How Steroids Help Me 10X My Results

Kai Palikiko           Sep.  22, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

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So one of the biggest changes that I had to do when it comes to me using anabolic Gear is the way I work out, because the way I've been working out was just like the rest of these normies here.

Doing the basic things that I normally used to do, because again, I didn't start off using anabolic, I started up as a Natty just like you. So when it comes to me being an anabolic Gear, I had to completely change the way I work out, mainly because I recover so much faster.

First of all, it was so weird having to go on days on out, not feeling sore anymore, literally going to the gym, trying to do a burnout set, and I didn't feel anything at all the next day, or even that moment, I didn't really feel that lactic acid.

So in order for me to actually gain the progress that I was looking for, for muscle gains in the first place, I actually had to completely change the way I lift, specifically on me being on high dosages of Gear as well. So this is the way I work out when it comes to me using anabolic Gear. 

So before I dive right into that, by the way, the premise behind all this, I expect everyone here to know certain prerequisites beforehand, like knowing exactly how to do concentration curls, concentration pulls, or anything like that, like actually going through the movement. 

And actually squeezing the muscle, and not just going through the movement for the sake of going through the movement. The other part of it as well, as I make sure that I'm already dedicated to actually following up my plan. The reason why I get the results that I get is I'm actually dedicated to the gym plan that I have written out for myself.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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So anybody were to look into and follow up my plan, this is the type of stuff that is a prerequisite, before we even start doing the gym stuff, which is completely being dedicated, making sure we know actually how to flex a certain muscle and not just going through the basic motions of curls, for example.

We actually have to know how to actually flex it, and not just going through the motion. So those are the prerequisites needed for that. Now, the foundation within my lifts is a six day split. I go to the gym six days a week, but just because I go to the gym six days a week doesn't mean I'm a gym slave either, I just go there in an out, 30 to 45 minutes the most, depending on how big the muscle structure is.

And that's the most that I personally do, because again, I'm not trying to be a gym slave, I'm just trying to do my work as quickly as I can inside the gym, so I could do bigger, better things into other aspects of my life. Take for example, you know, my academics, my studies, my business and everything else before that. So this is what I do from my six day split, because I recover so quickly, I don't just hit one muscle one day out of the week. 

Either, I am not privileged and able to make sure that I'm able to hit it at least twice, maybe even three times a week. So my usual workout looks like this. Monday, I hit up shoulders, right, and I just hit that one time. Even though I [inaudible] I specifically only hit my shoulders, my anterior, my post here, and also my lateral heads as well, by doing overhead presses and all that stuff. Now, the foundation on top of the six day split, is I do both, I do my heavy sets at the beginning of my workout. 

And then I also continue that with my volume sets towards the end as well. Because here's the thing, when I do heavy sets that's required to build the bigger muscle fibers. Now if I just do that, I recover way too fast to feel anything. So that's the reason why I also add my volume sets towards the end as well. That right there is my basic plan for everything, it doesn't matter if it's for my chest, my back, my legs, whatever it is.

I always do my heavy compound movements first to build thicker muscle fibers, then after that, in order for me to stimulate the fast twitch muscles, and also to get the nice line of separation I have to do my volume set. Because on top of that, if I just do say by volume set, I wouldn't feel shit the next day or even that moment. 

Or if I only do my heavy combats, I wouldn't feel anything because I recover so quickly, just on simple testosterone alone. So that's what I do. My Mondays are my shoulder days. After that I directly hit my back on Tuesday.

Now, because of Tuesday, it's my back day, I can't do that all in one day, because it's such a big muscle group. I do my lats, my wide grip pull downs and everything like that, any wide groups up in the morning, and then I split that up later on in the day, later on that night by doing my rhomboids and doing all my pulling motions.

Because I am enhanced, I'm able to do that as well. Look when I say that, because I am enhanced I am able to do it,  that's the reason why I have to use anabolics. There's no way I could do this workout as a natural. Now a natural is going to say I can do that. Sure they can, a natural person can do the workout, but they're never going to receive the results, they're not going to recover fast enough. 

They're not gonna be able to have the protein synthesis into the metabolism as quick enough as well. So yeah, they may be able to do this workout, but guess what, the results aren't going to completely vary. In fact, it's going to suck because they're not able to recover so fast, they're just practically going to atrophy their muscles overall. 

Now Wednesday is when I hit my legs as well. This is another two day workout where I do quads in the morning and my glutes and my hamstrings later on at night. Again, I cannot do that as a natural because there's no way, if I have do quads in the morning, I would step back into the gym later on the afternoon, holy shit, I would be fucking walking in there with a fucking walker, because my legs would be so sore.

But not when I'm on Tes, Tren, DHV , Anavar, Proviron, and all the other fun stuff that I take at the moment. So that is my Wednesday workout. My Thursday workout is my chest, I don't break that up, it's a small muscle. It's one of my favorite days because honestly, I just go in and out. My chest even though it's huge, shit, it's protruding out, my chest is a small muscle group compared to everything else. 

So I literally just do a couple of small push exercises, and that's it, in, out, done, that is my Thursday workout. My Friday workout is more towards all my accessory muscles, right? My core, my forearms, my calves. Maybe I even would hit sometimes my posterior triceps as well. That is more of my accessory day. Now Saturday is when I go in and do my bullshit workout. I get my pump in, so I would look good for the weekend. 

I mean, why else are we doing this? We're doing this for fun, we're doing this to look good. And honestly, we're doing this for vanity reasons. And why not? Why not feed our ego, especially now that I am on anabolic Gear. And that is the way I train. The way I train is to make sure I maximize the results that I want, because even though I fuck around a lot, you see me being an obnoxious asshole all the time.

But even though I'm like that as a person, when I do my business, when I do my work, when I do my job at the gym to lift, I take that extremely seriously, just like you. So that's the reason why I do my two a days. That's the reason why when I go to the gym, I don't have anybody bothering, because I do take that extremely seriously as well. So that right there is my six day split. And again, to some people who are uninitiated, that's too much work. But again, I am there to get my job done. 

The longest I work out, even on my big muscle days, like say my legs or my back and I split that up into two workout a days, I'm still in and out within 40 minutes the most, mainly because I'm able to do that, because I recover so much faster. And at the same time, I get so much better pump than what normies are able to have.Again, the prerequisite for this is I have to be on anabolic steroids. 

There is no fucking way I'm able to accomplish any of that and get the exact same results that I want if I was a natural. Again, there's going to be natural to say I do harder work then that, I'm able to do all that stuff. Yeah, sure you can, but you never going to get the same exact results. Why? Because you don't heal fast enough.

There's no way you're able to feed your body faster, because your metabolism is slow as shit, compared to somebody like myself, who is on anabolic Gear. And that is the beauty about that, I am never going to be a gym slave. I'm never gonna be able to sit there, go in, do as much work as I can, and get zero results. Again, there's no way we're able to do this as a natural and that is the reason why I absolutely love anabolic Gear. Anyways, that right there is my six day split when it comes to me using anabolic Gear. 

That is the best way to do it. Because again, we can't do normal regular people routines from here on now, because we're never going to get results. In fact, you are never going to get the stimulation from your muscle if we do normal people work out, that is impossible to do. So that's the reason why we actually have to do our heavy sets in combination of our volume set.

Anyways, I hope that makes it clear for you, I hope this entire video is insightful, to where whatever workout you're doing, now you're going to tweak it and adjust a little bit to make sure it fits for your goals. Anyway, until next time, hit that subscribe button, right next to it hit that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.



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