Nate Diaz Pulled Himself Out Of UFC 244 After Testing Positive For Banned Substance

Kai Palikiko          Nov. 2, 2019

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These fighters, these athletes have to lie because of some of you guys to where your feelings might get butt hurt because they might not be in your Wheaties box anymore. You cannot find Anavar on a gas station pill, you cannot find Turinabol in a gas station.

What's going on boys? Kai here and we are going to dive right into UFC 244 since it's coming up.

Dirst of all, let me just say this right to open right now - I cannot believe everybody's falling for the whole tainted supplements excuse again. Is Diaz guilty of taking an enhancer? Something to help with the fight? Absolutely yes. So what they found through the testings is LGD or Ligandrl, that's what they found.

Now the whole entire premise of all this is the same exact excuses, tainted supplements. So everybody's talking about LGD, they don't know what that is, there's plenty of YouTube videos about it there, but nobody's breaking it down to them what exactly is Ligandrol, and how Nate Diaz could actually take it and take full advantage of it for his fight.

So LGD is a selective androgen receptor modulator. The way this works, it's not as good as Gear, it's not as good as the stuff that I'm taking, which is full blown anabolic Gear, Test, Tren, all that fun stuff.

I feel like from my point of view, the reason why Diaz decided to go with this SARM is because it's not fully tested, a lot when it comes to, you know, any sport at all. They're starting to test it now and they start to see that, from the CrossFit events, the Olympics, and the UFC now. 

The way he normally approaches fights, which is very long, four rounds, five rounds is always very long type of fighting, like he grinds guys out, which is awesome. Now do I like that type of fighting? No, it's boring as shit. I'd rather see technical grappling stuff, or full blown knockouts. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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The way he fights. I'm not just, I'm not a big fan. Again, I'm not hating on the guys like Nate Diaz, right, or Nate Diaz. And the way he fights when I'm watching a fight, I want full explosion. I don't want to see a long drawn out battle. But anyways, back to the SARMS that he is taking and he got popped for it. 

Ligandrol, LGD. So the endurance, the muscle fullness, the muscle gains that he gets out of it and the recovery. That's what LGD does. Now the reason why it's garbage to me, is because the amount of gains that one person gets is just slightly a little bit over natties. Can I gain some weights out of it?

Absolutely. I'd estimate, I could probably gain because I did take LGD before a long time ago. I'd say I gained, and I took it for a very long enough to where I could actually state my opinion about it. But compared to the anabolics, no, it's just a joke, it's pointless. But anyways, I can see why he took that, very under the low radar top of stuff. 

Now back to the entire USADA back to the whole UFC thing. I truly believe it comes down to money. That's pretty much it. For anybody who doesn't know another guy got popped for SARMS a couple of months ago, I think almost a year ago.

Now for the initiative guys, I know you gonna say said well it was also [used differently] - SARMS is SARMS no matter what. If one guy got suspended, why is Diaz getting the pass. And yes, you're right, he's getting the past because of money. What UFC 244 is gonna bring, it's gonna bring in millions.

That guy who got popped, he's just being thrown under the frickin bus for the sake of oh, we got somebody, yay, we're testing our people. That guy, I don’t even know his name. I'm sure I could remember if I really tried, but that's exactly what it is. He's just a sacrificial lamb for the UFC to say look, see where testing our guys. Except for Nate, Nate gets a pass. Why? Because he brings in the money. 

Now if you have to look at it in a logical point of view, because they're saying it's a tainted supplement from an organic multivitamin. If I own an all organic multivitamin company, wouldn't I go out of my way to make sure that they're not making anything else?

They're not making anything else within those mixing machines? The client base for non GMO all organic multivitamin food, it's very particular, they're going to want a guarantee and that's what companies are providing, but somehow they found SARMS in it. Let's take Joe Rogan, because everybody knows that, UFC, you know his stuff.

He is on a company, right, everybody knows that that's his, he is on a company, he goes out of his way to make all organic stuff too. And it was tainted for sure. One of his batch just came up tainted. Guess what it was tainted for? Not SARMS, not Anavar, not DBol, just another multivitamin that was not organic. 

That, that is more plausible to happen. Oh, ok, cool, it got tainted by vitamin C that wasn't supposed to be there. It was supposed to be a focus type of supplement, but somehow it got tainted by vitamin C. That's understandable.

The way people make SARMS, you can't just like someone walk up, oh, I'm sorry, I somehow decided to spill a couple of hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of Ligandrol into your non GMO multivitamin. It's impossible for it to happen. That's like me spilling Anavar, which is ridiculous expensive, into whey protein shake. No way. 

These supplement companies don't even put in what they claim on the label, let alone something that costs a lot of money to make. So just the tainted supplements thing alone, it's such a lie, and I've gotten to the point to where it's comical, to where majority, if not everybody is buying in on it now. 

Oh, that's it, it was the tainted supplements, they accidentally somehow found something extremely expensive to this non GMO gummy bear, Fred Flintstone vitamins and everybody, just like those Fred Flintstone vitamins back in the day, everybody's eating it up. For the guys who are hating right down in the comments, I get it.

You fell for it, you feel butt hurt about it, and I see why you would attack me, completely understandable. I would feel the same exact way. But again, I'm a little bit more woke about this stuff. I'm not a simpleton, I'm not a normie, I'm not a peasant who falls for these type of excuses. For the tainted supplement excuse.

You cannot find LGD, a SARM in a nonorganic ba ba da ba da ba da. That's all it sounds to me. My biggest surprise, I was talking to one of my boys about this, my biggest surprise that people actually fall for this. It is insane how much people really fall for this stuff of how the UFC sells it. 

Again, I get it, money, hundreds of millions of dollars, I totally get all that point. But it's just funny how that works. And just to let you know, by the way, the people who govern the Olympics, WADA, they don't care if it's a tainted whatever. If they find any type of SARMS in your system whatsoever, guess what, you're out. You are out. So what, somehow Nate Diaz gets a pass? 

The main message here is this, it's not to rip on the guys who are falling for this stuff. I want everybody to be awake and I need everybody to know this one fact. Anabolic Gear is in sports, anabolic Gear is in the UFC, anabolic Gear is in the NFL. It's everywhere. It's just the natural way of doing sports.

That's pretty much what it comes down to. So anytime you hear tainted supplements in the future, anytime you hear any type of that type of BS excuse, don't fall for it. Be awake, know what they're doing it for. Because I would rather people know the fact, ok, cool, I understand why they have to lie. 

But for the people who truly believe that it was tainted supplements, oh, Jesus. And nothing makes a person more guilty than saying right here, I'm completely against Gear. If you're completely against Gear, like me, for example, I'm completely against hardcore drugs.

You don't see me walking around up, guys, I'm not on meth, completely against that stuff, I don't do it. Nothing makes a person more guilty than doing it that way. So I think it's just hilarious.

Again, on one side, though, do I believe Gear [blast works]? Absolutely. I am not hating on Nate Diaz for being on LGB, I just hate the fact that he is forced to lie about it because of some of you guys.





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