He Was Eating Everything In Sight lol

Kai Palikiko           Apr.  20, 2020

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When it comes to these pheasants, these natties out there, their metabolism absolutely sucks.What's going on brother? My name is Kai and if you are trying to get ahold of me by the way, the best way to do that is the link right below this video. You click on that, that goes directly to my email. 

So what I want to talk to you about today is one of the things that I found interesting that I completely forgot about myself with one of the guys that I'm teaching right now, one of the guys that I'm training.

 It was really interesting how he worded it too, because he said it in a panicky kind of way, simply because he's new to TRT, he's new to this lifestyle and I get it, it's something that it's actually changing within his body, right now, not just the physique form, but it's actually changing on how he behaves.

Check this out. Hey Kai, I don't know if I did something wrong, but I followed exactly what you said, but something weird is happening. I am like go ahead dude, what's going on? I'm eating everything in sight. Like what do you mean?

Every hour and a half no matter how much I ate the meal before, I am constantly hungry, no matter what I do, no matter how heavy the meals are, I follow the macros you're telling me, but an hour and a half after that meal to two hours, I am starving again, it's not even like I need a little bit of snack, I am super hungry after that.

And that's one of the features that I absolutely love about being on testosterone. Here's the one thing that we always forget. When it comes to these pheasants, these natties out there, their metabolism absolutely sucks. It is not efficient at all whatsoever. Anytime they calculate their macros for example, these natties, oh, I'm eating, I'm eating 40 grams of protein and let me write that down. 

That to me, it's just absolutely silly. The reason why it's silly, especially when they're writing down that entire 40 grams, because as those natties, they are not absorbing anywhere near that 40 grams. So anytime they calculate their macros for the day, you might as well start writing up make up numbers, thousand, protein, milligram, grams, micrograms, 80, whatever, I'm just gonna start writing shit up. Why??

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Because their metabolism is not efficient at all. They're not even absorbing anywhere the amount that they are writing. So they think they're absorbing 40 grams, is not even half, it's nowhere near that. 

Here's the one thing I love about being on testosterone man, when I'm on this stuff when I'm on that sauce, when I'm on that Gear, I'm actually a lot more efficient with my metabolism, meaning this - if I were to eat that 40 grams of protein in that one sitting, I'm actually gonna absorb majority of it, unlike the pheasants out here, barely absorbing anything at all.

That is the difference. And then on top of that, what my boy was experiencing is the fact that his metabolism is also efficient in terms of digesting and absorbing those macros, hence why he was starving after an hour and a half to two hours. Now, only drawback is this. If we don't have an inkling of any type of discipline, we could possibly eat the wrong thing, right? 

If we go back to old habits of pizza, burgers and McDonald's, then yeah, that could be a problem. And sometimes I do that. But then at the same time, I also use that feature to digest those french fries, chicken nuggets within about an hour as well. So when it comes to my metabolism while being on TRT, or my boy that I'm training with right now, his metabolism a lot faster as well.

He's able to absorb the macros and digest and effectively use that energy or calories for a much more efficient way than compared to a nattie. Another lesson I learned when it comes to having a faster metabolism, back in the day and I'm sure you've done this as well, I checked out IFBB pros, how they eat, what they eat, and the time they eat it at. For example, Ronnie Coleman is a good example.

Back in the day, first time I saw this guy, freaking huge as hell, eating everything in sight. For example, his typical day, meal one breakfast, 12 eggs in one sitting. First off that right there was the feet on its own, I was like how the hell is this guy, this guy's cracking more eggs, he's making a bigger omelet, his omelet is already huge as it is, he's adding more, I don't understand. And he just ate all of it. 

That blew my mind. What made it even worse from my perspective, that I just couldn't comprehend at all, literally two hours later, this guy was already eating his chicken tenderloins.

An hour and a half later he ate 8 more pieces of it with barbecue sauce. Back in the day, because I had a metabolism as a nattie, as a pheasant, I couldn't understand that, how the hell is this guy able to eat all that? Cool, that's fine, he just might have a bigger room in the stomach. How was he able to eat an hour and a half later and digest all that food?

That's what I couldn't understand. How are these IFBB pros able to eat 10, 12, 14 meals every single day without any problem at all? Because I'm sure if I had the discipline to do so, maybe I can push it, maybe I could force it. But for those guys to do it day in and day out, they had to be doing something. And that's the feature where testosterone comes in, having a faster metabolism, they can now do that. 

They can now eat 12 meals a day, 14 meals a day, big huge meals, meeting their macros, because back in the day man, I couldn't comprehend. I'm sitting here, I'm barely eating four eggs, and I'm crying, oh my God, I'm so full. Wait, it's already two hours later? I already had my meal prep ready and I couldn't even open it to microwave because I was still full, I just couldn't even look at the side of food.

Now, I am literally doing the same exact thing, I'm eating every two to three hours if I need to, and then on top of that, it's not like I'm forcing it either. So when it comes to this feature, having a faster metabolism, a much more efficient metabolism, guess what?

Only the initiated guys can actually take advantage of that feature, while the pheasants and the natties, being delusional, being silly, writing down their cute little macros on a day to day basis, which is just completely wrong.

Anyways, the link to my email, right below this video, you click on that, you put in your name, your email, and any question you'd like for me to answer. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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