Protein Intake: THE STRATEGY

Kai Palikiko           Jul.  26, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Oh my God, it's already been two hours, I gotta eat my next meal. What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you try to get a hold of me by the way, the best way to do that is the link to my email. Now you can find that link in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any question you have for me, it is going to go directly to my proton mail.

So one of the most important things that we need to do in terms of progress within our physique is hitting our macros and more importantly, our protein macros, to where pretty much if you're a guy, we have been hitting at least 200 grams plus of protein a day.

There's a lot of us who are still having problems hitting those goals on a day to day basis, because I get it man, it's tough having to eat clean, and also at the same exact time hitting those macros as well. And it doesn't matter if we're bulking or cutting. Those macros are relentless, we have to hit that 200 plus every single day, no matter what.

We have to be strategic about this, we can't just go in and hope for the best, just start shoveling food down our throats and hoping, here we go, I'm gonna hit 200 grounds plus every single day. It doesn't work that way, we have to plan, just like any type of event, just like any type of plan, we have to be strategic about it. We can just again, hope for the best.

 When it comes to my way of hitting my 200 plus grams protein a day is this - I reserve all the lighter types of proteins at the beginning of my day, and then the heavier types of protein later on in the day. For example, pretty much from morning all the way until late afternoon.

I have nothing but my light, lean protein, for example, egg whites, ground turkey, chicken, stuff like that to where it's very light for me to have to where I'm actually going to want to eat my next meal. Now if I were to do the opposite, say I were to have my bison or my steak, you know, in lunchtime, it is going to be sitting there in my stomach for the next two to three hours.

Now am I going to want to eat the next meal? No, of course not. Even if I were to have smaller meals, red meat, for me, at least it's still heavy on my stomach. So that's why I tend to reserve the lighter types of protein at the beginning of the day.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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So that way, I'm constantly moving, I'm out and about, I'm always going to be on the go, so at the beginning of my day, I'm going to want to have something light, to where it's going to be appetizing for me to want my next meal, and not have to sit there.

Oh my God, it's already been two hours, I gotta eat my next meal. I don't want to have that feeling. I am going to want to have my next meal after that, and in order for me to do that. I need something to where I able to digest that food fast. And to me, it tends to be more of white protein.

Again, chicken, turkey, tilapia, salmon could be as well, it has to be a little bit heavier, but not as heavy as red meat. I would be strategic about it. I would save all the harder stuff later on in the day, because look, once I'm done with my day, I'm not going anywhere, right? I'm done with my day, all my choirs, I've already gone to the gym, so what else do I have to do? 

I would just sit there, watch my documentaries, listen to my audio books, check out, you know, whatever online. So the only thing I'm doing it's just eating the rest of my macros, which then I would save my bison, my steak, my ribeye later on the day because it's easier for me to plan that out. When I'm constantly on the go, oh my God, it's so much harder for me to do that.

Now the other part of it is this man, any time I'm done with my meal, and you don't have to do this, but see if it works out for you. Any time when I'm done eating, I wouldn't even count this as cardio, because it's not, I would go in a very light walk, 10, 15 minutes and that helps out a lot when it comes to digesting that food.

Anytime you're moving, anytime you're out and about you actually tend to digest your protein a lot faster or food a lot faster. So even if it's in the morning time, afternoon, even late at night, because I'm sure you're having your second dinner around 10, 11 o'clock at night, just go for a very light walk and I promise you, it's going to be digesting a lot faster within your body. 

So those are my hacks man, very simple when it comes to timing my proteins throughout the day, and that light brisk walk after my meals. I promise you, if you were to try this out, you're gonna be able to hit your 200 plus a protein every single day. 

Because again, we still need to hit that, either we're cutting or bulking, we're constantly eating no matter what, because if we don't, the muscle will atrophy, the muscle will catabolize, stuff that we don't want.



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