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Kai Palikiko           Nov.  21, 2020

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Premature ejaculation, that's what we're gonna talk about today because not a lot of guys want to discuss it. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you're completely brand new to my channel, hit that subscribe button because I guarantee you I will elevate your life overall. Premature ejaculation.

Now, I know you're feeling weird about this right now, you feel no, that's not me or oh, God, I really don't want to hear this.

But here's the thing. A lot of us suffer. I know for sure, there's at least a good amount of guys watching this video and they're like, I know that's me, but I don't want to openly admit it, so I'm just gonna keep watching this video hoping that it's gonna help me. So when it comes to this subject, there is a lot of fixes, but it's not what you think, there's nothing to take for it.

There is no compound, there is no frisking supplement, there's nothing to take out other than facing it for what it is, right? So say we do have a problem of premature ejaculation. Now, let me just address that. When it comes to this, I'm talking about barely getting in with your girl and then at the same time, have no control and have an orgasm right away.

For a lot of guys out there who have erectile dysfunction, this sounds like an amazing problem. It's like, well, I wish I could do that, because I have low testosterone and I have ED, I don't care if I have an orgasm within the first 20 seconds, that still sounds awesome. But for the guys who are truly suffering from premature ejaculation, man, it's huge, it is a big deal.

There's a lot of guys out there who have premature ejaculation type of situation of a problem, is because they're not living within the moment. They're already thinking about the sex during the foreplay. We have to live in that moment. We can't think of it oh my God, it's gonna be it. We have to calm down and live within that moment of what we're doing. If I'm making out with a check, I'm not thinking about bagging her already. Why? 

Because I'm not there yet, I'm not there at that situation, I have to think I am here, I'm here right now, let me pay attention and focus on exactly what I'm doing. And not just that man. We're doing this for pleasure, we're doing this to feel good, so let me enjoy the moment. So the other part of it is the actual sex part, when we're actually getting it on with our girl. A lot of guys's approach of trying to defeat premature ejaculation is just completely wrong. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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It's like thinking about grandmothers, thinking about cats, thinking about cows, thinking about anything other than what they're doing at the moment. From our perspective, that completely defeats the entire purpose of sex.

We're trying to enjoy ourselves, I'm trying to be within that moment. And thinking about grandmas, even though it's a good temporary fix, don't get me wrong, because I've done it before as well, thinking that this could be the ultimate fix for it, but it's not, it's not. I'm denying myself with pleasure. So during that time, ok, during that time when it comes to me having sex, and I feel like oh my God!

I'm about to have an orgasm within the first 30 seconds of this session here, the best way to do it and I'll let you know right now, it's completely 100% ok to stop. Do you see what I mean? It's completely ok to pull out and do something else. Do more foreplay, make out with the chick. It's even ok to stop, even if it's only for 30 seconds. Babe, I'm gonna go grab a drink real quickly, I'll bring it back. 

Cool, awesome, she's gonna be ok with it. She's not gonna be like, oh, you can't perform like those guys at Pornhub, let me leave right now. It doesn't have to be that way. It's 100% ok to pull out, stop, and alright, cool, you know, let's make out, let's do other stuff, let's do some foreplay. The other thing that I do want to address is this. This is where a lot of guys take this route too, which is just sad, from my perspective, not like in a pathetic. 

But it really is sad because they think this is the only route for them. Buying those numbing creams, or those condoms that have numbing creams or numbing solutions on it. Then what's the point of having sex? If I have to numb my dick, then I'd rather just not have sex, because that's the point of it, it is for me to feel it, it is for me to feel the entire situation, it is for me to feel the girl.

So if I have to numb my dick, then I might as well just not do it. I might not even jerk off either, because there's just no point in numbing my thing.  That is the wrong approach. It's all about the mental part of it. Numbing cream does not work, it's not even a temporary fix because you're not fixing anything. You're just denying yourself a pleasure when it comes to premature ejaculation. 

So I wouldn't do the numbing cream thing at all. Say you finally worked yourself off to having sex for two minutes or five minutes. That's how it works, it's all about progression. A lot of guys really believe somehow they're gifted and learning how to have sex right away.

With master mental control, with Master physical control. We all suck at having sex for the very first time. And it's a scale, it doesn't work with I'm a God now, I know how to do all this, those Pornhub guys. And let me address that too. I know a lot of us, our only basic knowledge of sex is Pornhub. Those 10 minutes scenes that you see there, that's not 10 straight minutes, I hope you know that.

I know a lot of guys and a lot of girls actually, who are in the whole porn scene industry, the whole adult industry. Those scenes, 10 minutes, those scenes, it takes at least an hour or two of filming. So stop thinking what you can do in your actual lifestyle, oh, ok, I could fuck nonstop straight pumping for the next 10 minutes. It doesn't work that way. 

One of the girls that I was hitting up a long time ago, she actually told me, this is me being young and being stupid, and I didn't knew what I was doing. She was like, you know, it's ok for us to have, you know, a quick break right now, we don't have to keep going. We could actually have a snack, we could have a drink, we could watch this movie, and then we can continue that sex session afterwards. 

So it all comes down to your mental perspective. We don't have to keep going, we don't have to keep pumping, we don't have to think about grandmother's or dead kittens or cows or anything like that. We could actually live within the moment, take it for what it is, and if I feel like I'm about to have an orgasm, I'm going to pull out, let me stop, let me relax, let me calm my mind, let me calm my heart rate, let me breathe.

Let me live in the moment because that's the whole point of having sex, to get away from premature ejaculation. Now, when we're doing this type of skill set, when we're developing this, you're not going to go from 30 seconds to being able to have sex for 30 minutes. It doesn't work that way. You have to slowly build up to it, step by step. So each session is going to become longer, each session is going to be a lot more pleasurable as well. 

So that's how you get over premature ejaculation. No numbing cream, no dead grandmothers, no dead cows, no dead birds, no thinking about a brick wall just so you can escape the reality of what you're doing now. There's no supplements for it, there is no compound for it, there's nothing to take either than for facing it what it is. 

The first thing to do is to admit that you have a problem with premature ejaculation, and then the second step is to work on it. Plain and simple. Anyways, my email, right in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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