Personal Trainer Reacts To Steroids In Ricky IV

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 30, 2019

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Alright boys here we go, Rocky 4, let's do this.Ok, this the part where he's training here, dude, I love all of the Rocky music, I love all of them. This is probably hands down one of my favorite ones, because you can see how jacked he really gets. 

So at this point right here in this clip the one thing that's obvious what they're trying to portray here is that they're making it seem like the Russian guy is training all synthetic. 

All fake stuff, while Rocky is all natural, right, he's training in nature, what is he doing right now? Like he's helping a guy push a horse. Like they're really trying to give the whole he is all natural, even on his training. Oh Jesus.

Some of the techniques they have - personally if I were to train in a way, I would go with the Russian guy, everything is controlled, everything is in a workout environment. With Rocky, he has to work against the cold, you're more prone pretty much for injuries the way he's doing it as well.

In terms of maximum output, the Russian guy definitely has it, for sure. Still though man, even though obviously it's fake, it's still awesome, being able to see this type of training, even though some of this training stuff right here does not equate better fight either.


Ok, here we go. Here we go. Got that wide grip pull ups. Some of these shots though man, I don't think he is at the full height of cycle. I'm talking with Sylvester Stallone. I don't think he's at the full height of his cycle yet though, because you can see he's still a little bitt small. He doesn't look as vascular either.

He's still training from my point of view here. So oh my god, chopping the tree down, chopping that tree down. God that must take so long to do. I don't know, I've never chopped a tree down in my life, I've only split wood.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But I don't think you can do that in a span of like five hours, let alone just that short amount of time.

Yeah, see they're really portraying, they really want to give the message to people that Ivan Drago is pure synthetic, everything fake, everything made in the lab, while Rocky is all natural. They're both on anabolic steroids. Let me just state that right now, the actual actors themselves.

So it's just funny how they want to portray it that way. Up here, here comes the Russian spy. I think this is where we really turn it up here. I think it's about time we get to have someā€¦ Oh, here we go. Oh, here we go. I guarantee the next step we're going to see, here he's gonna be probably a lot more shredded too.

Ok, let me see you see how big he is. It's not too bad, not too bad still. Alright, here we go, going that double under. Oh my God. Yeah, see another one, another everything synthetic, everything all natural. Even though some people view this as a movie, this is probably one of the most influential movies we had back then.

Oh my God. I do like splitting wood, that was awesome. Every single winter, I love doing that. It's just a good way to release tension and any type of stress that you have.How does that equate to fight? Even that right there, tries to push downs like that, it doesn't equate to fighting at all, whatsoever, it's not a power movement, it's not endurance movement.

It's all like one of those punchy things from those arcades. Have you guys done that before? Have you done that? That shit is awesome. I have one of my friends, we don't use it properly, because a lot of my friends really train MMA, none of my friends really punch it, we all pretty much kick it. Just to get those high numbers.

Oh my God. Yeah, the way he's training is frickin amazing. Way better than Rocky. I would rather train inside. A fake. Ok, ok, ok, let me pause it right there. I am pa????using it right here. I've been doing Gear for 14 plus years now. 

And just for everybody to know, even though they're technically trying to say that he's using anabolic steroids right for this fight, do you see big that needle is? Do you see how big that syringe is? That is not real. Because first of all, that is a 60cc syringe.

He's about to inject, let me see here, that's about 1cc mark, that's another 10cc, so that's 20cc. He's about to inject about 25cc's worth of whatever. Not even the biggest guy like Ronnie Coleman, for example, right, one of the biggest bodybuilders ever, or even Dorian Yates, nobody's injecting that much all at once. 

It's crazy, let alone the same exact compound, we would mix it up, you know, a couple of Test, Tren, Mastero, whatever, or an endurance cycle, you know, Test, EQ, Turinabol, stuff like that, but never to the point to where it's 25cc's worth of whatever.

Alright. Ok. Alright, working out the obliques, very nice. That needle. Look at that needle. Holy shit. No, I don't care how tough you are, that looked at least 16 gauge. There is no way, you would leave like a hole, that was his posterior deltoids, yeah, no way.

Ok, this is the scene right here. This is a scene where clearly Rocky is at the height of his cycle. Look at the muscle separation, the vascularity, the striations on his chest, that is ridiculous. Oh my God. Oh my God. If I would had to put my money on somebody, by the way, easily the Russian guy. 

If this was a real fight, and he's on Gear, the fight won't even come close. Rocky wouldn't have the... Let's take for the movie for what it is, Rocky is all natural, the Russian guy is all fake, but using a lot of steroids, I would easily put my money on Ivan Drago. 

He's on Gear, he's training properly, he's much bigger, he's much taller as well. There's just no way Rocky could beat that right there. Plus, he has like the best equipment to train. Like if Jon Jones would have some training facility like this, it would be this right here.

So it's just crazy how hard they're really pushing the natural thing with Rocky. It's like please believe me, please, I'm all natural. Even though both guys are on steroids. Oh man. So yeah, when it comes to the stigma with all this stuff, that's pretty much what it is. 

It's making people believe that Rocky is all natural, and I can get those type of results as an Natty guy. And that's just not the case at all. It's not even close. It's like steroids is for the bad guys, and training natural is really good guys. Yeah, here we go. They're both on Gear. They're both on Gear. Holly Jesus.

Dude, I could I could watch this movie over and over again. It's like one of those all time classics, I can watch it over and over again.

It's just the one message that I want to get out there when it comes to my review with Rocky, Rocky 4 to be exact, is they're both on steroids. Everybody there, Rocky himself, the guy who played Ivan Drago, they're both on anabolic Gear.

And the biggest message that they're really trying to portray with all this stuff is that one guy is natural. one guy's the bad guy, so he's obviously on Gear. They're both on anabolic steroids. And for me to get those type of results, I'll have to do same exact thing.





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