How To Get Rid of Gynecomastia with Raloxifene

Kai Palikiko          Nov. 20, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here, and what I want to talk to you about today is a certain compound that not a lot of people know about. I've spoken to a couple of you guys about it, but again, this is one of those musts to where I need to tell the world about it.

For the most part, most guys, when they see Gyno out of their nipples, ok.

Full disclosure here, they think the only solution out there is to either live with that huge problem, pretty much except that we have man tits, or surgery, which costs five to $10,000. And I've spoken to a lot of my boys out there, it doesn't matter where it is.

It's a really expensive thing because they're gonna literally cut open your nipples to remove all that fatty tissue. This is why I have to tell you about Raloxifene. It's literally like a godsend compound, I can't believe that not a lot of people know about this, it's insane how people think either live with Gyno.

Or, well, here we go, I am about to spend five grand to get my thing all chopped up and get... Honestly, it sounds like that's exactly what they're doing. Right? They cut open your nipples, and remove... It's just gross.

So that's why, that should be the last resort for anybody, that should be the last resort for anybody. If we really need to do that, then obviously we have to, but from my point of view, we should look at all the other options, specifically Raloxifene.

It reduces the fatty tissue that's sitting under or right behind the nipple, and it doesn't matter if it's a really hardened tissue or a soften tissue, ok? Because everybody's Gyno, I don't need to be so descriptive about this, but everybody's Gyno looks different, right?

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

It either makes your nipples look puffy or too big or a really big areola. Again, I don't mean to be so descriptive about this, but hey. So that's exactly how Raloxifene works.

So it's one of the best compounds that I know for sure. There's only one compound that I know that can actually directly attack any type of Gyno like symptoms or actual Gyno themselves.

So, if you are suffering right now from Gyno, either prepubescent or TRT induced or Gear induced, go speak to your doctor first and mentioned Raloxifene. It is probably one of the compounds that will literally make you get your confidence back.

Especially when you know you're out on the beach right now, you might be taking your shirt off, or around the pool. That's one of those things to where we actually have to be aware about it, so we can completely get rid of it. 

Before I end this video by the way, if you have any questions, click the link below this video, there's gonna be a link down that’s gonna take to this site.

All you gotta do is fill it out, so you could send your email to me so I can answer any questions that you have. I'll see you then.





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