P5P Vs. CABER [Cabergoline] for Trenbolone Support

Kai Palikiko           Aug.  18, 2020

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So I'm going to go over a couple of basic fundamentals here with you. When it comes to prolactin, that is something I absolutely need to control if I'm using a 19 Nor, like Deca, NPP, Tren, but here's the catch of it, because not a lot of people know about this - I cannot control my prolactin using an aromatizing inhibitor.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai and if you're trying to get a hold of me by the way, the best way to do that is the link to my email, and you can find that in the description.

So a lot of guys out there are making this mistake when it comes to either proton mail or some of my close friends actually, you know, they're still dabbling into lifestyle cycling, right. So they're finally getting into more an intermediate cycle. They're getting into Deca, a lot of guys who are taking NPP, a lot of guys who are taking a Tren out there, they don't know that their aromatase inhibitor, their Anastrozole, their Aromasin, their Nolvadex will not cut it.

Because it's something to where prolactin is just completely different than estrogen. Now, here's the thing about estrogen though, and prolactin - anytime I were to say get a spike of estrogen, or say prolactin, it becomes confusing because they have the same exact bad symptoms. Gyno like symptoms, itchy nipples, puffy nipples, sore nipples even or even full blown Gyno. And some guys out there just don't know what's going on.

I'm taking letrozole, I'm taking Novladex, I'm taking letrozole and Nolvadex, I've taken my Anastrozole in really high amounts, I don't know what's going on, and I'm critiquing some of my friend cycles, and I'm like, cool, that looks good, so what do you take to control your prolactin? That's probably it. What, what's, what's prolactin?

I'm like, alright, I'm done, because like dude, how are how are you going to jump into, you know, the big boys seat, put on your big boy pants, getting on that sweet NPP, not even knowing what prolactin is, let alone how to control it. It drives me nuts. But I guess at the same time, I totally get it. There's not a lot of people out there, a lot of knowledge out there when it comes to these things. 

Google, it's only gonna take a person so far, let alone knowing exactly the thing to do. So it's just scary. It's just scary. It's like, dude, really, you don't know this? It scares me sometimes. But you know, I'm glad that they actually do reach out to me, especially my close friends, and they do get embarrassed about it, they really do because they know I know my shit. But for them to have to admit, oh, I didn't know that, I totally get that. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But again, I'm glad that they swallow their pride and just look for the right guidance because I don't want to see my friends have to go through itchy nipples, right?

I want them to do the best they can, have a fun cycle, and actually get the most gains out of this, without adding any type of health complications. So when it comes to prolactin, this will only spike if I were to use Deca, NPP, Tren, any of those 19 nor compounds. When it comes to the solution of that, I have two options, either I take P5P or Cabergoline.

Both of them are absolutely amazing but they do have a place, they do have a place when it comes to the certain amounts that I'm gonna take. For example, if I were to do, say a low amounts of Deca, low amounts of NPP, low massive Tren, P5P is going to be more than enough. Now if I'm not even prone to prolactin, I might not even need Cabergoline. P5P is gonna be more than enough. 

Even on a, you know, pretty decently amount of Deca, NPP or Tren, I might even need Cabergoline at all. 5P5 is going to be more than enough, especially the fact that P5P, I could easily grab anywhere and on top of that it's very cheap for me to grab. It's pretty freakin awesome. So, anytime if I were to do an NPP cycle for example, P5P is my go to. I'm not going to waste my Caber on something like that. 

Now, if I were to do say Tren, a medium amount, not even a high amount, medium amount, I have to go on and switch over to Caber, for sure, because I've seen my prolactin spike before, and I don't get the itchy nipples or puffy nipples or anything like that, but I do get a little bit of sensitivity and I feel it, I feel it right there, it's like, ok, time to start off the Caber. Now, the thing about Caber too, though, is the fact that, you know.

I have easy access to it, I'm going to use it right from the beginning, especially when I know I'm gonna be using high amounts of Tren. Like right now, for example, I didn't need to wait to see any type of prolactin symptoms, like you know what, I already know, I'm going to take a high amount of Tren for this cycle, so I'm just gonna start off the Caber right away. Here's the good thing about prolactin though too. It's one of those hormones that we truly don't need as a guy.

It's literally the hormone that makes me leak milk out of my nipples. So I mean do I really want that? Do I need that type of hormone? No, I don't. So I could lower my prolactin levels down to practically nothing without any consequences at all. That's one thing I like about prolactin. So when I use Caber, I don't really need to say, oh, ok, let me find the sweet spot. 

The sweet spot for me, it's just making sure that I take it because I don't really need that prolactin hormone, unlike estrogen, I can't just say, oh, let me just start taking, you know, Anastrozole and see what happens. No, I can't do that, because if I bottom out my estrogen levels, then bad stuff will happen as well. But prolactin, as long as I get it down, there are no bad consequences out of it.

In fact, if I lower my prolactin to the point to where it's practically down to nothing, I get the good sides, which is the zero refractory period, meaning multiple orgasms as a guy, which is pretty damn awesome. And the sex drive is there, and it's fun, it's amazing and all that stuff. Now, for me to really choose though, P5P or Cabergoline, I'm going to make sure I use that P5P for Deca, NPP, Tren at the lower amounts. 

Caber has definitely need to be in the factor of it if I were to use high amounts of, I can't say Deca because I am never gonna use Deca, high amounts of NPP and high amounts of Tren. Caber has to be, there is no let me see if I can get away with P5P. No, I don't want to take that risk, at all. Now some of my guys who I'm training right now, they're starting to really get an advanced level, which is freakin amazing, right? 

They're starting to get into double 19 Nors, meaning Deca and Tren into the same cycle, or NPP and Tren into the same cycle. And there's a lot of naysayers out there, well, you're going to oversaturate your 19 nor ceptors. No, no, not at all. Dude, I've seen double 19 Nors work in amazing ways, but the only reason why they're amazing is because they have the right protocols for it. So anytime that they use NPP and Tren, even if they're both at low dosages, they definitely need to use Cablegoline.

P5P has no room for that at all. I mean, using double 19 Nors is a pretty serious thing to do, it's pretty advanced, and at the same time, I just gotta do my due diligence to make sure that my prolactin doesn't spike. So when it comes to me saying all this, a lot of guys out there right now are making this mistake of using Arimidex or Aromasin, thinking that it's more than enough. It's not, it's using something that is not meant to do anything at all with prolactin.

So if I were to start my very first, say test and NPP, test and Deca or test and Tren, I have to use something to combat the prolactin levels, which are either P5P or Cabergoline. Anyways, email, right in the description. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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