MIKE TYSON (AGE 53) Comeback Training CYCLE

Kai Palikiko          May  15, 2020

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So I think the cycle that Mike is doing now would have to be Test, DBol, EQ for endurance, and probably one more thing for a lot of aggression. It can't be Tren, because that's going to mess up his endurance and his cardio. I would say probably NPP or Deca, probably NPP or Deca when it comes to another injectable that he's doing.

Holy shit, have you seen the new Mike Tyson videos out of his Instagram?

When it comes to this stuff, I mean, I'll throw in a couple of clips here and there so you could really understand, but not only that this guy is back. Holy crap, from my point of view, I think this guy, Mike Tyson, Iron Mike himself is back into a full way. I'm not just talking about the diet, the training and all the aggressiveness coming out of it. I think this guy is back in full gear, like how it was back in the day in his prime.

So back in the day, and a lot of guys who are initiated, and you know what I'm talking about, when it comes to boxing and Mike Tyson, and I feel the exact same way now as well. I truly believe Iron Mike Tyson was the very first boxer who effectively started to use anabolic Gear to get him into his prime, which led to his legacy. It's a simple observation. Now for the normies and the pheasants, it just looks like a guy who's doing hard work.

Which is good. Don't get me wrong, ok, I'm not saying anabolic Gear is the result of his legacy. Obviously, he needs to go into the technique, the hard work and all that basic stuff. He also needs to eat his veggies as well. I get that. I get that and he did, he had to do that, but I believing 90% of his career was on anabolic Gear.

And that's 90% of the reason why he built his legacy, because if you look at it, look at all of his opponents, it's not like those guys are scrubs, it's not like those guys were just your average Joes, that are like, well, you know, let me just put a boxing glove and let me see how I do. Those guys work hard too, those guys work extremely hard. Are you freaking kidding me? They're going into a career and the only thing that they do is box, the only thing they do is fight.

So of course even if they were, you know, not good boxers, they're just average at best, they're still going to be really really good. The reason why I truly believe Mike Tyson was doing Gear back in the day is because it's just a tremendous amount of difference. The power, the speed, the aggressiveness, are you freaking kidding me?

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Are you kidding? It wasn't even a competition, it was even close, it wasn't even close. Look at YouTube any Mike Tyson highlight videos right now and can you really tell me with a straight face, oh, you know, it was just natural.

No, it was such a difference in just power alone. For the initiated guys. it's a clear sight, they look at it, oh, yeah, that guy is on Gear, clearly, clearly. I would have to say one of the things that he definitely did use back then was DBol. That's one of the. Of course he has to use a testosterone base, like any smart person would do. But definitely DBol was a clear sign.

The power, the water retention that I saw, that was clear sign of it as well, at the same time, it was just aggressiveness. I get more aggressive when I use the ball than any other oral. It would be a tie actually, it'd be DBol and Anadrol, it would give me a pretty good aggression, but I'd say DBol, simply because that does carry a little bit more water retention, and I clearly saw that in Mike Tyson. 

So for the guys who have been using Gear for a while, anytime you see that big of a difference, right? Another good example. I mean, I don't mean to take this away from Mike Tyson, in terms of, you know, putting the spotlight on him, look at the big difference of all Lance Armstrong. Look at that. That's a huge difference in terms of competition. It's not like, you know, it came into an accident. 

So the type of power, the aggressiveness, how he was knocking guys out, the reason why it was such a big gap within the boxing community back then was because he was using a tool, a tool that nobody else was. That's why there was such a big gap, to where look at where boxing is now. Is there any big gap between the top guys now? No, Wilder, those guys, there isn't a big gap. Why? Because everybody's already using Gear.

That's why the competition is not as a big of a gap. It's a smaller gap, because everybody's on Gear now. Now back to current events and things that's happening now, 53 years old Mike Tyson, business guy, dadbod, pot smoking podcast having iron Mike, so he was able to transform that dadbod right, super busy guy because he has multiple businesses going on, hi is a 53 year old, and it's not just that. 

Ok, so say he was able to transform that body from dadbod to looking good. That's already impressive as it is, as he was able to do that within a short amount of time, six months. Not only he was able to accomplish this ascetics, the power, the speed, the way he would hit the pat - my God, dude, it's so violent and he's not even hitting a person. He's just hitting the pads. 

Now, for some of you guys who've ever boxed before or did some kind of striking, it doesn't matter if it's Muay Thai or boxing or anything like that, when you hit a pad, it sounds pretty loud, it sounds pretty loud. But when you're holding eight ounce gloves like that, or maybe it was 12, they were fucking huge, and he is still able to make it sound that loud. Do you know what type of power that could...

Oh my God, man, it's insane how loud he was hitting that thing. So he's pretty much back, the speed is there, the aggression is there. You know what I mean? The old Iron Mike Tyson that we all learned to love, because man, it's nothing more beautiful than seeing a guy literally dedicate his entire life towards one goal and seeing it into fruition. 

Dude, I love that man. I love watching him, simply because of that, simply because of that. It could be any passion out there, when I see a guy really pursue a thing, and they literally become the standard of what it is - Jesus Christ. it's frickin insane. So not only that Mike Tyson is back, so is his Gear use as well.

There is no way a normie, a 53 year old business pot smoking podcasting guy could accomplish all that in such a small timeframe at that age, without the use of anabolic Gear. Personally though, I'm excited of this Mike Tyson now, because look, I have nothing against weed or anything like that, I just love the new version of him because he's so much more aggressive, he's able to literally do what he does best, which is being Iron Mike Tyson.

A couple of years ago, you know, the new ads that he had ,a lot more calm, smoking like crazy, having his entire farm of weed. That's cool, that's a cool lifestyle, don't get me wrong, it's just not for me. I love this new Mike Tyson now because Holy shit. I know he's getting ready for a fight. We don't know who the opponent is, I can't wait Dude, I can't frickin wait. So I don't know for sure, but this is just me obviously, doing the best guesswork I have. 

But this also comes with 15 years of experience when it comes to Gear. So I think the cycle that Mike is doing now would have to be Test, DBol, EQ for endurance, and probably one more thing for a lot of aggression. It can't be Tren, because that's going to mess up his endurance and his cardio. I would say probably NPP or Deca, probably NPP or Deca when it comes to another injectable that he's doing. 

So that right there, and obviously HGH, for sure. When you have that type of body, but yet you're at that age, especially all the, all the things that he's gone through, I'm sure his fingers, his knuckles, his bones are practically gone to the point to where it's dry and it hurts him. The way for him to avoid that - human growth hormone. HGH is an easy add on to any cycle, especially for why he's doing.

That like there man, because, again, all the wars he's gone through, that would be the first any logical thing to jump on when it comes to a compound, HGH would be his answer to fight off all of his previous injuries has ever had. Now with Mike Tyson being open to the use of weed or marijuana like that, clearly, he's gonna be open to Gear and any other tool. 

So another thing that I would do - now this is really diving deeper into it, but another thing that I truly believe he is using and utilizing as a tool - stem cells. That guy, he has access to anything he wants, so I truly believe he's using all the tools available. Stem cells will be another one to really help him with his old injuries, or to be able to have those nagging pains that any guy who's gone through that type of fighting career, for sure, I can easily see him use stem cells as well.

Now, I want to know what your take is, right? You already know what I think of what Mike Tyson is on. What do you think he is on? What anabolic cycle do you think Mike Tyson is using right now to prepare him for his next fight? So let me know right in the comments right below. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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