Do You Really Have Gynecomastia? Watch Before You Get Plastic Surgery

Kai Palikiko           Dec.  23, 2020

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Just because aesthetically you don't like the way your nipples look, does that really mean you actually have Gyno? What's going on brother?

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So when it comes to us having insecurities, we all have a certain trigger point, right? For me, it came to my body dysmorphia, thinking I am gonna be way too small. For a lot of guys out there, a good amount of it comes to having Gyno, or thinking you have Gyno.

I'm sure you've gone through this as well, because there's a lot of guys out there who think, oh my God, I don't like the way it looks, it looks weird, it looks like.

I'm sorry to say this, this is the only description I got, pepperoni nipples to where their nipples just look way too big, or they're a little bit too puffy. Does that actually make it to the point to where they actually have Gyno? 

No, no, it doesn't. Just because we don't like the way our nipples look, that doesn't actually mean you have Gyno. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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So look, there's nothing wrong, because let me just state this right now, if you truly feel like you don't like the way your nipples look, and you feel like you need to go get a plastic surgery for it or getting cut out, totally fine, totally fine.

But just because we don't like it, it doesn't mean we get to say, oh, I have Gyno, I need to start using Raloxifene now, what do I need to do to get rid of this stuff? Again, if we actually don't have Gyno, using a Gyno protocol is not going to fix it.

Having pepperoni size nipples, nothing is going to fix that, other than surgery itself. So we have to be realistic about it. We need to observe ourselves and really think, ok, maybe I actually don't have Gyno, maybe I'm just being picky of how my nipples look. 

So ultimately, I would just have to reassess myself, I gotta look at myself and really think do I actually have prepubescent Gyno? Do I have Gyno from pro hormones? Do I have Gyno from a cycle, because I didn't do the right proper AI? 

Or do I just simply not like the way how my nipples are sitting right on my chest? And here's the thing too man, for the guys out there who are lifting a lot and you're starting to get way bigger of a chest, don't let these normies make you believe you have Gyno.

Because look, when your chest is starting to get big, like it is starting to show up there, your nipples are gonna naturally point down. That's just how big chests work, it's not gonna keep on the same exact spot, it is going to point down. 

And just because it's pointing down, it doesn't mean you have Gyno either. You've seen that in a lot of pro bodybuilders, to where they have really good upper pecs, to where it is protruding out so much to where their nipples are pointing down. They don't have Gyno. 

Gyno is hardened fatty tissue under the nipple. That's literally it. So peperoni sized nipple doesn’t mean Gyno, pointing down doesn't mean Gyno, small fatty tissue under it, because you're just a little bit overweight doesn't mean Gyno either. 

So we need to stop being insecure about this just because we don't like the way our nipples look. Anyways brother, if you have any questions, the link to my email is right in the description. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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