Ronnie Coleman/Joe Rogan Interview. "LOW TEST & DBOL"

Kai Palikiko           June  24, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

When I say that he's on all of the anabolics, I do mean that, in order for him to get to that level, he is on all of the anabolic. What's going on brother? If you are trying to get a hold of me by the way, the best way to do is the link to my email right in the description.

So the very first time I saw Ronnie, Ronnie Coleman, the greatest of all time, was online, I am not even sure if fit was YouTube, or some one of those off weird sites, I just saw this big, huge guy.

And I'm sure some of you have seen this one, putting up 200 pound dumbbells. The very first time I saw somebody do that, launch those 200 pound dumbbells for an incline press, man, that was the day I realized that it's exactly what I wanted to do.

That's what really really propelled me when it comes to, you know, my fitness lifestyle, my physique that I wanted to attain. 

Ronnie Coleman: Yeah, yeah, alright.

Because when I saw nowhere near I could get that level, right, but when I saw that a freakin person, a human could look that insanely massive, I was like there is actually hope for me going from 135 to however much I could push to myself. So when I saw that, it gave me goosebumps, I wanted to mimic what he did, I wanted to do the same, I wanted to do the tank top, I wanted to do all of it, because dude, that was probably one of the most impactful videos I've ever seen.

Without that, I'd probably be your basic normie going to the gym, doing your basic workouts, probably doing the elliptical for a couple of minutes. For the guys who are doing the elliptical right now, I'm not hating on you. I'm just saying I would probably be like, you know, your basic pheasants and normies doing your basic workouts, not trying to push 120 pound dumbbells, 140 pound dumbbells. 

Because that's what really got into me. Now I just checked out his last interview with Joe Rogan a couple of days ago actually, or a week ago, something like that, I don't know, it just came out for a reason. Now, with that being stated, now that I have the knowledge that I have, all the guys that I've trained all around the world, again, I have nothing against Ronnie Coleman, huge inspiration to me, literally got me to where I am today.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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There's a couple of things that I want to talk to you about, of what he said during that interview, because there are some things to where I know he's able to freely talk about it, but he has to hold back, simply because he has his own supplement line, it needs to be a little bit more comprehensive to the world.

And at the same exact time, honestly, it sounded like he was trying to be PG 13 about it, because he can't openly talk as much as he wanted to. And I'm sure he's a very open guy, but at the same exact time, t here's certain things out there that I just have to address.

Again, no hate, I frickin love this guy, my inspiration, but I just got to put in my two cents. The very first one that I have to addres is when Ronnie Coleman was saying that after his full blown cycle throughout the entire year, he stops cold turkey.

Joe Rogan: When you would get off for that three month period, would you cycle off of everything? 

Ronnie Coleman: No, cold turkey. 

Joe Rogan: Cold turkey, really? 

Ronnie Coleman: Cold turkey. I didn't take anything, nothing. 

Joe Rogan: And what did you feel like over those three months?

Ronnie Coleman: Normal, normal, it didn't bother me a bit.

Joe Rogan: So you just, you got just great genetics man.

Ronnie Coleman: Craziest ever.

From my perspective, it doesn't work that way at all. It doesn't matter how genetically gifted you are, that has nothing to do with how our hormones work. When you're in that type of exogenous testosterone or taking anabolics, his natural testosterone will completely shut down. Absolutely.

So that's why there's something called post cycle therapy or doing a cruise right after doing such a massive cycle. And he has to do that, in order for him to not feel like crap. I feel like he has to say that just to make it friendly, just to make it sound like Gear isn't that much of a big deal. And I totally get that, but I have to address that.

For him saying that, I think it does more harm towards, you know, our community, because I know there's going to be somebody that's going to go out there, oh, Ronnie Coleman stopped cold turkey? I'm gonna stop cold turkey too. If I were to do that, even on a basic testosterone blast cycle, if I were to stop cold turkey, I'm going to get full depressed, because that would mean my testosterone levels would have crashed. 

So I don't know, because I did that before. I didn't really purposely do it, but it's so embarrassing to admit, my post cycle therapy came in late, my HCG didn't arrive on time, which was my mistake, I shouldn't have started that cycle without having, you know, all the stuff that I needed.

But anyways, my HCG was late for a week and a half. So he stopped cold turkey for three months before he even starts anything, right, that's what he supposedly said. I was only stopping cold turkey for a week and a half. That we can have was the longest week and timeframe I've ever experienced. I mean, I'm telling you, it was insane, I felt lethargic, I felt depressed, I didn't wanted to go outside, I had no driving level.

And again, with that being stated, there was nothing wrong with me at all, my life was doing well, the girls that I was seeing, they were freakin amazing. my academics, everything I was doing was awesome. But because my natural testosterone wasn't back up to my level yet, and I wasn't pinning any type of exogenous testosterone, man, oh my God! 

It was pretty much the very first time I could relate to a person who has low TRT or crashed testosterone levels. So we cannot do what he said, stopping cold turkey would literally give us way more bad sides then anything else. This is just speculation. I honestly felt like he just said that, for the sake of, you know, elevating his status a little bit more because dude, when you're the greatest of all time, you're gonna have an ego.

