How Long I Run A CRUISE Before I BLAST Again

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 17, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

So one of the questions that I get constantly from the guys who are already initiated, and they're wondering, because they're in between blast cycles right now, and during a cruise cycle, they're wondering, how long can I cruise for?

What's the longest amount that I can cruise for, specifically for safety reasons? And also just to make sure that I'm doing everything properly?

Now, if you want me to ask you a question directly, right, there's going to be a description right down below, and there's a link that Tyler put right on there, and I'm going to help you out the best way I can, when it comes to answering your questions.

So click on the description, click on that link, it's going to send you directly to me and I will help you out the best way I can. My answer to that is my personal experience with it. Now when it comes to the way I view cruise, for some reason, some guys forget that cruising is literally like a TRT, being on TRT. 

Because that's exactly what it is, the dosages, how many times throughout the week - same exact thing. But for some odd reason we call it a cruise cycle, somehow it becomes something different.

Now before I keep going, by the way, just to let you know, I'm not a doctor, and I also do not recommend any of the lifestyle choices that I have made, especially when it comes to Gear. Just let you know, TRT and cruising is practically the same exact thing.

 The only difference is that what I use cruising for is to tie in two cycles in between, because I don't particularly want to get off of it or I want to do a post cycle therapy. When it comes to how long, as long as I need it to be.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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The way I use cruising by the way, it's just to give myself a mental break, not because I physically need it, because I do need it for only a very short amount of time though, I use cruising to reset my androgen receptors, so that my second cycle or my next upcoming cycle is going to hit just as hard as the previous one.

That is the whole purpose of cruising, to make sure that my receptors are not fully saturated. Now how long can I be on it? I'm taking it as long as I need to be, just to give myself a mental break. And at the same time, look, I get that we are all about progression, and I want you to be.

But at the same time the recovery period, not for your physique, but for your mental health is also needed too. As much as I want it to be, I just want to be direct with you, I want to be real with you, we cannot be a 100% at a time, for too long period of time, we can only be good with it on a certain bursts of period. 

So that's why when I'm going to cycle, I'm going to push as hard as I can, only because I only have that limited amount of time, not for my physique, but for my mental health. Because when I'm on it, boys, I go as hard as I can, go into the gym, focus as much as I ca, being on top of my business, being on top of my job. 

Being on top of everything what I need to do, it literally can be mentally taxing. So it's ok for me once in a while to take a lot longer during my crew cycle only because not because I physically need it, because I only need for a short amount of time to reset my androgen receptors.

I take a longer cruise cycle sometimes only because, honestly, I want to give myself a good mental break. I don't have to worry about taking my orals on a daily basis or drinking two gallons of water or having to hit just as hard as I can at the gym or being on top of it. Again, I go hard boys, and I'm sure you do too. 

But when it comes to giving myself a mental break, it's just as important, because if we go hard at it, cycle after cycle, then PCT and then more cycles after that, if we keep going in that route, it's going to be an easy crash and burn. 

Nobody out there is, and I would like to be, but nobody out there can be that regimented, we all need to take breaks. That's why meditation is a good thing to do. That's why taking a vacation is a good thing to do. That's why take a longer cruise cycle is a good thing to do, just to give myself a mental break. 

Now, for the most part, most of my cruises are very short, I only get that prolonged period of a cruise cycle, I might just do it once a year. And that's it. But that once a year, it's absolutely crucial for me, specifically because I just need to give myself a mental break. 

Brother, it's hard, man, it's hard, right? I want to give this whole thing like a laid back easy chill look, only because you already know how hard it is. But the reality of it is it is mentally taxing. That's why I implement - everybody, if you're not meditating right now, you are missing out. 

If you're not taking yoga, or even hot yoga, you're missing out. All those things that we need to do for a mental relief, mental break, it is extremely important. And I take my cruise cycle just as important as well. So that's why I don't try to add on any SARMS or any boosters or any workout program.

I go as, the best way I could put it, I try to be, I purposely try to be as lazy as I can during my cruise cycle, because I'm not on it, I don't have the extra energy, the drive or the strength because I'm not on a full blast cycle. I feel mortal, I feel like the rest of these peasants out here, I get sore easily. So I use that time to be normal, right? 

I work out maybe four times a week, instead of my usual five or six. I might not even hit the gym, I might just take a full week off. And then the rest of the time I'm just dabbling around inside the gym. I'm practically using that just to give myself a mental break. 

And let me just tell you right now, I get it, I get it's hard, and I get that we need to push yourself as well. But it's perfectly ok and reasonable, and in fact, very strategic, smart thing to do if we actually take a mental break during our cruise cycle.

That's how I do it. So the next time I'm back on cycle, I'm refreshed, I'm good to go, I've taken my mental break. So my next cycle, I'm going to hit it even harder then my first cycle, I'm going to go all out.

Because I had no other excuse, I can't say well, I'm still a little bit tired, oh my God, I still need more mental break, maybe I need to take a vacation. I wouldn't need to state that during my blast cycle. Why? Because I've already done all of that during my cruise cycle.

And that's the entire point of it all boys. It's not just for recovery. It's not just for resetting my androgen receptors. It's to literally give myself a mental break.

So to answer this question, when it comes to this, how long do I need to cruise for? As long as I need to, to give myself a mental break.Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.





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