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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

When it comes to making decisions, right, a lot of guys tend to have a much longer period of time, and if they don't, they go out of their way to make more time available. Now there's certain situations, certain actions that we don't have that time, we don't have that time of a luxury to oh, you know what, I kind of want to buy this car, but let me go think about it. And instead of just thinking about it right then there, I'm going to go think about it in a different spot. Like why, why, why, why do we need to do that?

Because I saw that too, I started seeing a lot of guys do that, and I started falling for that too, I started doing the same exact thing.

Oh, I really like those jet skis, I am gonna go think about it. Instead of thinking about it in a different place, different location, because I started seeing that as a weakness, man, I started seeing that as one of those things to where why do I feel like I'm making myself uncomfortable in front of a sales guy or in front of a group of my friends.

Why can I just make a decision right there but a lot faster? So what I started doing was this, take for example when I sit down in a restaurant, I have a gorgeous girl with me, I am about to have an amazing day, amazing dinner, at a sushi restaurant or modern American, I am about to make my order, right? You know what I started doing?

Yeah, wait, just stay right there for a second, let me just look at the menu really quickly, let me make a decision right now. That way, I'm a lot more decisive, a lot faster on thinking on the spot. That made me I feel like I am taking a whole better when it comes to my life, instead of like, ok, being a little boy at some Chucky Cheese, I'm making my decisions right then and there.

So I started doing that a lot more often, it's like you know what, I am a lot more decisive, I'm making me thinking about stuff that I do need to think about, because some decisions I do need to sit there and think about it, but instead of being weak minded, instead of being you know what, let me make myself comfortable, let me make sure I have my PJs on. 

I'm holding my teddy bear to think about it, I'm just gonna make my decision right then and there. And I get it, I get why a lot of people do that, they need to think about it in a different place, in a different location. Because they don't want to feel accountable. They want to make sure that they take all the time in the world, they don't want to be accountable of making a bad decision.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Now, when it comes to this type of thinking, I feel like I'm becoming more of a leader, but going through that motion of learning for the very first time, of course, I'm going to make bad decisions here and there, of course I'm going to make a bad decision on going out to an event, going to a restaurant, going to somewhere new.

But that's the risk that I'm gonna be taking, but the reward is I'm going to be a lot better on that skill. So the moment I started doing that, man, it's, I started taking more of a lead in my life instead of letting having people dictate for me, oh you need to think about the menu?

Ok, I'll walk away now, instead of like, no, no, hold on, just wait a second, let me just make a decision now. I started getting exactly what I want a lot faster and a lot easier, instead of having people dictate that time for me. Other things too, like when I was buying my car for example, do I need to think about it? A little bit, of course, right? 

I did need to think because that's a pretty damn expensive car for me to grab. But instead of going home, getting into my PJs and holding my teddy bear and let me think about it, right, I made my decision right then and there. 

I also need to think, but instead of leaving the entire lot, I went to the lounge area, spoke to couple of my friends, really sat down and thought about it, then I made my decision of purchasing the SUV right then and there. And you know what that did for me when I started doing that as a whole?

It really changed my entire life on how I view things. I started taking more of a lead, when I make a decision of going out to a restaurant, going to a different bar, going out to a club, and yeah, I made mistakes couple of times, and in fact I made that recent one. When I made the decision of picking a really popular bar to go watch the McGregor fight, and I take full accountability on this, we couldn't find seats for that two hour watching that fight. 

So my day was uncomfortable, my boys were getting angry because they couldn't even sit down and have a decent meal. So the entire time we were just drinking. 

Now, those are the costs that I fully take accountable for. Yeah, I made a bad decision. But all my decisions I made before that of going to this bar where you get to throw axes or going hanging out to this brunch place, going hanging out to different place, all of that was better decisions. And I think it is a skill set that I didn't realize that needed to be developed.

Like being decisive, taking action, I started realizing that it is a skill, it's a skill that I need to develop. I had to remind myself some of the actions that I do take it's gonna suck, like going to that bar, but I did make up for it, I did make up for it, because the week afterwards when it was, or couple of days afterwards when it was, the next day actually during the playoffs, like you know what, my bad guys. 

I made that decision, you know what, why don't you guys just come to my place, we'll watch the playoffs at my house, it's a lot easier, we don't have to go anywhere, we'll enjoy drinks, we will enjoy beer, I'll even, you know, barbecue for us. That's the reward that I get. So anytime I hang out with a girl or with a group of my friends, they look at me as a leader now to make all the decisions. 

You know, now that I'm openly talking about it, I've always been like that, to be honest with you. The one thing that I really hated man, I hate not being the one taking charge, because I hate going to a location, a place, and I feel like I'm stuck in a prison. I'd be the one let me drive, so I can make the decision if I didn't want to be stuck there, I can just leave.

So I've always had this decision making type of leadership, I just honestly, I didn't know that it was the skill set that I needed to develop. So ever since I started having that mindset, you know what, if I do need to think about a decision, a purchase, a lifestyle choice, instead of taking forever to think about it. 

I'm just going to think about it right then and there, and if I make a good decision, amazing, if it was off, too bad. But guess what, the one skill that I am reinforcing, is being a good decisive leader for myself.

But anyways, I just wanted to openly talk about that with you because I feel like it's one of those things that I'm still developing now, and hopefully, you start developing this yourself as well, being a good decisive leader, but on top of that too, because anybody could be a good decisive leader, right?

It takes a skill set to shorten that time of thinking, I just make that time gap a lot shorter to make that decision right then and there. Kai here, out. Take care.



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