You know what I mean? You're gonna want to fluff yourself up a little bit as well, even though he doesn't need to, he's literally gonna be echoed through the chamber of time from here on out in the bodybuilding world. Nobody is ever going to be able to live up to that. I mean, he paid the price for it. He's literally now in wheelchairs and crutches because he messed up his back. But damn, it's like watching Michael Jordan play.

It's like watching Tom Brady play right now. We're never going to get another Ronnie Coleman ever again. So that's why at his prime, I freakin loved it man, I love watching what he does, his interviews, everything. Now the next thing that I need to address, because every legendary bodybuilder says this, and I'm sorry to say this is just a straight up lie, simply because they're trying to promote their supplement line. 

Their whey protein or their beef because they literally do have one. And Ronnie wasn't the only one that said this too, Dorian Yates said it in the same interview with Joe Rogan, Lee Priest says the same things as well. What Ronnie Coleman said was the pros, the really genetically gifted pros, they only take, check this out, they only take low amounts of testosterone and DBol.

Joe Rogan: What kind of steroids were dudes doing back then? 

Ronnie Coleman: Oh, I mean, basic, you know, you got, you know, your Test, DBol, it's just basic stuff.

I'm sorry to say it, but that is not even like, well, maybe some half truth or maybe skewing a little bit. That is just a straight up lie. That is just a straight up lie. He's only doing it to make it digestible for the general public, or at least I think so. And honestly, I think the reason why he was saying that because we all know TRT is starting to, just a little bit.

It's starting to get a little bit more, you know, popular, a little bit more common with most guys out there. So maybe he's trying to do for relatability reasons, like I'm on just elevated TRT and I throw in a little bit of DBol. No, no, not even close. When I say that he's on all of the anabolics, I do mean that. In order for them to get to the level, he is on all of the anabolics. 

The basic example I could use is this - remember the golden age of bodybuilding that everybody wants to circle jerk around? The Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Lou Ferrigno, those type of physique, right? Frank Zane, those type of physique. Those guys were only on testosterone and DBol and that's the physique that they took. 

So you're telling me right now Ronnie Coleman was able to get this ridiculous, completely next level type of physique by doing the same cycles that they were on? No, no, I'll tell you right now what they're on right now. All the anabolics, the Test, the Primo, the Tren, the Anavar, the Halo, the Superdrol, and the big one, that really changed from the golden age of bodybuilding, and I'm not gonna be your stereotypical guy like, oh, back in the day, it was so much better.

No, I love both man. I could appreciate the physique during the golden age of bodybuilding, and I could appreciate the physique what they have now, which is the modern bodybuilding, because here's the thing, they are so much more lean, there's so much more shredded. It's so much more in your face, oh my God, that's freakin amazing. In order for them to get to that modern physique of bodybuilding now. 

Three things were added - insulin, human growth hormone, and the biggest one that nobody would ever claim to admit, Synthol. Synthol was introduced between the timeframe of the Golden Age of bodybuilding and the modern bodybuilding of today. And again, I appreciate both. I don't do Synthol, I've done plenty of cycles of insulin. I'm on human growth hormone now. And it does make you completely change.

I'm talking about new heights, new mass, new things that you're able to achieve, way more that the whole golden age of bodybuilding, they can never achieve that. Insulin and human growth hormone and Synthol is a necessary thing for these guys to accomplish their goals. So pretty much they're trying to not to make it seem like it's as bad or as extreme. They just want to be like yeah, just a little bit of TRT, a little bit of TRT and multivitamins, that's pretty much it. That's it. 

So the main reason why I'm putting this all, and again, it has nothing to do with hate, I love the guy, I love where bodybuilding is now,. Again, I appreciate both, Golden Age, and modern way of bodybuilding, frickin awesome stuff, but the main reason why I have to state it, because I don't want somebody who's trying to get into NPC or trying to get to their pro card thinking they could just accomplish all that with Test and DBol. 

It's like one of the guys I trained about a year ago, right, full natural, trying to get into college football. When he went on for a walk on for his tryouts, he was just completely destroyed. Apparently he didn't know that college kids are taking anabolics to go into top schools and he just got completely demolished. Same thing with guys going to NPC now. If I were to go into NPC with just Test and DBol, I wouldn’t even place, I would get laughed at, they would take my registration money and tell me to go home.

That's the reality of it. In order for me to be relevant, in order for me to compete, in order for me to get close to that level, I have to do exactly what they're doing, all of the anabolics. Anyways, that interview was pretty cool. If you guys want to check that out, I would absolutely check it out. He says a lot of stuff of his lifestyle, what he's doing now, the surgery they had to do. We're never gonna get another person, like that, you know, like he knew he wasn't going to be able to walk. He knew he was going to have to go through serious amounts of injuries.

And the reason why I absolutely love that, because even though he knew that, he still went through it anyway because that's his identity. That's what he wants to be known for. I frickin love that kind of stuff. Anyways, email, right below this video. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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