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Kai Palikiko           Dec  6, 2020

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Just a quick warning right now brother, if you're watching this and your girl catches you watching this video, you're most likely going to be in the doghouse. So pretty much you're going to get in trouble for no reason just for simply watching this video.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you are completely brand new to my channel, hit that subscribe button because I guarantee you I will elevate your life overall.

So when it comes to relationships in general, what the biggest message is when it comes to mainstream media, social media, anything like that, or even Facebook yourself, all over the place when it comes to how to be in a relationship, right, what we should value the most, which would be loyalty, commitment, being a good woman, being a good person.

And that all sounds amazing, and it is, those parts are very important to be in a good healthy relationship. But when it comes to the one side of it, we completely ignore the other side of being in a good relationship. This side right here is the one thing that nobody talks about. The main reason why the loyalty, the commitment, being a good person, all that stuff is heavily pushed by mainstream media or social media.

Because it's easily digestible. And on top of that, too, this is where the manipulation comes in, it's easily marketable as well, right? A certain TV show is going to push that type of the agenda, a certain product that has nothing to do with this type of message would push that as well, because it's easily marketable, it makes you feel good, right on cue.

That right there is a basic sense of manipulation, where they know for sure, they can make you feel a certain way on cue, like they purposely make you feel that way to make you feel good, to buy more of their products. Understandable, fine, fair enough, because that's how business works. Got that. But the danger to that is how we value relationship, this the reason why a lot of guys get caught off guard. 

Or certain women even get caught off guard and somehow they either get cheated on, they get dumped, they get left behind, or the entire list of just completely falls apart. This one aspect of relationship right is not heavily focused on, we don't ever talk about it at all. And this is the part where I'm sure your girl is gonna get mad right now, having physical standards when it comes to being in a relationship. A huge part of being a relationship is the physical standards.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But nobody talks about it because it makes people feel bad, meaning this, the way you entered into a relationship is how you should do everything you can to maintain that physical attraction.

That physical look, because to deny our very needs of lust, sex appeal, wanting to get laid, being attracted to beautiful, gorgeous people, if we keep denying that that's the main reason why a lot of guys get in trouble when it comes to being in a relationship, or the entire relationship just falls overall because we do not focus on that. We expect to be well, I'm a good person, I don't know what happened.

I don't know why my guy cheated on me. Do we not want to take full accountable of maybe, I don't know, you gain 20 plus pounds in the last three months, you gain 80 pounds within the entire five year relationship, and somehow you can't figure out why you're guy is checking out other women who are much more fit, healthier looking and better looking? Because they're not, I'd hate to say it, because they're not obese or overweight. 

Are we just gonna completely ignore that and just keep telling ourselves, well, I don't know what happened, I'm just a good person. That's cool, and that's part of it, I understand that. Being a good person in the relationship is absolutely a necessity. The other part is also a necessity. And this goes for both men and women. We're always going to desire other people who look good. 

And if we cannot get that at home, if I cannot get that out of my partner, if I'm not physically, and I am not just talking about oh, I find her pretty or beautiful. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about straight up sexual desires. If my girl cannot turn me on, natural human instincts is going to kick in, let me find another person who's going to physically turn me on.

And a lot of women, a lot of people actually in general is going to dismiss this as oh my God, that's being a scumbag, that's being a cheater, that's being whatever. But again, it goes back to basic human nature. We always should look out for what is causing the problem in this relationship. What's the biggest cause of this? How come I'm not attracting him anymore or her anymore? 

Maybe we should stop at looking at the obvious reasons and take full accountability. Maybe I let myself go, maybe I got too fat, maybe I got overweight, maybe I should start watching what I eat or start going to the gym. The whole physical standards when it comes to relationship is so important. It's so important, because I mean, look, how unfair that is. Imagine going to a relationship right now and your girl looks good. 

You find her attractive, that's the reason why you got into that relationship in the first place, because you like how she looks at that time. Imagine losing that. And look, I could already see the rebuttals of this. Well, what if she gets pregnant or, or gets into an accident. You know that's not what I'm talking about. Don't try to change the subject and take full accountability. I'm not talking about if your girl gets pregnant.

Or if she get into a car accident, or something bad happens to where she gains weight, some kind of medical, I don't, I'm just talking about a regular, healthy person who decides to let everything go because they got too comfortable in the relationship. Physical standards in a relationship is just as important. If you let that go, if you let yourself go, that's just as bad as cheating, because you literally lied to the person you're with. Here I am, here's the good looking, sexy side of me.

Oh, all of a sudden, I am now overweight, I don't keep myself up, I don't use makeup, I don't keep my hygiene, I don't do any of that stuff, I just let myself go, then yeah, how's that not a sense of pretty much deception? And for anybody, both men and women, if anybody tries to guilt you on feeling bad about having those standards, do you know what that's called? 

That's called toxic dripping or poison dripping. They are manipulating you, when it comes to guilting you when it comes to your moralities. So when it comes to all this man, physical attraction is just as important as the loyalty. And again, they're both good, they're both needed, they're both a necessity to be in a healthy relationship. But the only thing we hear about is the hallmark Disneyland type of mindset of.

Oh, be a good person, be loyal, do what you can do, hop out, do, you know, things you can do in the house, stuff like that. Yeah, awesome. The guy or the girl also needs to be turned on. Sexual desires are there, lust is there, sexual needs are there as well. And it all goes down to the basic instincts of people. If you cannot get that at home, eventually, that person is going to look elsewhere, no matter how much we try for it, or how hard we fight for it. 

That is just basic instincts of a person. And the only people who are hating this right now is because they refuse to improve. That's what it is. They got so comfortable to where they've gotten overweight, they've gotten obese, they don't even want to hear this message. I mean, come on, do you know how crazy that is, when you hear a person, hey, you should be healthy, you should work out. I'm not saying guys should be harsh, either. 

Oh, you gained five pounds, I'm going to break up now. No, I'm talking about go out of your way also to help out your partner, help her lose weight, do everything you can. But if she is still fighting on every step along the way, and you've tried for so many years, how much more can you tolerate?

Your time is also valuable as well. You only have one life to live. Don't spend that next to a person who just doesn't want to improve, especially on that department. Relationships are very complicated, but those are two things that are needed.

The whole loyalty, commitment, being a good person, but let's just not forget the physical standards as well. Anyways, enjoy getting in trouble with your wife. Take care brother.



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