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So when it comes to the topic that you and I are going to talk about today, especially when the ephedra just dropped this - Modafinil versus ephedra.

Which is the best one that I personally find for my focus, performance and everything that I wanted to do in terms of being innovative, being creative, at the same time, what other tool I can use to make sure I'm much more superior than everybody else all around me when it comes to office and social stuff. 

So this is my personal experience when it comes to Modafinil versus ephedra. Now, to give you a little bit of premise here, I've been taking ephedra for a very long time now. It is absolutely, I mean when it comes to the uninitiated, by the way, these things, these compounds, this stuff is a nootropic, it lives really helps me focus. 

When it comes to my memory by the way, it's one of those things to where I don't have to think about anything. The information is already categorized for me in my brain, and I'm able to fire it up and grab the information right away without having to go to whole ahhh, let me think about that.

The information is seriously just rapid fire into my mind. That's the reason why I am so into this whole nootropic thing, because honestly, it's like the limitless pill, right? That's the best way I can describe it. Now, it's not exactly like it, but it's pretty God damn close.

So when it comes to the ephedra, I've been taking it for years at a time now. It gives me one of the best performance, it makes me come alive, I'm much more charismatic, I'm so much more socially open as well. In terms of public speaking and performance, it is absolutely amazing.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Now, when it comes to me researching and exploring around, I'm always looking for another tool. So when it comes to me looking for another tool, I know for sure when it comes to, you know, medicinal advancements, there's always going to be a brand new thing.

So I'm never going to want to be stagnant, I am always gonna look for what else can I use? What else can I stack on? What else can I add into this whole brain power nootropic type of compounds.

So I got my hands on Modafinil, because you always hear about jet fighters taking it, and I don't want to say certain names, but a lot of political people out there who are taking it as well, to make sure, because they do a lot of public speaking, they are on tour, they are trying to do stuff, they're trying to get elected for the next presidency, right? 

That's how important this stuff is. They are literally using stuff to help them perform as well. So let me try that out. Let me try that out, what's the whole big thing about Modafinil? So just to let you know, just to let you in right now, this is my personal experience when it comes to being on Modafinil for six months now.

And I'm going to tell you my personal review, my take on it, and the difference between that and what I've been taken off for years, which is ephedra. So when it comes to Modafinil, my very first experience when it comes to that, in terms of focus, oh, it's absolutely there, for sure.

I'm able to hone in whatever I'm doing, ok. Hypothetically, if I'm trying to do a research, if I'm trying to read a book, if I am trying to listen to audiobooks, if I am going through my emails, I am literally there, zoned in and not needing any other, you know, stuff to make me focus. 

I am there, I'm in and I have to get that done. It's one of those things that puts me in some kind of weird OCD mode, like I cannot move on until I finished that book. I cannot move on until I have done all of my emails.

I cannot move on until whatever task I've started. It can be as simple as cleaning, cleaning my kitchen, cleaning my protein shake blender thing. I'm not moving on until that motherfucker is spotless. So that's how OCD I become.

I get the same thing out of ephedra, but one of the coolest things out of Modafinil is I get that thing too. Now if I had to truly, truly identify what Modafinil is for, honestly, I believe it puts me more into an introverted state. 

Honestly, to be direct with you, I hone in more towards my beta male side of stuff. It's weird. I know it sounds bad. From my point of view, it is bad. Because here's the thing, with me being focused while on Modafinil.

Everything had to be perfect. It was weird, I felt bad. It's like, oh, the air is a little bit too cold, I gotta turn that down before I keep going. Oh, the sun is a little bit too much in my eye. Oh, wait, the light isn't really proper. Oh, the music's a little bit too loud. Dude, I also felt like a bitch.

That's exactly what it felt like. It's like, is the focus there? Yes. Is the concentration there? Yes. Is the nootropic effects there? Absolutely. But I had to be perfect with everything I didn't want to move on. I honestly felt like another beta male, honestly. My skin felt a little bit too, my clothes is touching me too much, ok, hold on, ok, now I could work. 

Come on, what is that? Now did it deliver? Of course it did. But I can't see that being used for me at least when it comes to say, social interactions, public speaking, trying to present information or anything out there to where I'm gonna be interacting with other individuals as well.

It's more of a I'm gonna stay indoor, I don't want to talk to anybody, everything has to be perfect type of thing. So pretty much beta male type behavior, honestly. 

Now, the reason why I have to choose between both Modafinil versus ephedra, ephedra wins hands down, because not only that I get the nootropic effects, the focus, the fact that I still become OCD on it, right? 

Like for example me talking to you right now. I'm on ephedra, everything just kicked in, I've got to make sure the point that I'm talking to you about has to be delivered. That's how OCD I am when it comes to the ephedra. The same thing with the emails, like I am not moving until everybody's answered. 

I'm not moving until every single person is not only satisfied, I'm making sure they get every bit of me when it comes to whatever question they have. Same thing with if I'm cleaning, the same exact thing. The only difference is that I feel much more extraverted, I am a lot more charismatic, I want to move, I want to take action.

Oh, the temperature isn't where I want it to be? I don't care, I'm gonna get done. Oh, my skin is feeling weird on my clothes? I don't give a shit, I am gonna get shit done. That is the reason why I absolutely love ephedra and it has to win hands down, simply because I am more in tune into the alpha dominant male type of side. 

That's the reason why. Honestly ephedra just wins hands down man, because I'm not even making excuses. I'm not being a bitch about it. Oh, the light is in my eye, I can't, I can't really do my emails right now because the light it's, you know, it's weird, a little bit of colors in my face, that fan, that fan is blowing. 

I got to go over there now, I got to put it down to low and medium. Being on ephedra, I don't give a shit what's happening. Whatever I need to get done, I'm getting that shit done. And then on top of that, man, when it comes to the social interaction stuff, oh my God. It's not even close. When I am on Modafinil, I don't want to talk to anybody.

Now the guys who know me, does that sound like something I would take? No, of course not. I love talking to people. I love interacting. I love literally going up to groups of people, I didn't even know anybody there and I like to open up conversations. I am a very sociable type of person. Sometimes I can shut the fuck up, and some people don't like that, but I don't give a shit, I like talking. 

Now with Modafinil, I don't want to talk. It was so weird, it was like going against the grain of my natural instincts. Like, I want to talk. I know what to say, I know what to open up with, I am about to say whatever to these girls, but I kind of don't want to do because my skin hurts. Like really, really, really?

So between both, does it give me focus? Yes. The reason why I like ephedra, it just has so much more stuff that it can give me that I personally like. So from my point of view, ephedra wins, hands down. If you are trying to get a hold of me, the best way to do that, by the way, is clicking the link right below here.

It's gonna take you to a website, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, because Tyler is gonna make me answer it, which I'll be happy to, but that's the best way to get a hold of me. Other then that boys, Kai here, out, boom. Take care.



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