Kai Palikiko           Apr.  5, 2021

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Hi boys, here we go. This is my four week update on my Trestolone cycle. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email. And you can easily find that link in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a website, that's where you're gonna put your name, your email, any questions you have for me, that's going to go directly to my ProtonMail.

Alright, so before I dive into my update of my Trestolone cycle, let me preface this entire video when it comes to Trestolone.

I have to take this seriously, ok, I can't take this lightly as something as easy as Anavar, or even as easy as DBol. Trestolone is in the same league as Insulin, Trestolone is in the same league as Tren. It's very advanced, and because of that, it can have extreme bad sides if I don't know the proper protocols and guidelines to actually do Trestolone itself. So it's a very advanced compounds.

Now, four week update, here we go, because I'm going to give you a play by play breakdown of everything here, because oh my God dude, when it comes to a recomp, lean bulking type of compound, this is it, I finally found the perfect lean bulking compound, at least for me, because oh my God, this thing is unbelievable of how it works. So let me start off right at the beginning, when I was home brewing Trestolone.

So when it comes to me brewing Trestolone, it's a pretty advanced compound as well, even when it comes to the home brewing process of it, but I was able to do it relatively pretty quickly, between 25 to half an hour, I didn't really get any complications at all whatsoever. And it was pretty relatively easy when it comes to my home brewing procedure of Trestolone.

I would have to put it in the same level as Primobolan, relatively easy but yet pretty complex type of compound to homebrew, so I actually had to pay attention the entire time, I couldn't just, you know, watch my Netflix show at the same time while I was home brewing, which I'm pretty guilty of when it comes to home brewing Anavar or testosterone. So when it comes to that, my very first pin of Trestolone. 

This is Trestolone acetate by the way, because there's many different types of esters. I tried Trestolone enanthate before in the past, bad sides, I didn't like it at all whatsoever, so I'm trying to get it again this time around with Trestolone acetate, So very first pin when it comes to this - no PIP. When I say no PIP I mean I had to really think like that I really pin at the right spot. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Is there no type of complications because there was no PIP, super smooth, and my very first pin was right on my chest actually. So it was pretty nice to be able to do that.

And just to let you guys in the know too, for the guys who are just watching this video for the very first time, my full cycle was test, Trestolone, EQ, Anavar, Proviron, and of course human growth hormone. I haven't added the Insulin on yet, because man from my perspective, it's only been four weeks and I don't think I'm going to need insulin for this cycle. So pin, super smooth, nice and easy.

There was no next day PIP either, there was no complications at all when it comes to the pinning process of it. Super smooth when it comes to the actual compound. The very next day I worked out, I did shoulders, just to be specific, it was my traps and my lateral deltoids and my anterior deltoids as well. I don't really do posterior on my shoulder, they're usually for the back. Now with that being stated, the first mistake that I did. 

Which is it sounds horrible, because anytime I give my guys, you know, a plan, I usually tell them first week, just dial it back because it doesn't matter what type of cycle they do as well, the first week, we are always going to dial it back because their strength is going to kick in, but yet, the joints and ligaments are not ready for that type of strength yet. Guess what I did in day one? 

I went freaking all out on this thing, dude, I was able to fucking start doing dumbbell side raises at 85. It was just ridiculous. I'm not trying to make a sound appealing, it was just stupid to me to go full heavy on day one of Trestolone. And it was just a bad mistake, right, because day one, I don't really feel much in terms of tweaking something, right? But by the end of that week, everything was tweaked.

My shoulders were tweak, I strained my elbow, everything was pretty painful because I didn't listen to my own protocol and guidelines of week one of any cycle, which is to lay back, take it easy, let the gear kick in, let my joints and my soft tissues and my ligaments adapt to the Gear first. But I was just excited. I was, first of all, I had a good meal prep throughout the entire week. I was feeling good, feeling motivated, feeling amazing. 

New compound, new cycle. So I'm not saying that that's an excuse. That is a terrible excuse. But I was feeling good, I was lifting everything in the gym, and of course because of that, and not following my protocols of dialing it back a little bit, I tweaked a whole bunch, like even right now my elbow is still a little bit of in pain, I have to sleep in a certain way so I don't put too much pressure on my elbow. 

It's not a serious injury, but you know, I do feel some kind of strain on my elbow. My shoulder is nice and good. Now, with that being stated, yes, the strength is unbelievable, it's insane. Like, not only that I get stronger on Trestolone, ok, because that's the main highlight of this entire cycle here, it's weird type of strength. It's like, I don't get tired at all. It also comes with a little bit of endurance when it comes to it.

So not only that I'm able to do heavier weight, the volume and the repetitions also became a lot higher as well. Like I'm over here, I am like, ok, so when am I gonna get  tired? Like, when am I gonna feel that lactic acid burn? When am I gonna feel that exhaustion? And the only thing that came out of it with me being tired is that I got bored. I got bored after doing like six sets of whatever I was doing, either front delt, or side delt or some kind of push movement. 

