Pros Vs. Cons - This Happened to me on 1st Week Of Testosterone

Kai Palikiko           Sep. 26, 2019

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The very reason why I was so scared of doing Gear in the first place, especially just testosterone, is the fact that I wasn't sure what's going to happen, especially on week one, right? What am I going to feel? What am I going to look like?

What's going to happen to me when I physically jab something in my body, and I don't know what that is.

So that's why I'm going to show you my experience, and I'm going to give you a play by play on what happens to me on my very first week of testosterone. So let me break it out to you right now, when it comes to my mental approach of it.

The physical things that were happening to me, and at the same time how I truly felt in that just one week span of me first time jamming something in my leg and doing testosterone for the very first time. My very first experience was pain. 

Look, I'm inserting I blunt object into my body. But let me make that perfectly clear, when it comes to Gear, no, it's not a blunt object, it's a sharp needle. But at the same time, it's an object that I'm inserting into my body, because I'm not used to that yet.

Even though I could tell you right now that what I experienced, there was no pain practically, but still, when you're so focused on oh, my God, this looks like a foreign object I am about to insert, that's not natural to my body. 

Because of that, the way I was thinking about it, thinking it was going to be the most painful thing world, it did, it did made me focus on that part, which is the pain.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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That was the thing that I experienced. On top of that too, it was a virgin muscle. I've never injected before in my entire life, I don't know how it feels like. So what I thought was pain, I did experience that part as well, that was the first thing.

So starting off the bat, it's like, Jesus Christ, why would I even want to do this, this doesn't sound so awesome. Because in the end, we all know the investment that I'm putting in when it comes to testosterone, right?

But again, play by play when it comes to week one. So that was thing that I experienced. Now, the next thing is this - not a lot of people talk about this part, that's why I'm gonna give you a full breakdown. The very first thing that I experienced when I was on day two or day three into my testosterone cycle, dude, I felt sleepy. 

It was like 10 o'clock in the morning, I just slept the entire night, but for some odd reason, I felt very sleepy, to the point to where... This is exactly what happened. I drove into a shopping mall, a supermarket, I wanted to get some food. I went in there, I parked and I felt a little sleepy.

I'm like, ok, cool, awesome, I am gonna go in there. So because I felt sleepy, like alright, let me just park in the back, so maybe I could rest my eyes a little bit, just a little bit, maybe like a 10 minute nap. I time traveled five hours later, I literally fell asleep into some parking lot at some supermarket for five hours.

I didn't even know what was going on, so what am I experiencing here? Come to find out it was hormonal adaptation. It's like hormonal flu, or my body adapting to the hormones that I was taking. So yeah, my very first week, it's like, where's the energy? Where's the strength? Where's all the stuff? 

My experience so far is pain and sleepiness. Where's all that energy that I was getting at? But then again, you know, I didn't know that it takes a couple of days, maybe a week or week and a half for my body to really start feeling the full effects of Gear or testosterone.

But that was exactly what I was feeling. First pain, second was feeling sleepiness. So the sleepiness didn't even come like it's at the end of my day, and I worked hard all day, so now I'm sleeping. No, it came sudden, out of nowhere.

It was like, oh, you need to close your eyes right now, you need to pull over to the side of the road, it was really strange and weird. Now, to this day, I know it for sure, as hormonal adaptation. I got that. But in my personal opinion, I feel like my body finally... 

But my personal honest opinion, I think it was much more than that as well. I think my body finally had the hormones to really make my body recover. Because the very next day, after that five hours of sleeping in some random, you know, public parking lot, I felt amazing. 

That's when I started finally experiencing all this fast recovery that people were talking about, about testosterone. So that's when I started figuring out on my own that I finally had the ability to repair myself, because of the hormones that I was taking.

The recovery was insane, guys, that was the very first positive thing that I experienced. Not the injection pain, not me feeling sleepy, because that's not positive, but the very next day. I felt phenomenal, it was insane. 

It was like - it was like I somehow was meditating the entire time, I fell asleep for like 15 hours or so - none of that happened. I just slept, you know, my regular six to seven hours sleep. But because of that, because of my hormones finally having the ability to heal itself, that's what I experienced. It was crazy. 

The fifth day, I believe, so I think it was the fifth or sixth day, it was more towards the end of the week, where when I woke up, I woke up feel refreshed, I didn't need an alarm clock anymore, and I felt so focused that day. Whatever I needed to do, I went to class and got everything done, like usual.

But the difference was this - it wasn't so much effort anymore. It was like I was determined, I had more commitment towards my goal without having to force myself, like, ok, Kai, you need to stop skipping this class, even though you don't really need it, you need to go. 

That day, I was focused the entire time. Alright, cool, class done, go to the gym, done, go to rehearsal, done. It was crazy of how focused I was that day. So within the entire span of week one, I didn't get any strength. I didn't get any type of endurance or anything like that. 

But what I did get was the little things that to me, is extremely important, but nobody ever talked about it. Nobody talked about the sleepiness, nobody talked to me about the focus factor of it. Nobody even say to these things, people only talk about the strength gains.

The cardio gains and all this stuff, and, you know, lack of diminishing onset muscle soreness, right? Nobody ever talked to me about the focus factor of it. And what I truly believe is everything that I experienced that week, it was so much more influential for the lifestyle that I wanted. 

It was ridiculous, the focus factor at the end of the week. Whatever I wanted to do that day, studying, rehearsal, going to class - effortless, I didn't have to force myself to do anything. The recovery - I didn't need an alarm clock anymore, either. I still had it on, right, because it was week one, I didn't know what to expect.

But I started waking up earlier and earlier and earlier. And at the same time too, every time I would wake up it wasn't like oh my God, it's five o'clock in the morning, alright, I just gotta go because sometimes I would wake up super early just to go to the gym.

But not that week, not the end of the week. It was more like, alright, go to the gym, alright, cool, let's go. Short on, tank top, alright, time to go to the gym. Instead of my typical oh, God, ok, hold on, I need, you know, shower my face a little bit, let me wake myself up, I slap myself couple times too, so I could finally get my day going. 

No, it was just like, ok, cool, let's go. So that's the week one of what I've experienced when it comes to being on testosterone. There wasn't a lot of good things out of it in terms of, you know, the strength gains, the endurance gains or anything like that, but that's the reality and that is the direct truth when it comes to being on week one of testosterone.

Not all of it is bad either, because, to me, the recovery, the focus factor that I got out of it was truly magnificent, only because nobody in any of these forums, and any of these experts ever described it, not one person.

So that's why I'm sharing you my story now, because that's exactly how I felt when it comes to week one of being on testosterone.

So I hope this really clears up any question, you know, anybody might have of being on Tes, on TRT or anything like that, when it comes to actually experiencing it for the very first time on week one. Take care.





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