Low Test - High Tren Cycles | Does It Really Work?

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 12, 2019

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So every once in a while this trend comes up, for some reason, anytime somebody brings it up too, it's like, it's the new thing, it's the newest thing nobody's ever heard of.

Which is this - I want to keep my Test levels lower than my Tren or my NPP or any other compound. I'm going to tell you why right now, I think that is a terrible idea and I would never personally do it. The premise behind that, I'm going to tell you the logic behind that though.

So some guys truly believe that if I keep my test levels lower than my other compounds, I'm going to avoid all the sides, the insomnia, the profusely sweating, you know, any of that bad stuff, which is understandable, right? Because some of these things, some guys just cannot avoid.

So they are looking for any type of hope to really clear them out of those bad sides. I totally get that part, and I completely comprehend too, especially when we're suffering from a lot of like insomnia, and things like that, especially on the high dosages of Tren.

If you react differently, if you have a story about this stuff, how it was successful for you, or not successful for you, please let me know, hit the comments right down below, tell me your story, how you react to the whole low Test thing, because I definitely want to hear your side of it all. 

Within my position within my experience, the reason why I would never do that - hypothetically, if I'm prone to insomnia, I'm prone to profusely sweating, I get all that, I would rather, and I don't, but I would rather get sweating like crazy, awkward social interaction, you know, situations, can't sleep at night.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Can only barely see about three or four hours a night, because of the whole Tren insomnia thing. I would rather do that than doing the low Test thing, because this is a guarantee when it comes to keep my testosterone lower than other compounds. Simply put erectile dysfunction.

And that's why I would never do that because it is practically a guarantee. Now there's some guys out there who could get away with low Test, high dosages of something else. In fact, that's what they prefer. Awesome. They are gifted genetically, when it comes to them reacting to that, which is awesome.

I wish I reacted like that. But for majority of people out there, especially the guys that I train, they would never do that, because I would rather have them sweating a little bit here and there, then me breaking their dick, like literally me having to explain to their wife or their girl so yeah, you guys are gonna be having sex for the next two months or so because of the protocol that he just did. 

That's the only reason why. To me, it's not worth getting to this trend train thing about whole low Test dose, high everything else, because it's not worth the risk. I'm not even talking about the actual thing. It's not worth the risk of getting erectile dysfunction. What's the whole point?

Look, let me ask you this thing, why do you think I do Gear in the first place? Part of it is I want to have a better sex life. Part of it is I want that drive to be up there. Part of it is I want my sex drive to fit within my lifestyle, and that's never going to happen if I suffer from erectile dysfunction, that's never gonna happen if I keep my Test levels lower. 

The whole point of Test is not just for the sex drive, is to guarantee that I can get my thing up, is that just for me wanting sex, is to actually keep my erection there the entire time. And that's what brings it, that's what brings it, and I felt it too, because I've done that before as well. It's not because I want to jump on the Tren. 

I just want to see what the rave is about so I can fully state exactly where I stand. I did Test and Tren first and then in a complete different cycle Test and NPP.

The same exact thing. I still got an erection, but the drawback to that it wasn't, you know, forgive me for my full detail here, but this is the only way for me to answer it, I didn't get erectile dysfunction. But when it comes to that, though, what it did get is I still got the drive, but it wasn't as much.

I still got the whole benefits out of it, but it just wasn't as much. And I did feel it too. Weird thing, right? You would think that it wouldn't affect me as much, but it did. So I wasn't completely flaccid either, I still got hard, but it wasn't as hard. It wasn't as much of a drive either. So the first thing I noticed is that, I was like alright, I'm going to give it another couple of weeks or so. 

But I didn't want to finish the full cycle because that was way too risky for me. I think I was halfway through and I'm like, yeah, this isn't for me. And I went into cruise cycle and I did it again for a Test and NPP. Yep, definitely not for me, because I still got the same exact symptoms, and full disclosure, I was still on Caber as well. 

So it had nothing to do with spiked prolactin levels. Sometimes that's just how these compounds work, if I do not keep my Test levels higher you're or equivalent to my other secondary compounds as well. And that's my personal take when it comes to the whole trend of keeping my Test level slow and everything else higher as well. 

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