Joe Rogan's Advice on TRT "I've done it for almost 10 years"

Kai Palikiko          Oct. 28, 2019

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Joe Rogan: Yeah, it makes a big difference. 

Speaker: It makes a big difference. 

Joe Rogan: Fuck yeah. Listen everybody, everybody listen to this - There's a stigma attached to that in a lot of people like, you know, where do you get your testosterone from? I get it from my balls. All that matters is that you have it in your system. If you don't have it in your system, you're not in the feels good.

So let me start off this video by saying I have nothing against Joe Rogan whatsoever. In fact, he inspires me on a day to day basis on each every single episode about public speaking.

I mean, this guy is a frickin beast mode, when it comes to everything he does, let alone the whole jujitsu thing, let alone the whole motivational thing, let alone freaking hunting elk meat, like there is, you know, like that's his thing to do, fighting and doing everything he can to progress.

I frickin love that, I'm a huge fan, I watch every single one of his episodes, even in fact, some of the episodes that I don't even care for, I just listened to it for the sake of hoping there's some kind of little treasure nugget I can grab from out of that certain podcast.

But the one thing that I want to state to you and reveal to you, the truth of where he gets all of this energy from. Before I keep going, by the way, I just want to let you know that I'm not a professional doctor or anything like that.

This is just coming from my 14 plus years of experience of being within this lifestyle, plus the successful results I've given to hundreds of guys all around the world. 

When it comes to Joe Rogan himself, everything he does, right, the constant running, the bow hunting, everything he does, and going hard, and it's still rolling, when it comes to this grappling, pretty much on a weekly basis, and also the podcast that he's doing.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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And oh, by the way, let me not forget this guy is 52 years old. How many 52 year old do you know that he's doing all of that right now?

Not a lot right? From my point of view, the success that he's getting can all be attributed to testosterone, and to be exact steroids. That is the truth behind his success when it comes to doing all that. Again, I'm sitting out of this out of the most utmost respect I could give to Joe Rogan.

But we have to be truth about all this stuff here, because for anybody to do what he does, follow up in his lifestyle, we can't just look at hunting elk, we can't just look at doing jujitsu or rolling or doing grappling or doing his spinning sidekick. Or even on top of that, by the way, let's forget, he's still active in doing the whole UFC thing, right? 

Doing the commentary, being prepared for that, flying everywhere. All of that, there is no way he could do all of that out of just sheer willpower. Again, I'm not being negative because somebody is gonna be oh, I jus that him.

Dude, I love that guy, honestly, I straight up love that guy, for him to be able to do all that, inspire me on a day to day basis - I have nobody but to role model and follow this guy's footsteps. This guy is frickin amazing. In order for me to follow his footsteps.

I have to do everything he's doing. Not just the hunting, not just the elk meat, not just the diet, not just his mentality to progress. I have to also do the hormonal side of what he's doing. And what he's doing is straight up anabolic steroids. 

Joe Rogan: Do it. Fuck it. They work. There is a reason why they are banned from sports.

Speaker: You didn't even hesitated, you go why wouldn't you, with a puzzled look in your face.

Joe Rogan: Whenever someone tells me well man, you know, at 55 years of age do you think it's a good idea to take steroids? Yes, that's the perfect time.

For some of you guys that want to say, well, he just on TRT. Somebody explained to me again, in the comments right down below, what is the difference between TRT and steroids? That was a rhetorical question.

There is nothing, there is no difference at all between TRT or anabolic... What's the difference? Half a cc more? It's the same exact compound, testosterone is testosterone, that's exactly what Joe Rogan is doing. For anybody out there who's doubting this, check out any of his podcasts. He's clearly admitting, and he is on TRT right now.

Joe Rogan: Like people just want you to wither away and die. 

Speaker: So you've used? 

Joe Rogan: I take testosterone replacement therapy, and I've done it for almost 10 years. What am I now? 49, yeah, 39, I started when I was like, 39.

