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Kai Palikiko           Oct.  14, 2020

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Kai: So another good fundamental question came in the other day into my proton mail, and I want to share it with you guys today. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, if you have any questions for me, like this question from Jax, that I'm gonna read right now, my email is right and description, you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it's gonna go directly to my proton mail, because that's exactly what Jax did.

So that's what we're gonna go over right now, Jax's question, because I feel like it's a good fundamental question that we all should know, some of you guys might already know this, but this is a good time to openly talk about it.

So Jax, I want to give you a shout out by the way. Thanks for asking the question for everybody. Jax, if you haven't done it, by the way, I've already answered you through email, so check your email, but I'm gonna dive into it a little bit deeper right here as well. So Jax is asking, well I will just read his email. So Jax said in his email, on proton, hey, bro, you're killing it out there, thanks for the great content. Hey, I appreciate that.

Thank you. Thank you. His question, I started my test enanthate cycle with 350 ml per week, having a good protein diet of 200 grams per day, which is pretty good macros, I weigh 80 kilograms, but you know, in American measurements, we're going to call it 160 pounds. It's been three weeks, but I didn't see much difference. It would be great if you can make a video on how long before one sees result, and can I keep the cycle for six months?

Thanks in advance, Jax. Dude, that's an awesome question, that's a really good fundamental question, because a lot of guys are asking when is the Gear supposed to kick in? When am I supposed to see results? Because that's the whole point of doing this entire lifestyle, right? We're not doing this for just the sake of doing it.

When I do Gear, I want to see results, I'm not just here to like, yay, I'm gonna pin myself and not really see any results. That will be called SARMS or BCAA or test boosters. We're doing real Gear here boys, not in the playground, doing finger painting. I'm not finger painting. So when I do real anabolics, I'm expected to see results. Now what Jax said, he's about week three into a cycle, which is good. 

Right now, though, the fact that he's not getting any results at all, even in the physical changes, that really worries me because I hate it, I really do man, because I know how it feels. I've been there before plenty of times. But the truth is this and I try to soften this up as much as I could through my email with Jax there., but everything he's saying, the fact that he's not feeling anything, either, unfortunately Jax.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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What we have is other severely under dosed Gear, or just straight up bunk gear. Like I said before, this comes into the territory of using UGL places, because that's what they do, they love ripping us off.

They like putting whatever garbage in there, making us think it's real. And look how much time he's already invested. He's already invested three weeks into his life, thinking he's gonna get something. From my perspective, that's three weeks Jax is never gonna get back, three weeks thinking that he's supposed to feel a certain way. Because by week one, not even week three, by week one, we're supposed to feel something.

We're supposed to feel some kind of sense of well-being, a little bit more energy. By week two, that's going to be so much more apparent. So within those type of results, between week one and week two, obviously this is assuming he's doing everything correctly, and at the same exact time, this is us assuming he's taking real Gear. But what he's saying, it's just apparent to me, man, because week one, week two, you're supposed to get something already. 

By week three, you should be seeing changes physically already. Muscles being a little bit more harder, a little bit more vascularity, a lot better in strength when it comes to going to the gym, endurance, a lot more as well, appetite increased, water intake easy, eating food every two and a half hours, easy as well. These are the guidelines that I look for myself to see if it's real. But I don't because I'm home brewing. 

I don't need to, like that's one of the things that I love about home brewing my own Gear, like making my own testosterone, because I don't keep in mind, ok, it's week one, I'm supposed to feel this way. How come I'm not? I don't worry about that stuff anymore. All I worry about is having fun at the gym. But Jax can't do that right now, because he's taking some underdosed Gear, which, again, I really feel that, it really sucks because I've been there before. 

Tyler: Can I ask a couple questions?

Kai: Yeah, go ahead. 

Tyler: So a question -  is it possible that he is a non-responder?

Kai: Is it possible that he's a non-responder when it comes to testosterone overall? Not with testosterone. I mean, we he might not be absorbing it. Say he is a non-responder, he doesn't absorb it easily, say he is taking the wrong ester for example, because some of us do respond better to say cypionate or enathate or sustanon or prop, one of them is going to be better for us. But say he's a non-responder to one of them, he would still feel something, some kind of effect if it was actually real Gear. But unfortunately...

Tyler: Is it possible that he doesn't know what it feels like? Or can't identify a different feeling? 

Kai: Oh, that's a good one. In terms of that, I mean, I don't know man, when I feel good, I know what feeling foo feels like. When I have energy, it's like, I would know, it's pretty apparent. Like those two things alone, the sense of well being and the energy, it is not like, I think I feel good, I think I'm feeling good about my life. No, it's like, holy crap. And that's how I wake up on a day to day basis.