It's like, I guess, I guess I'll just move on to the next machine because I'm getting bored. Plus I didn't want to be that guy at the gym, just hogging one machine, because I already do that naturally, so I don't want to be that guy. I want to be courteous at the gym. So that's the strength that comes with it as well. Not only that I got strong, the endurance came with it too. It was just, I've never felt anything like it before. 

Can I equate Trestolone, like say NPP, in terms of the strength? Yes. But with the amount of Trestolone I'm taking, it's such a small amount, dude, it's very potent. It's insane. It is absolutely insane. NPP is relatively the same, but between both man, I'm starting to really lean more towards Trestolone as part of my lean bulking recomp type of cycles from here on out. I still love NPP, it has its place, but, man, it's insane. It's just absolutely insane.

The next thing that I do want to address too - the size, the size can be a little bit of a illusion, because here's the thing, I gained about eight solid pounds, ok, so I try to make it as accurate as possible, but I also get an additional five pounds of it, but it was really mostly waterway. Ok, so 8 pounds of lean muscle tissue from my perspective, and then an additional five pounds of water weight. Now, I'm not sure, ok, where the five pounds came from. 

I'm not sure if it was because of the instant water retention I got from Trestolone, or it was just through hormonal adaptation or test flu as some of you guys may know it. But after about, say, a week and a half, two weeks into the cycle, all that water weight finally came down, I'm still holding a little bit of water weight, but not as bad as the first week and a half to two weeks of the Trestolone cycle, because I ballooned up like crazy. 

Like, it was hard for me to walk up and down the stairs, because the instant water weight retention from any Gear cycle, it just feels a lot heavier. But now I feel a lot lighter, I'm not holding so much water weight anymore. So that was interesting about that, having to experience hormonal adaptation, or maybe just the instant water retention I got from Trestolone, but now everything is all good.

And I'm still eating relatively the same as when I'm cutting, I'm still maintaining my macros and my calories. I'm now actually even on a surplus, I might go over a 100 or 200 caloric surplus for my maintenance, but I'm not going crazy either. I try to stick within my calories on a day to day basis. Going back to my main point here, when it comes to the size minus the water retention, dude, I blew up, I freaking blew up. I mean, it's gotten to the point now where I had to go shopping again, and now I'm starting to dabble around XXL shirts.

And it sounds awesome, but at the same time dude it's a pain in the ass, it's a pain in the ass, simply because of this, my shoulders, my chest, my back is now going towards the size of XXL. But my waistline, I'm still hovering between 30 to 31 inch waist. Do you know how much of a pain that is to go to, you know, they're really large size shirts, but yet nothing is fitted for me on my waistline. And I'm not spending money to tailor a T-shirt, I'm not doing that. 

So for the most part it looks like I'm walking around, you know, in my pajamas just because the shirt is so big. So I'd have to compromise on that. But I mean, that's the type of size that I'm getting. My neck is a whole lot thicker, it's hard for me to scratch the back of my neck anymore. I can't scratch my back anymore either, showering is difficult because I would have to use not my loofah anymore, it's like a long towel type of loofa just to clean my back.

It's a lot more inconvenience in terms of my day to day activities. It's still hard to go up and down the stairs as well, but it's not as difficult as I had the insane water attention at the beginning of my cycle. So I know I'm all over the place here but I'm just excited to share my experience with you. The next thing I do want to discuss is within my small time from being on Trestolone, some of the, I don't really want to call it bad sides because I don't really consider this as bad sides. 

It's more towards a inconvenient sides. So I already told you before strength is awesome, size is awesome as well. Now when it comes to the drawbacks, the cramps, the cramps slash back pumps that I would get, it's just, it's really inconvenient. Like I said, it's not bad sides, it's just really inconvenient because the amount of blood pump that I would get if I were to do two to three sets of whatever it is I'm working out, man, I just feel like the blood is just being slammed on that muscle that I'm working out on. 

Take for example, ok, when I'm working out back, my lower back cramps up so much, I have to find certain exercises now to where I'm not using my lower back so much. For example, when I'm rowing, I can't do the regular standard row machine anymore, at least not at the beginning of my workouts, because if I do, that entire time I'm working out, my lower back is so cramped up, it's hard for me to even walk.

So I have to find certain exercises to where I'm not using my lower back at the beginning of my workouts. So I usually do a lot of pull downs, a lot of rows, but in the pulldown machine, so I'm not using my lower back so much. And of course, because I'm doing the pull down machines, it's stretching my lower back as well, so it doesn't cramp up so much. The same thing with my deltoid day, the same thing with my bicep. 

I try to find a lot of exercises where I'm just laying down or using a machine, because I can't compromise my lower back. Because once it does tighten up, it's gone to the point to where I just go outside the gym, and I stopped for the day because I can't barely walk or just sit there and breathe because it cramps up so much. The other part of it too, because of the cramps that I'm getting, or the back bumps that I'm getting, I'm starting to schedule out now my massages, my deep tissue massages at least once a week.

That's how bad it is. Yeah, dude, it's insane. Now, I am still using my initiated massage gun, just to relieve some kind of pressure in certain parts of my body. But obviously I cannot reach my lower back. And I'm not gonna have my girls like, you know, working on my lower back the entire time. That's not fair to them either. So I have been getting a least a good 30 to 45 minute deep tissue massages, specifically on my lower back because that's how bad the cramps have been getting.

