How To Look Like A GymShark Athlete

Kai Palikiko           Sept.  28, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Do you ever wonder what the fake Natties stack looks like? The guys who are clearly on Gear, but they want it to look natural. Say for example, all the guys who are in GymShark. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email.

Now you could get that link in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it is going to go directly to my proton mail.

That's exactly what I want to talk to you about right now, one of the biggest clothing company for athletic stuff, is GymShark. Now these guys are so, it's so freakin apparent, at least to me, but for some guys, they just don't know, the majority of their athletes are on Gear. Now here's the really hard part of it though, the majority of their athletes that are on Gear, they're fake natties, and it's hard for them to get spotted.

But in reality, they're just fitness models, right? And GymShark is hiring them. Now the reason why I want to talk to you about that today, and I want to share this to the world, simply because of this - it's not really a scam, but at the same exact time it's kind of scammy, right? They have these athletes who are clearly on Gear, but they're not taking a lot of it just to make sure though, that they are relatable.

Because they know that the target that they're going, the younger adults, the teenagers, they're able to relate to that because they want to look like a certain way, but they don't want to look too big, they don't want to have that IFBB pro status, because again, not a lot of people want to look like that, they don't want to look like freaks with big huge veins and they look just ridiculously huge.

They want that fake Natty look to where they look frickin amazing, but relatable at the same time. If I personally want to look like a GymShark athlete, this is the stack that I'm going to be taking. The first compound that I'll take is testosterone, absolutely. And here's the thing too, the majority of the esters that I'm going to be taking it to get that fake Natty look has to be the longer ester, because if I look too dry.

 If I look too vascular, that's not relatable anymore. Because if you look at any natural person out there, they're not overly vascular, right? They have a certain look, they look good, they look shredded, but not to the point where you see veins popping out everywhere. So the first compound would be testosterone, either cypionate or enanthate. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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That's what those guys are taking. The reason why, because that is going to be their growth factor. That's what's going to be limiting or giving them the growth that they're looking for. It's the size builder for their athletes.

The next compound that they're taking is absolutely Anavar. It's easy on their body and at the same exact time, it gives them a certain look to where they get shredded, but not to the point to where it's too shredded. Exact compounds that they need in terms of an oral - incident results, right away, just enough body fat percent to where it's going to drop down, but not too low. The other one, this one is huge.

This is absolutely a necessity when it comes to the fake Natty stack. In terms of Anaver by the way, before I keep going with the rest of the stack here, even their women are on Anavar as well. For the record, I have trained and also prepped a lot of girls for bikini and physique. And in terms of Anavar, brother, it is rampant. You would think girls, oh no, don't take Gear because that's just for guys. Absolutely not. 

I have trained so many girls in bikini, contest prep, events, photo shoots, they're all on Anavar, because it really gives them that look to where they look good, they have the muscle structure, but not to the point to where they're sacrificing their feminine features or their feminine ways, either. They're not going mustaches and bear while they're competing. No, they actually look good. 

But in order for them to get that certain physique, they got to be on Anavar, in order for them to compete with the other girls as well. So back to the fake Natties stack and the guys that are taking it. Now, after that, they are definitely on Primobolin enanthate, simply because it gives them that lean, dry look. Not dry to the point to where it's over vascular but dry to the point to where they're not holding too much water either.

And we all know in terms of Primobolin, my God man, the lean muscle gains are there. It's good. It's dried, not loud water retention. At the same time it's adaptable, they're not going to be shaking, core temperature, pretty much normal nothing to worry to the point where it's insane amount of sweating either. It's a good stack to add to the fake Natty stuff. The other one, check this out, low amounts of Tren. 

Why? Because that's probably, it's not even probably man, it is the best cutting agent for body fat that they are going to be taking. Because here's the thing too, when they're taking these photo shoots, it's not just the one day event because I know a lot of you guys out there, well I could look like that, that doesn't look impressive at all. Of course not. But can you look like that all year round? You see what I mean? 