When I wake up, when I'm on a full blast cycle, I wake up, like, oh my God, I can't wait. Like, I'm excited for my day. Like, I literally can't wait to jump in the shower right away, dry myself up, pin myself, because that's my usual schedule. But like, you wake up with a sense of urgency to enjoy life. It's not even like, oh, my God, I gotta do something. 

No, it's like, I can't wait to wake up to eat, to put on my clothes, to watch TV as I'm getting ready. It's like, I just feel good about everything that I do. That's the type of sense of well-being Jax is supposed to be feeling. The other one is the energy, the energy of the fact that ok, the best way for you to really comprehend this is when you wake up. If a person has low testosterone, they wake up groggy, they take forever.

It's like starting a really old broken ass piece of shit car. No offence to guyts that have low testosterone, but that's how it feels like, it takes us forever to start up that CPU in our brain. When I wake up in a full blast, oh, dude, it's just like, boom, done, alright, let's go. That's how I feel, I don't need to oh God, let me stretch, let me roll over. Oh God, what time is it? Let me put up my alarm on dismiss, and just put that again. 

No, I'm ready to go. Sometimes I dont even - it's a little bit dangerous. Tyler might not like it, but I turn off my alarm. I haven't had an alarm up for the past month because I don't need it. If I know every day I'm gonna wake up at 5: 30, do I need to put on an alarm clock? No, I just wake up, get in the shower. That's the type of energy I'm talking about. Not I think I... There's no think, because I know exactly how I feel whn I am on my blast cycle. 

When I am on my cruise cycle and the sucky part, which is PCT, because I have to do that as well. I don't have that answer, it does give me a good perspective of what a Natty or a normie or pheasant would feel like. Because I do feel that when I am on a PCT, I feel normal, I feel average.

Tyler: So the highest percentage response to his situation is that he has bunk Gear?

Kai: I know it sucks, it really do. I laugh about it because, the only reason why I laugh about it is because I've been there, I've been ripped off so many times, I am not laughing your situation, because it does suck when you're in that moment. But now when I'm sitting here with a lifetime worth of testosterone, I do find it funny, at least from myself, because I can't believe I waited so long to homebrew, 

I can't believe I would Western Union my money over and over again, and knowing I'm most likely going to get ripped off. So yeah, at this point with everything Jax is saying, even at 350, because 350 you know, I wouldn't start there, I would start a little bit higher, but he's supposed to feel something by now, especially on week three. Now, just to end this video right here with the second part of his question, can you cycle for six months? 

No, no, let's not do it that way. Like again, with my situation, I want to have kids in the future. So my personal thing is blast, cruise, blast, post cycle therapy. If somebody already has kids, they're done having kids, they could just blast and cruise over and over again. But in general, as a person when it comes to lifestyle cycling, I cannot blast for six months. It's like drinking coffee, non stop for six months.

After a while my body does get desensitized from it. Now can I push it for that long and still see result? Of course, but the way I do my lifestyle cycling, I tend to stick towards the safer, healthier side. Now of course, I also want to feel that as well in terms of the Gear, the compounds, the anabolics. That's why I always cycle off and go to a cruise or a post cycle therapy, so I do not desensitize my body, and of course. 

I take things more towards the safer side. Because from my perspective, here's the gains, I'm going there, why do I need to rush there when I'm going there, I already have a lifetime of testosterone, I already have like three years’ worth of DBol, I already have like two months’ worth of Anadrol, like I don't need to rush there, I'm already going there. You know what I mean? And to me, this is how I view life too man. 

It's not about rushing through my problems or rushing through the speed bumps of life. I enjoy every part of it. If something bad happens to me, I fucking enjoy it. I look good, I am glad that happened. It was an experience. So anytime throughout every single cycle that I do, I don't ever wish God, I wish it was already week six, so I could feel everything all at once. No man, I enjoy every bit of it.

I've come to the point in my life now where, honestly, I miss my very first cycle of Gear ever, ever. I miss that feeling of my palms being sweaty, because I'm holding that syringe, oh my God, I don't know if I could do this, this is scary, look at that thing. Oh my God, that looks really sharp. I don't feel that anymore. I'm just like, ok, just pin, alright, done. Boom. You know what I mean? I still have that nostalgic feeling to where oh my God, I remember me drawing it getting real... 

And I still get excited about it, but the highest point of me getting excited about Gear was my very first pin, my very first cycle. So every part of it from here on out man, I'm always going to treasure every cycle, every bad stuff, every good stuff, every negative thing, even when I pull something or strain something, I enjoy every part of the cycle.

This lifestyle, it's just amazing, dude. It's just absolutely amazing. As long as I brew my own Gear, it is always gonna be fun. Email, description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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