Is TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Safe?

Kai Palikiko           Sep. 09, 2019

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So, one of the biggest questions that everybody is going to be asking, hypothetically if I am going to be on TRT. Is TRT safe? 

How safe is it exactly, at the same time, Can I have peace of mind, knowing if I'm going to go that route?Is there any dangers that I could face, and if you really want to know the answer, I would highly suggest to go right now at your local clinic.

It's an easy Google boys, go Google the nearest TRT clinic and find out for sure, if you could actually get that done, get your blood work done to finally see if you truly need TRT, at the same time is it actually safe for you. 

Now, from my point of view, if I wanted to try to go that route, hypothetically right, is the actually ultimately safe for me If I had to take that route, inherently, there's always going to be a risk with everything you do, like even when it comes to this hormonal stuff. 

Is there inherently a risk? Of course there is, with everything you do in life, there's always going to be a risk when it comes to stuff, especially when it comes to messing around with our hormones, inherently, there is always a risk, even though it's minimal. 

I would still have to categorize that under risk taking as well, my point of view, when it comes to this stuff right here, even though there's a risk, if the risk is minimal, Why would I even think about it twice, right, there's a risk of driving my car.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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I do that daily, there's a risk drinking water, I shit you not, you can even Google this: risk of drinking water and drowning. 

But do you see me putting a floater around my neck, pulling that motherfucker tight and drink water with my zipper at the same time? maybe I should!  No, that's just crazy talk. Of course, I'm not going to die, especially when I know the proper safety protocols, When it comes to doing testosterone in the first place if I were to do TRT. 

So even though there's a risk there, I am willing to take that, because I know the proper protocols that at same time, even though there's a risk there, there it isn't going to be there when I know the safe side that comes with it. So yeah, back to my main point of our daily uses or our daily actions. We're constantly running a risk in everything that we do. 

From going to college and risking the fact that I can be in financial ruin going to a certain career war and being financially stuck there as well. There always is going to be a risk for everything that I do, from the small tasks that I do, driving, eating, food poisoning probably, little stuff here and there, but ultimately. 

When it comes to my view, of doing the proper things there's always gonna be a risk but we minimize that every time we know more and finding out more knowledge about a certain topic that I do, especially when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy.

The other thing is, just because there's a risk doesn't mean I'm not going to do it. I'm not gonna ride a horse and buggy every time I go out and go to my meeting. I'm going to take a floaty every single time. Am I going to walk to my next thing that I need to go filming for? 

It's one of those things where we undervalue, like testosterone for example. But honestly when it comes to all this stuff, ANAVAR, hands down, one of my favorite orals to take. Its lean, it's mean and it keeps us going.

No, I'm not! Right. But just because, there's a risk behind it, I'm practically going to ignore that, because again it's minimalistic. So Is TRT safe from my end and my experience, yes, of course because, I'm going to listen to the blood panels I've got and make sure that my estrogen levels are good, my prolactin levels is good, and all the basic blood panels as well. 

My creatinine levels, my sodium levels, my platelet levels and everything comes with it. Again, I'm good to take the proper steps to making sure and Guarantee that If the risk is there. It's practically minimal, right, it's practically to the point to where even though if something does arise. I know the proper protocols to follow that up as well.

Take for example, if my estrogen level is spike, And I don't want to have the risk of having erectile dysfunction, boom, awesome. I want to take a little bit more control of my anastrozole and making sure that I'm going to take the right dosages, just to were that doesn't plummet or rise and elevate to the point where I'm going to be depressed as well. 

As long as I have the knowledge to properly find the ways to guarantee that I have no side effects whatsoever. From my end I'm going to make sure of that as well. And the very first step for everyone, is to go see their TRT clinic, just to find out about the blood panels, the blood control and make sure I know exactly what to do from then on out.

When it comes to find the proper protocols, the sides are practically minimal to no sides at all. As long as I actually do follow the step by step manual when it comes to doing this thing properly.

Let me end off with this is, there, ultimately, a risk when it comes to doing TRT? Of course, there is. But it's worth it. Absolutely. Is it worth fixing my erectile dysfunction?

Yes. Is it worth fixing my depression, Yes, is it worth fixing my low testosterone? Absolutely. So, from my end, my personal opinion, is it worth taking those risks. Absolutely.





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