Because there is a lot of guys out there, like ok, I can't believe they're gearing for that, they're using Gear just to look like that. Yeah, they do use Gear to look like that, but not for one day. They look like that that size, that leanness, that low body fat percentage all year round. And it's impossible to look like that all year round. Also, of course, that's the only thing you do.

I'm sure these guys have plenty of things that they have, a lot of things that they do, a lot of goals as well, and of course to stay look like that, to stay competitive, to get these modeling contracts, they have to stay shredded all year round. And that's where Tren absolutely comes in. Now the tricky part about Tren though, is if they take too much, they are going to start to look a little bit too freakish looking, a little bit too IFBB pro. 

So when it comes to their Tren enanthate amount, they take a smaller amount per week. The other one is this one, this is probably what ties into their AI, which is Proviron, Proviron is easing their body and controls their estrogen levels as well, and it's a good AI for them to take to where they don't look too dry either. That's the big one. 

When it comes to all these things here. every single compound that they take, they cannot look too dry, because if you look too dry, it looks like your contest prepping, they look like they can arrange for an IFBB pro show, which they don't want. They want to be able to relate to the dad bods out there, the teenagers, the guys who barely look like they lift.

The guys who look like they just went to the gym a couple of times, but to the point to where it's the optimal, the highest amount of what a natural person could look like. And the biggest one, human growth hormone, that is without a doubt, that is without a doubt is exactly what they take, just to make sure that they look solid, they look good, easy to maintain, keeping the body fat low as well.

So that's how all these compounds work. In order for them to be synergistic, they take all of this all at once, pretty much cycling it on and off throughout the year, so they could look huge, but not too big, shredded, but not too overly vascular, and at the same exact time just have that relatability type of look to the actual naturals out there. But from my point of view, are they doing anything wrong? 

No. But the other part of it as well though, I just have to reveal it to the world because look, if I was a naive little boy, or just a regular guy, I see that guy, damn, that's what he looks like? He looks natural. So maybe I just need to take the protein shakes that he's using. Maybe I just need to do a couple of push-ups that he's doing. Or maybe I just think I just need to do, you know, one compound, which is testosterone?

No, that is a lot of compound still for them to be taking to look like a fake Natty, because a lot of people have this perception of ok, so that guy is a fake Natty, he's probably only doing like test and Anavar. No, they're taking a lot more than that. Maybe I just need to buy their tank top, go to the gym, had that little shark emblem and I could end up looking like that? No, it's much more than that. If I want to look like that it takes a little bit more than just a tank top, and some leggings and some shorts. 

And for me to look like that it's absolutely gonna cost a little bit more than just their $37.99 tank top, or whatever the price is now. That's the entire cycle that they're taking, test, Primobolan, low dose of Tren, Anavar, Proviron, and human growth hormone. So don't just think, oh fake Natty, he is probably just doing, you know, maybe just TRT. No, test, Tren, Primo, Anavar, Proviron, human growth hormone, that is six very powerful compounds. The reason why they don't look freakish? 

It is strategic in terms of the amounts, in terms of how they time it, at same exact time, not going to the point where they look too dry. I just really want to drive this point home because a lot of guys out there just believe that these guys are fake natties and they're on stuff and they're just barely not taking anything. We have to be so much more aware than just that. Everybody's perception of these guys who are on Gear, it's completely off.

The level of were fake natties are at in terms of the amount of Gear that they're taking is way higher than what everybody believes. And then in terms of what those IFBB pros are taking, it is like an ungodly amount of what they're really taking. So whatever you think these fake natties are, just test and Anavar, or maybe they just do a little bit of TRT - no, it is way higher than that. 

So you just have to think, if that's what the fake natties are doing, should I still need to mention how much testosterone those IFBB pros are taking? Do I need to go back to the whole 45,000 total testosterone, 55 total testosterone? Like I said, going back to these GymShark athletes though, again, from my perspective, there's nothing wrong with that, but just tell the truth.

It'd be a little bit nice, if I were to know ok, so if I actually want to look like Steve Cook, if I actually want to look at Jeff Side, that is the stack that I need to take. Anyways, any questions, my email again is right in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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