But that's pretty much it though. Bicep cramps, nothing really too concerning. My neck did cramp up a little bit, it was kind of scary, so I had to stretch it because it felt like I was chocking myself. But the only thing that was really a big inconvenience was my lower back, it would just cramp up like crazy. The other thing that I did noticed as well in terms of inconvenient sides is the energy. Ok, so as some of you guys know, my last cycle included Tren, so my energy was super high.

I didn't get tired at all, I didn't take any naps at all whatsoever throughout my entire cycle. I'm starting to find myself now where I'm not tired at all whatsoever. But in terms of energy, I feel like I'm just your regular pheasant out there, I am not as high energy throughout the entire day. Before when I was doing Tren. I was energetic, even at nine o'clock at night, 10 o'clock at night, and waking up at six o'clock in the morning, super energy ready to rock.

Now I feel normal in the sense of energy. But this is how I usually feel though, when I'm doing a lean bulking cycle. I tend to feel like this to where I'm not as energetic as while I am on a whole bunch of cutting compounds, but it's tolerable, it's fine. I just do miss the fact that I have a lot of energy while using Tren and a lot of cutting agents as well. But again, it's not a drawback. I just feel normal and you know how I am.

I don't like to feel like how the pheasants are out there. In terms of sleep, sleep quality is great. I usually wake up at two, three o'clock in the morning anyways for two reasons, because I drink so much water, I pee a lot, not to be so descriptive, but that's what happens. And of course, because my metabolism is still sped up, I get hungry in the middle of the night. 

So I usually grab a Greek yogurt or some kind of protein shake just to make sure that I could actually go back to sleep, because if I don't eat something in the middle of the night, I get so hungry that I cannot go back to sleep. But again, I view this as a good thing, simply because I'm actually adding more towards my protein macros, which is pretty freaking awesome.

It's just that, you know, in the middle the night I'm like, half asleep going to the fridge trying to find whatever Greek yogurt I have ready available or I pre make my protein shakes, all I gotta do is pop that sucker open and drink it. But you know, a slight slight inconvenience, nothing too bad. In terms of my entire experience when it comes to just four weeks of being on Trestolone, dude, it's freaking awesome.

I cannot say anything bad about it at all. And the main reason why I took it, is I have done my years of experience of being on Gear, I know how to manage my prolactin levels, my estrogen levels, how to stabilize my testosterone. And I think because of all of that and all the protocols I've been doing, I haven't had any bad sides at all. No acne, no insomnia, no sweating like crazy, compared to Tren for example, but everything's been fun, everything's been good so far, the size is just unbelievable. 

Now when it comes to me climbing weight, it doesn't really represent of the size that I'm getting when I'm looking at myself in the mirror, because I'm looking at myself, ok, cool. I gained about eight pounds of lean muscle tissue, awesome, reducing, you know, and I am not cutting the extra five pounds of the water session I got, just solid eight pounds of lean muscle. But when I'm looking at myself in the mirror at the gym, and on top of the pump that I'm getting, dude, it's insane.

I'm like, sometimes it's comical because I'm warming up, I'm lifting and then I finally get to where the dumbbell sections are, and that's where the mirrors are. And I'm looking there, holy crap, what the fuck? What is that? I'm like, I was like, holy shit, that is insane. Everything is just popping, I still have my vascularity, it's probably and honestly now that I'm stating this out loud, this is probably going to be my go to when it comes to lean bulking compounds. I mean, I am freaking in love with this stuff.

And this is just one bulking compound. Remember, I'm just using testosterone, Trestolone acetate or MENT, as some of you guys want to call it, EQ in terms of my pinnable. I'm thinking what's gonna happen if I were to do test, Trestolone and NPP? It's just gonna get even more comical of the amount of size that I'm gonna get. And this is crazy. And I still feel, you know, even though my knees hurt a little bit, because of the amount of weight I'm putting on, I still feel light. 

I don't feel as a heavy burden because of the extra water retention I used to get with other bulking compounds. Right now I'm getting a lot of weight, my size is ridiculous, but I don't have that daunting feeling of like, oh God, I guess I'm bulking, I guess this is how I'm supposed to feel. This entire cycle has just been absolutely amazing. It's been fun. And because of the EQ, I'm also able to down a lot of my meals as well.

So that's so far my update with this Trestolone cycle. Fun, amazing, sides are just blah, whatever, I could just ignore the sides. Why? Because it's nothing too crazy. I mean, come on, you know, water retention a little bit here and there, getting a bit sleepy here and there. The only thing that I really again have to address is the back pumps. 

It's insane, but I'm working myself around, again, a lot of me laying down at the gym, doing that type of exercises, I do a lot more rowing movements in the pulldown machine because using my lower back just cramps it up really badly. And of course doing my part, which is doing the deep tissue and using the initiating massage gun just to guarantee that my muscles aren't as tight.

So I'm gonna give you guys another update. That's going to be my eight week update in the next video. Other than that boys, any questions you have hit me on my email, that’s gonna be in the description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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