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Kai Palikiko           Apr.  9, 2018

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here from Formula Secrets, and first off guys, Happy Fourth of July., Happy American Day, Happy apple pie day. And if you're completely brand new to my channel, guys, subscribe right now because I'm absolutely going to elevate your life overall.

So what are we going to talk about today? Spot injections. One of the guys right here who is part of Formula Secrets, had a good question about spot injections, and I'm just going to give you guys a premise of what spot injection is all about first of all.

So the premise behind spot injection is that there's the belief if you inject in a certain body part of your muscle, say hypothetically, your shoulders or your chest, your deltoids or your chest, that that part of the muscle will grow. When it comes to the answer to that, the answer is a yes and a no.

The way spot injections work is this boys, ok, it's a yes and not in the sense of how you guys truly understand it. It works in this way - no, the hormones in your body is not going to make that certain body part grow, not the hormones itself, ok, but the actual old going into your muscle is why it works.

So you have to think right, your muscle tissue is surrounded by a membrane called your fascia or your facial, however you want to call it, and the way the oil works there, if you inject it in there, it will help the facial or the fascia expand a little bit more, which gives that muscle tissue in there to grow a lot more as well guys.

More blood, more nutrients, more everything you need to do to get that muscle part right there bigger. So the way it works is this - no, the hormones will not make your chest bigger, or your deltoids bigger or your traps bigger, wherever you're injecting it, but in the sense of the oil expanding the fascia in that membrane.

so it'll make it a lot easier for that muscle part to grow. It's like the best explanation I could do it, is like getting a deep tissue massage, or stretching constantly. It's like a balloon surrounding that air inside, right? The more you stretch the balloon, the easier for the air to go in. So same thing with the membrane surrounding your muscle tissue.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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That's the reason why spot injections work. So technically, yes, they do work, but not in the sense of how most people understand it. Like injecting like, say, your biceps, for example.

It's not like it's going to make your biceps bigger, and only your biceps, it will work all around your body, obviously, the hormones, right, but the way spots injections work is that it will expand and stretch that facial. So my suggestion to you guys is this - even though it's not going to make that muscle part bigger significantly, it will make it bigger over time.

So say if you have a lagging part, hypothetically, your chest or your traps, for example, or your deltoid, I would start injecting there as well. Obviously,  you can't inject your traps by yourself, so have somebody get to you and just inject directly down towards that muscle tissue. But for the most part, it's easy to inject, right? 

Here's the best places to inject for spot injections - your chest, for example, your deltoid, your traps, your lats, your laterals and your quads. And for guys out there who have lagging body parts, like say your calves, do that as well. So it's not going to magically get expanded right away. But it will stretch your fascia on that muscle over time. So that's the reason why I advocate spot injection. 

Don't just get comfortable doing your glutes guys, doing your glutes is easy, right, there's no pain, it's easy to reach, it's simple to do. But guys, be brave out there and actually do certain muscle parts that you know that's lagging, especially for aesthetics reasons. Some guys out there literally just have a flat chest no matter what you do, right?

No matter if you're benching 315 pounds, you're doing everything else, you're doing slow controlled movement, use the practice of spot injections to help you grow your chest by injecting directly into it. So when it comes to that guys, just make sure you rotate your spot injections, you can hit the same muscle by the way, twice a week, there's no need for you to rotate other wells. 

For me personally I do deltoids, my chest, my traps, my laterals, and sometimes my glutes, because I'm feeling lazy, right, I don't need to inject my gluts anymore, I've been injecting them for so many years. I'm starting to notice now to where parts that I'm lagging now are my traps for example, so I have somebody inject traps at least on my Wednesday injections to do it. 

So if you have a lagging body part, specifically I know a lot of people right now have weak looking traps, weak looking chest, weak looking deltoids, guys start injecting those things and don’t be afraid.

Here's the thing, when you're doing it with a 25 gauge needle guys, it's not painful whatsoever, depending on the type of oil that you have. If you homebrew it, there is no post injection pain whatsoever. So when it comes to spot injection, yes, it absolutely works. So make sure you start rotating your injection sites, don't get comfortable by just doing your glutes over and over again, experiment. 

And hypothetically say if it is painful then so what, move on. Say your deltoids hurt way too bad, your chest hurts way too bad. Eventually, over time, it will get better guys, it's not going to be painful every single time. I'm sure like the first couple of injections will hurt, but over time throughout your cycle, say the second half of it, it won't be as painful anymore. 

So there's pretty much two different types of pains, the fact that either your oil is bad, or it's just way too high in solvents, or the fact that it's just a virgin muscle. For the most part, it's either one of those two things. So even though spot injections can be painful, guys just go through the pain. There's no need for you guys to completely eliminate spot injecting just because you feel a little bit uncomfortable behind it.

So even if there's post injection pain, how long is it really going to last? Like two, three days the most, and then what you get in return is so much bigger when it comes to the muscle that you're working out on. So the biggest ones I really highly suggest you guys do are your deltoids, your chest, and specifically your traps, because like I've said before, a lot of you guys out there have weak looking traps. And the best one to do for spot injection are those muscles right there. 

Just make sure you to have somebody do your traps, because literally it's impossible. I've tried it before and I missed, and I hit more towards the front part of your traps, you want to hit more directly downwards on your traps. In that way guys, I've already seen a good amount of growth, obviously, because I'm you know, lifting it and making sure that I'm concentrating to that muscle part. But the better part of it as well is the spot injections actually help as well. 

You can see right away because it does expand post injection the next day, a little bit, right, you have to really finally tune it and look at it. But in terms of spot injections, it definitely works guys. So that's my suggestion to you guys for spot injections. Just make sure you do it properly, you do it safely, you clean the area and start going at it. Don't just get comfortable and do glutes all day. Anybody could do glutes all day, anybody could to laterals all day.

My biggest one is doing the proper spot injections to where you actually need growth. If your chest is already big as it is, you don't need to do chest, if your deltoids are already big you don't need to do deltoids. So look for the muscles that you really need to work on, hypothetically, like say your calves for example. If you have weak looking calves, I mean, I don't, I don't need my calves to be any bigger. 

But for those of you guys who have a terrible looking calves and it is not aesthetic looking, start doing your calves boys. Yeah, like I said, if you've never hit it before, it will be painful. But again, suck it up, go through it, and you'll be fine after a few couple injections. Again, take it through, if you want to think about it theoretically, take it throughout the worst pain. 

How much pain is it going to be really and for how long? Two, three days the most it's never going to cripple you, you're not gonna have to chop off leg because it’s that painful. You will be fine.

So anyways, for everybody else guys, Happy Fourth of July. Hit that subscribe button, right next to that boys, hit that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care fellas.



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