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Kai Palikiko           June  18, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Training as a nattie is always going to be uncertain. Training with Gear, it's always going to be a guarantee. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, by the way, the link to my email is right below in the description. 

So the biggest disadvantage training as a nattie, at least back then, and then even the guys I see now today, is pretty much the uncertainty what's gonna happen in the end.

Even if they were to follow up on the perfect diet, the perfect workout program, the perfect everything, sacrificing their time, their investments and anything else they want to do, they're fully on board with whatever work or program they're going to do, it's still an uncertain thing that what they're going to get in the end training as a natural, is they just don't know what's gonna happen in terms of the actual results.

Training as a natural, training as a nattie, training as a pheasant, it's not guaranteed. So imagine, check this out, this is pretty much one of the best analogies I can give you. Imagine you wanted to go to Japan, because you want to try out their best Kobe beef steak ever, simply because they massage their cows, they do all this stuff to make their cows happy. Now, imagine if I were trying to give you a flight plan for it.

This is the ticket you're going to go to, that's the airport you're going to go to, this is the gate, you're going to wait at this gate. Now once you get inside the plane, you're going to go to another city, right, that's going to be your connecting flight.

You wait there, it's going to be hours and hours on end just to even get to go to that connecting flight. And there is gonna be even more hours to get to your actual destination in Tokyo. Now imagine you get there. It's not even certain that you actually gonna get to that city in the first place. That's pretty much the best way I could understand on training as a nattie.

 All that effort, all of that planning all that time, all that investment putting into it and you might not even get to the destination in the first place, you might not even get to massage that cow by the time you get there. That's what it's like training is a natural. It's always an uncertain thing in terms of the results.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

They do, they massage their cows.

Tyler: Yeah, but you are not massing them.

I want to.

This is where training with Gear comes in. My ROI, my return on investment is a guarantee. I don't need to ask myself, what am I going to look like when I start a cycle and the end of it? When I start a Gear cycle, I can already plan how many pounds of weight I'm gonna put on, the muscle density, how I'm gonna look pretty much within the ballpark when I'm done with that cycle.

As a natural, it's literally tossed up in there, I'm not sure is my density going to be there? Am I going to be this shredded? How many pounds of muscle am I going to gain within that two month of training or three months of training as a nattie? It's always gonna be uncertain. If I start my cycle, I don't need to guess if my mind muscles are going to grow, am I going to get shredded, am I going to get jacked? 

If my bulking cycle will work, if my cutting cycle will work? I know 100% sure when I start a cycle, it's absolutely going to work. Oh, I just remember just now, remember a couple of years ago, I think it was like, a decade ago, actually, all of these online colleges or even real, actual buildings, like you actually go there and attend, they would advertise really heavily at malls, in the kiosk, even on TV, on Facebook ads, like on your feed. 

You would see them all the time, trying to guilt trip you into going to their colleges. Oh, you're being lazy right now, you can have a better career, you should really sign up for this blah, blah, blah, blah, college. Cool, awesome. And a lot of people did actually fall for this. They would attend so many years at these colleges, these online colleges. They would go there, they would put in their time, all their hours, and it was actual real classes, right?

They would go in there, three, four years down the line, and then they come to find out it wasn't even an accredited college. So not only that they put in so many hours into it, imagine at the end of those four year courses, oh yeah, by the way, not only that you're not going to get a degree. all those hours you put in, it doesn't even count. So you can even transfer your college accredited hours into another college. 

So imagine wasting all those times going in there. That's what pretty much training as a nattie is. Now, can you get some results? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing's for sure, it's absolutely uncertain. 

So pretty much what life is as a natural. I mean, could I get results? Sure. Am I gonna get jacked? Maybe, I don't know. It was always uncertain, always up in the air. I would always have to do some kind of guessing work if I'm actually going to get the results that I want. Especially to a significant, that's the biggest one. Because I mean, when it comes to me getting results, is that a possibility?

Sure. And even if I were to get some results, it's more like I kind of did, I'm not really sure. Now to get actual gains to a significant degree, no, as a natural not even close. No, it wouldn't be a significant degree at all. It would just be like, I think I look good, I think a dropped a couple of weights, I think I built some kind of muscle. It's always going to be I think, it's never going to be like, holy shit, oh my God, look at all the results that I made. 

Now, when I'm on Gear, it's always going to be like that. When I'm actually starting a cycle, even if it's a basic testosterone cycle, or a basic bulking cycle, it's gonna be like, oh my God, yes, that is the type of buck cycle I'm talking about, I actually can see a difference. When before I started to when I actually started, to the end result. As a natural is gonna be like... 

As a natural too, here's the biggest one man, I would be biased no matter what people would say, oh, you look good, you know, I think you made some changes. In my mind, because I've put in so many hours, I'd be in denial. I look good, I got some good results. Look how big, I changed from a small shirt to medium, I got good results out of it. I would be so biased against it.

Because I didn't want to have to admit that I put in so many hours in. Sacrificed so many social responsibilities, sacrificed so many good times I could have had, just to say I gained what, two pounds at most, maybe, maybe three pounds. That's the difference. When I start a Gear cycle, I can't say maybe what I've gained 20 freakin pounds. I can't say maybe when I'm literally having veins popping out of my shoulders or on my abs. 

That's not a maybe, that's a holy crap, yeah, I made some work, I made some gains. It's frickin awesome. And that's the difference. Training as a nattie is always going to be uncertain, training with Gear is always going to be guarantee. Email right below this video. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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