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Now in celebration of the low testosterone awareness month, I just want to give you a friendly reminder to go get your blood panel checked specifically for testosterone, and anybody else around you, your dad, your brother, even your friends for example, go get them aware about low testosterone and the dangers that come with it. What's going on? Kai here from Formula Secrets.

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So what I want to talk to you about today is Prolactin. Now for some of you guys who are not initiated, Prolactin is a pretty big deal. Everybody is so focused on estrogen, specifically when I are on cycle and they completely forget about Prolactin. Specifically when they start taking certain compounds that will spike it. Now what exactly Prolactin is?

It is a hormone produced by our pituitary gland, that as men we don't need, because the main function of that is milk production or lactation. Do you need milk? Do you need to lactate milk from your nipples? No, of course not. It is just one of those things to where we don't truly need this hormone. But for some reason our body produces it.

Now there are some guys out there who over produce this, it is called prolactinnoma, and it comes with a huge plethora of side effects. Specific the main one - lactating nipples, Gyno, puffy nipples, sore nipples, same exact, same exact symptoms as high estrogen levels, and we obviously do not want that.

When I'm on cycle, specifically when I start adding certain compounds of 90 Nors, like NPP and specifically more Tren, which will spike my Prolactin levels, is one of those things to where I really, truly need to be aware of those things. Now this is where it gets confusing. It gets confusing because even though it is a completely separate hormone, right? 

It gives up the same exact symptoms of estrogen, so one might ask well how can you tell the difference of spiked estrogen, and spiked Prolactin levels? How do you know when to take Anastrozole or when to take Caber? How do you truly know? And the best answer to that is you truly do not. It is one of those guess works to where you just have to take it as day by day, week by week.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Take for example, if I'm on mid cycle, and I start seeing puffy nipples, itchy nipples, I would start using my Anastrozole and take it in higher doses.

Now if that doesn't work, if it's still getting puffy, and it's still getting itchy, that is when I know for sure, I'm like ok, I'm already taking, you know, high dosages, or pretty high doses of anti-estrogen and it is not working, then that is when I would start upping my Cabergoline, or specifically my P5P. Now those 2 things, my main line defense of anti-Prolactin is P5P.

And if that is not working that is when I switch it up and I start using Cabergoline. The point of those two things is to really drive down the Prolactin levels, which is despite  caused by 19 Nors. Now when I'm on Tren, when most people are on Tren actually, that is the only 19 Nor that would really spike Prolactin levels. Now if there is a chance if I were to take NPP and it would spike the Prolactin levels? 

There is a chance, it’s a very small percentage though. It is practically impossible to get Gyno induced by Prolactin, when I'm on NPP. Because just the way it works, it just doesn’t spike it that hard. I have seen it elevated before when I've taken my blood panels in the middle of my cycle, but it's nowhere near to the point to where I would start getting puffy, itchy or lactating nipples or anything like that. Nothing too crazy. 

So in terms of really differencing, the way I would just do, I would do it day by day as well. The only danger one might know is not  really differentiating, like if I were to take anti estrogen, and I see that it is still puffy, and is still itchy and it still hurts, there is no need to really take more anti-estrogen because that will just crash my estrogen levels, which will tie into ED.

Erectile dysfunction, depression and all of the sudden lack of energy, lack of drive. It is one of those things to where I really have to take it week by week. If my estrogen level is just not lowering, and I'm already taking Anastrozole and it is already in relatively high dosages, I'm not going to add more to that, because that will just crash my estrogen levels, which comes with a whole set of bad effects as well. 

Now, when it comes to the Prolactin though, that is when I know ok, it is definitely not my estrogen because I'm already taking high doses of it, so let me start upping my P5P or my Cabergolines.  If P5P is not working as well, and I'm already taking high dosages of Anastrozole, that is when I bust out the big boys which is my Cabergoline. I always have that on hand. 

Some people use it for recreational use, I do it too. But for some times when I just don't feel like it, I always reserve Cabergoline on hand, especially when I'm on a Tren cycle. Here is the thing, I always want to make sure all my safety protocols are there, so even if I'm not prone to Prolactin spikes, which I'm not, I still want to have that on hand.

Specifically because it will give me that piece of mind, knowing that even if my Prolactins were going to spike, nothing bad will happen, because I have my P5P, I will up that by a good amount. And if that is still not working that's where I have my Cabergoline to make sure that I'm not lactating. I'm not getting milk nipples while I'm on mid cycle, because that’s one of those things to where… 

I have spoken with a lot of guys now, and one of the main contributions specifically, even when they are intermediate and advanced, that is when they make the mistake, not knowing the difference between Prolactin level, and estrogen level. One of the best visualizations I can show you is this. The higher my testosterone levels go, the higher my estrogen levels go as well, the actual compound of testosterone. 

Now the higher my Tren compounds are when I'm taking it, the higher the Prolactins will rise as well. Those are two separate things. I cannot control my estrogen levels with Caber. And same exact thing, I cannot control my Prolactin levels by using Anastrozole as well. So now there is also a theory though, if I keep my estrogen levels controlled, if I keep them controlled, is it going to spike my Prolactin levels?

Actually no, because I have seen that as well, to where I have a good amount of Anastrozole and for some reason my Prolactin levels just do not spike whatsoever, because I have my estrogen levels completely controlled. Just because I have my estrogen levels controlled by using Anastrozole, that doesn't mean that like oh, I don't need Caber anymore, I'm never going to buy that ever again. That is not the case. 

Again, I always want to make sure that I'm constantly fully prepared for every single cycle that I'm always going to be on. By following the proper protocols you never have to worry. And the biggest things out of all of that is the fact that I give myself my peace of mind knowing that oh, ok, I'm lactating, awesome, great, this sucks. 

But guess what - I have my Caber, I'm ready to go, I'll up my P5P and all that stuff. So in terms of the benefits of Cabergoline I have already made a video about it. I'm going to make another video, because a lot of you will really like the recreational side of Cabergoline.

Until next time, just to give you a reminder again, go and see your doctor, go and get your blood panels checked, specifically for low testosterone. Just in case you are not aware, it is low testosterone awareness month, or low T month. So go get that checked.

Grab your friends, grab your dad, grab your uncle, whoever that is a male and you see slow symptoms of low T.  Until next time, hit that subscribe button, right next to that hit that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care. 



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