were suffering from low testosterone. And that is how when we know for sure that the TRT is finally working and it's finally kicking in. 

So again, to summarize everything here, the guys who have slightly decreased testosterone, is going to be a gradual increase of feeling awesome, feeling good. For the guys who have plummeted testosterone, it's gonna punch them in their face, and they're gonna wake up happy for it.

Something feels like oh shit, I just got hit, let's do that again, let's keep that thing going. That's how it is for those guys with plummeted testosterone.

Anyways, any questions, my email is right below this video. Other than that, hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, out, boom. Take care.





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