HIDDEN DANGERS of B12 Injections

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 13, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here, Formula Secrets. And what I want to dive into right now it's this whole trendy thing about B12 injection shots.

Now, let me start off right from the bat, that no, it's not a scam, it's not a scammy thing, it's not something bad either.

But from my point of view, it's completely unnecessary, especially with what you and I are doing. Before I go on, though, let me just start off with this as well, not a doctor, and also I do not recommend any of the lifestyle choices that I have made.

Now when it comes to B12 shots, what they usually have in the pamphlet, or I'm sure you've seen it at the mall too, where they, you know, advertise it... Again, it's not a scam, because what they think is actually correct, that B12 shots is going to give us more energy, it gives us the whole fat burning effect, all that stuff, right?

Energy, feeling better, looking better, better looking skin, fat burning effects, all good stuff. And again, it's not a scam, it is actually real, because B12 is awesome, the vitamin itself.

The problem is this is where it gets a little fishy, a little bit weird when it comes to the actual information, which is this - can B12 shots actually work? Of course, only if we are actually deficient when it comes to that actual vitamin. 

Meaning that we don't go outside, we don't eat regular food, because we can find B12, the actual vitamins everywhere, especially when we're taking a multivitamin.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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And when it comes to my personal experience with it, if you have any more questions specifically about this video that comes into your situation, there's a description right down below. Tyler literally just added it right here just for this video, because I know you can have more questions about it.

There's a link that's going to guide you to where I could actually answer your question personally. So if you want me to answer your question personally, click on the description, hit that link, it's going to take you directly to me, so I could answer it a lot more thoroughly than just the comments section. 

So when it comes to that, yeah, does it work? Not to the degree that I was expecting, only because I'm not deficient when it comes to the actual B12. Now how long have I taken it before? I would say, four months, four months total of taking B12 shots every single week, I would go in and go to the mall, go get my shot done.

Which isn't too bad either, because I mean, it only takes me about what, 15 to 20 minutes the most when it comes to taking the shots. It wasn't too an inconvenient. The other part of it too, it was on the way to where I was going, because the mall was literally right next to the gym.

So it was an extra 10 minutes or so, I didn't really care too much about it, ok, let me make a right turn, 10 minutes later I am done. So I didn't mind doing it. Plus, also, I wanted to try it out all and see what is this really all about. What am I going get out of it? Let me just go ahead and check this out. Is this thing really real?

Is it going to be the life changing thing that what they're going to be stating? So when I'm on it, because I'm going to give you the play by play by the way. So the very first time I took that B12 shot, I didn't feel anything. It just felt like another intra muscular shot, because that's how they give it to you. It's that SubQ, and it's not that. 

It's actual intra muscular shot, that they would give it to me. And it didn't have a burning sensation, there wasn't really any PIP out of it. In fact, the only thing I felt was because for some odd reason, they wanted to use a 23 gauge needle.

That's not really my choice. I use the smaller one, but that's what the mall was using, that was what that B12 place was using. Cool, but that's the only PIP, that was the only PIP that I got, the actual instant pain that they did. The next day, there was no PIP, I didn’t feel bad about it at all, but I was expecting the energy.

Like they would advertise, like ok, cool, where, where's the energy they're talking about? I feel normal. And this is me already being on a full cycle. And also being on ephedra, I'm thinking like, it's going to give me a little bit more on top of it, because it's supposed to be more, right? I've never taken any B12 supplements. 

I didn't take it as a vitamin before, I'm sure my multi has it, but not to the amount that they were going to be injecting me. So I'm like, ok, where, where's the extra energy? I'll give a couple more days, nothing. I gave it a month. And this is me only taking it four times every week, nothing.

Two months later, still nothing. Cool. Let me see if there's some kind of body fat reduction, nothing at all. So for what they're advertising, it's not a scam, but at the same time simply for the guys who are completely healthy, there's no deficiency at all, when it comes to your B12 levels.

It just doesn't work, especially with how they're advertising it. If I got into a car accident. If I'm terrible with my diet, I'm not eating enough, I'm not outside the sun enough, then sure, I could see it working. But when it comes to their advertised results, better energy, body fat loss, all this awesome stuff - maybe work for some people. 

But for healthy guys like myself, and I go with other people too to these places, like hey, come check this out, it's only 20 bucks per injection, which is fucking ridiculous expensive. But you know, let me try it out anyway. So I brought couple of my friends with me just to see, right? They didn't get anything out of it either.

So it wasn't just me, it's plenty other people, I've read in forums too, and they all have the same exact thing. A few people say it does work. But I got to a car accident or it does work, but I'm really obese. It does work, but I'm really terrible at my diet. So there's two parts of it,

Doesn't work, yes, for people who are complete deficient when it comes to B12. And guys like me who are completely healthy, completely normal, completely fine. It just doesn't work for me for what's exactly being advertised as. For the guys who are watching this channel, this is how it's actually related to myself, and for the other guys that I train. Can B12 shots actually be dangerous? 

Yeah, it can, especially when I'm on high dosages of Tests, and high dosages of EQ. What B12 will do is it will actually raise my blood cell count, my RBC count. So if I am already high on EQ, my RBC is already spiking, my whole blood level is actually already spiking. If I take any more things that would actually elevate my RBC count, it will actually be bad news bears, like feeling lethargic, nosebleeds everywhere. 

So that's why, when I'm on EQ, this isn't anything to where I should just look over and maybe it won't happen to me. This is serious because I actually have seen it myself, when I was taking B12 shots while I was on my winter bulk. When I was actually taking my B12 shots during wintertime, which I was actually taking EQ on top of it.

I got lethargic really quick, but I'm thinking this doesn't normally happen until about week seven, week eight. It already started happening right around week two or three, because my RBC count already started spiking really high. So that's the one thing I actually have to remember, the safety protocols with Gear.

If I'm on high Test levels, and also I'm on high EQ levels as well, if I take B12 shot, that's also going to make my RBC count climb higher than normal, a lot more dangerous than normal, only because I don't want that, I'm already having to donate blood on top of me taking something that will actually spike my levels as well, I can't be doing it on top of that.

Just a quick reminder to myself. If I'm already in high dosages of Tests and Tests on top of EQ, I am definitely never going to add B12 shots into my cycle, simply because of safety reasons. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.





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