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Kai Palikiko           Nov. 18, 2019

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Can Gear ever go bad? Can Gear ever go to the point to where it could be toxic into my system? So pretty much can Gear spoil, like food for example, right?

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Completely understand too, because this is one of those questions to where it is important for us to discuss. To answer that question directly, can Gear ever actually go bad to where he can get toxic? No. In terms of how Gear can go bad, it pretty much it just loses potency over time, right?

So when it comes to say storing it in a bad area, directly under sunlight, storing it for so many amount of years at a time, the only thing that can actually happen for that particular Gear, right, I'm speaking about pinnable stuff as well, and also the oral stuff too. The potency will degrade over time.

That's pretty much the only thing that can happen, right? The potency will degrade over time, so by the time say, I want to use my, you know, Primabolin bottle for example, three years later after I've made it, am I just pretty much pinning bunk Gear? Yes. 

Even if I home brewed it, right, if I wait that long, and I put it under direct sunlight, it will degrade a lot faster too, by the way, if it's under direct sunlight, but say after three years or so then yeah, I might as well be wasting my time. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

Now, can there be any danger to that? No, of course not. But I'll be wasting my time. I'll be starting a big cycle, ok, a pretty expensive cycle too in terms of homebrew, and I would expect certain results, but the entire time, I'm just pinning bunk

Gear that does not work, simply because the potency of it will degrade over time. So that's why I have a certain couple of rules when it comes to the storage of it and at the same time, the half life of what I'm going to be using it for. Now, this is where my sticky notes come in. Anytime I homebrew any Gear, right?

The first thing that I do is I don't grab it and start running like oh my God, I am about to get jacked, even though that's how I feel internally. The first thing that I do first, is I go through my protocols. The first one is writing down the expiration date in a much bigger label, because here's the thing, even for TRT guys, the label for the expiration date is freakin small and really, really tiny. 

I'm not looking to search for that, if it's something that important. I want to make sure that, you know, I could read it right away, right? I want to make sure I know what it is, the expiration date and the milligrams per cc when it comes to that particular compound that I have personally made from scratch. 

That's the main thing that I always go for, because again, I don't be searching for that stuff. So I usually get into the habit, either for pharmaceutical grade stuff or stuff that I home brew myself, I want to make sure that the label is big enough.

So I grab any sticky note, permanent marker, and I slap that on right on the bottle to make sure I could just look at it, easily identify of what it is, the expiration date, when I should stop it, not use it and toss it away. Because again, for me now that I homebrew, I don't care if I really need to toss it or not, because I could just make more easily, and on top of that as well, it's literally pennies to a dollar. 

That's the reason why I don't mind tossing it out and making a brand new batch of say Primobolin or something like that, or even Tren. So that is my thing about that. Now here's my protocol when it comes to how long. Any type of pinnable compound out there, any oil, my limit is eight months, eight months. 

And this is stored in a proper way as well, room temperature, dark area, away from sunlight, making sure that the temperature is also stable the entire time as well, because again, any of these factors can degrade the potency over time. So again, room temperature, dark area as well and stable temperature the entire time.

Because again, I don't know, say, if I were to store it in my shed, for example, outside, is that dark, is that room temperature sometimes? Yes, but then the temperature could be increasing or decreasing rapidly. And that right there could either crash my Gear or degrade the potency overtime again. 

So that's why for the most part, I keep it in my closet, dark room temperature the entire time, and I don’t have to worry about the degradation of any type of compound. Now there's some guys out there who have a good understanding that can a certain compound last over the expiration date? Yes, of course.

But to me, I don't care to go by pushing that limit, simply because I have so much access to this stuff, the moment I know I have any doubts at all of the potency of it, I am going to toss it out. But look, I totally get that, back in the day when I was still buying premades, right, this is how desperate I was, obviously I didn't listen to the expiration date.

And because I was so desperate when it comes to certain compounds, I had like 10 different types of vials, from different sources, from pharmaceutical grade to pre made, different types of mixes. Because I was so desperate I literally started drawing it out from different bottles of an individual type of testosterone, simple because that's how desperate I was. 

So I totally grasp, I totally understand of why one would want to push the expiration date, simply because the lack of access to it, simply because it's ridiculous expensive. Like dude, I was so bad at it, like the vials were this small, 10ml vials, really, really small. If I see any oil left over at the bottom, I would literally use that as well.

Because again everything was so expensive, I could not afford to toss it out. So my protocols of safety stuff right now didn't apply back then, because I was that desperate to keep getting more Gear, even if it was like the smallest ounces left over in a bottle. That was my main concern. I was willing to use anything, I literally drew out...

There was one cc that was probably from three different sources, one cc, I think it was pharma and two different UGL labs, it was ridiculous. Now that I look back at it, again some of the stuff that I've done was pretty stupid, and I don't condone that for anybody. I'm just lucky that I didn't get any bad stuff happen to me, especially with how desperate I was. 

So that is my protocol when it comes to any type of Gear, and even then too man, if I know for sure that if I start particular cycle and halfway through it, the certain compound has gone over the expiration date, that I particularly set, I am just gonna toss that out as well, I'm gonna make a brand new batch.

Because again, safety is the number one thing, safety first, because the gains - look, here's your gains, I'm gonna get there eventually anyway, right? Why do I need to push that? But again, 14 years ago, sure, I would push the safety stuff, in fact, safety didn't exist to me because one, I didn't know what I was doing, two.

I was desperate and three, any UGL stuff that I would get I would save it as much as I can, simply because I didn't have access to it and then financially, it just wasn't possible for me, just like oh, let me just toss this out and get brand new ones. No, that was not the case for me at all. So I had to make sure I use every little bit of ounce of it as well. 

So in conclusion of all of this, can Gear ever go bad in terms of shelf life? No, it does not. What happens is the degradation of the potency over time, it just won't be effective anymore. That's exactly what would happen. Because again, some guys would think that, you know, they might die or something like that.

They might have to chop off their injection site or anything like that. So no, nothing like that happens, it's just the potency of it, I might as well be taking Test boosters because it doesn't work. It would be a waste of my time. And just to knock in the SARMS guys, it's like taking SARMS as well. 

But anyways boys, if you have any questions about this, the best way to reach me is my email right below this video. Click on that, it's going to take you to our site, you fill out your name, you email, and I have a huge section to where you could ask me any question that you have in your particular case as well.

That's the best way to get into my proton mail. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care boys.





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