So everything is doing again, I'm not, you know, belittling him, it's only on testosterone, right? Because I'd say him being healthy, running, working out, watching his diet, being on a ketogenic diet, carnivore diet, all of that helps, right.

But from my point of view, that is literally like a small 10% compared to the huge percentage he's getting, everything he's getting the energy, the focus, the muscular structure, the muscle density, and the recovery, all comes from a bottle.

A bottle called testosterone enanthate or maybe he likes cypionate. Either way, he has clearly admitted that he's on TRT. From my point of view, which is anabolic steroids. 

The uninitiated guys, they think it's a bad thing, being on steroids is a bad thing. It's not. It's the same exact thing. testosterone replacement therapy is anabolic steroids. I'm imagining myself as a 52 year old. I'm not talking about can a 52 year old do a podcast.

Can a 52 year old run sprints up hill? Can a 52 year old literally go hunt, you know, freaking bears and elks and deers and all that. Can a person do that? Of course he can. Any 52 year old can do that right now. The difference is, can he consistently do it?

That's where Joe Rogan stands out from the rest, him being able to do all of that plus consistently do... Does anybody follows his podcast? Dude, it's nothing filled, I am sure you've seen it to, it's nothing, you know, every single picture it's either elk meet, him and his dog, more of him and his dog running around, him and his dog doing all these trail runs. It's amazing. It's inspirational. 

But again, because I'm initiated, I know exactly what I'm doing here. And I've been doing this for 14 plus years of a lifestyle, I know, for a fact, there is no way he could do all of that as a natural, there's no way, you can't, there's no way. Again, I said before, can a person do it one time, maybe two times?

Absolutely. But never on a consistent basis, because that is a lot of toll, especially for a 52 year old on his bones, on his muscles, there's no way one can recover that quickly, doing a hunt a weekend, two days later, let's sit down for the next six hours and have that much focus towards a podcast. 

Joe Rogan: It's real simple, if you're fine with not feeling as good, good, go ahead, stick with that. But if you not fine with it, this is 2018, hormone replacement therapy exists for a reason. And that reason is it makes you feel way better, it makes your body work way better.

You can avoid a host of ailments and conditions that are related to your body breaking down due to age with hormone replacement therapy. Because again, when it comes to Gear, it doesn't just limit to the to the physical gains, it doesn't just limit to recovering quickly or the muscle density or the lack of muscle soreness.

It also goes towards the focus that he's getting. That's something that not a lot of people realize, most people, you know, think anabolic steroids, looking jacked, looking good, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It also really goes to the fact that he's able to focus that much.

He talks about supplements, right, like how it's, you know, the brain supplement, being able to focus a little bit harder. That's awesome and all, but again, it goes back to the percentage thing. All of that is nice, but I truly believe 50% of his focus, power, also comes from the steroids that he is on. 

To sum up all of his hard work here, if he can do the elk hunt, the bear ride - I don't if he rides bears or not, I just wanted to say bear ride. Running around with his dog, bow hunting, doing all that stuff, if he could do it naturally he would, right, he would.

Why would you go out of your way, waste all that energy, all that money to do TRT, if he didn't have to? But of course, because he saw within this age, he saw within his physical limits and also his mental limits as well, he needed to do TRT, he needed to do anabolic steroids to accomplish the goals that he is looking to do on a consistent basis.

Because I know there's going to be a guy down here, well I do that all the time, you know, I do that last weekend. Sure, can you do that for as long as Joe Rogan has been doing it? Impossible, there is no way. And in fact, even if - because I'm going to take it to that level too, even if we could, how hard is that going to be on our body?

The lack of recovery, the more sleep that we need the older that we get, the lack of energy, feeling lethargic all the time.

Again, there's just no way we can do that. And all of his hard work, which I truly admire, I mean, I want to follow everything this guy says, I want to follow the lifestyle that he's doing.

But we literally cannot forget the biggest contributing factor to his lifestyle, to his energy, to his positive influence, all comes down to testosterone or anabolic steroids.





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