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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on? Kai here from Formula Secrets, and welcome to another episode of Simplified. This is what you and I talk about certain Gear compounds, to where I keep it interesting, insightful, and completely leave out all the unnecessary bullshit that you and I do not need to know.

If you want to learn more about powders to procedures, from everything, in a step by step manner, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, check out the description right down below, because I'm literally going to show you how to do all that.

Again, from powders to procedures. One quick note, by the way, I want to give a big shout out to Trick sending you this awesome Hawaii shirt, and also this badass necklace. Trick, thank you so much dude, I fucking love it, this is awesome. I really appreciate you sending me this stuff, because again, I'm going to represent the right way of how you know I am.

Again, big shout out to Trick, my boy from Hawaii. Anyways, in this week's episode is Simplified - Turinabol edition, or TBol, the stuff that Jon Jones got caught with. So what I want to talk to you about TBol is first off, let's literally see exactly what it is, right? And if a lot of people don't know about this, TBol is actually a modified version of Dianabol.

That's why they pretty much have somewhat the same output, some of the same exact result when it comes to the profile, especially when it comes to the strength point. Now, where it becomes a little bit different from each other is the fact that DBol holds a little bit more water weight, but it does give a little bit more aesthetic mass behind it.

To where Turinabol is specifically made more towards the performance side of it, and at the same exact time without the bloat as well. Now let's dive into how I used to Turinabol in the first place. It's one of the most controversial ones, because a lot of people have heard about TBol now from Jon Jones, but from my point of view, it's a pretty decent compound to where I do use it from time to time if I were to get bored.

Anyways, cheers, boys. So what I want to talk to you about when it comes to TBol, let's start off with the good sides when it comes with. So TBol, when it comes to that stuff, there's a reason why it is one of the more sought after, especially for the performance enhancement side.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Specifically the fact that it boosts my red blood cell count, it gives me more oxygen retention, pretty much it will give me more endurance in whatever I'm trying to do, either for CrossFit, MMA, grappling, whatever it is, it feels like the same exact effects out of EQ in terms of endurance.

I retain more oxygen, so that means I don't get as tired as quickly, compared to say Dianabol. Now, the good thing about that is the fact that I could go on and on without getting tired, either for grabbing, which I used it for, for all the grappling in MMA, which is awesome. Now the bad side effect is the fact that it does raise my RBC count.

That is the bad drawback, being able to have so much red blood cells count in the first place, which means I have to donate blood halfway through my cycle if I am going to be on Turinabol. Because again, I do want a higher red blood cell count, specifically for the performance side of it. But if I keep my RBC count, my red blood cell count too high in a prolonged period of time. 

That's where my blood pretty much starts turning into thick, yogurt like substance, to where it will bring the complications. The first sign is nosebleeds, pretty much nonstop type of nosebleeds. And at the same time, again, it will go towards the blood pressure and all the bad stuff that I don't want. That's the drawback when it comes to having a having a high red blood cells count.

Now the other good side of Turinabol is the fact, it's the strength orientation that comes with it. I have never gained so much strength in a short period of time. I got it from DBol, but not as, you know, not as effective as Turinabol right away. The good thing about that fact too is the fact that if I needed to draw horsepower when it comes to strength right then and there. 

TBol always delivers. It's one of those things where if I am about to go into say, a, you know, a weightlifting meet, power lifting meet, I need ace strength gains right then, they are just like that. Definitely, Turinabol is one of the ones that I will definitely dive into right away. Because the good thing about that too, is the fact that even though I'm kind of getting as much strength as possible. 

If I were to actually go into actual meet, like power lifting meet or anything strength oriented, I want to make sure that I have the strength out of it, but at the same time, I don't want to retain any water either. Because if I am going for a certain division, a certain weight class, I can't be ballooned up to a 190 pounds, while I'm trying to compete at 169. You see what I'm saying? 

That's the reason why certain profiles out there, certain compound profiles, they do have a specific use for it, even though it all seems similar. And that's where it gets confusing, like, well, what's the difference in TBol, DBol, Anavar, and all that stuff? The more closely we look at a certain profile, the more we could see now what I can actually use it for. Specifically for TBol, strength, the aggression, the endurance without the water bloat.

That's the reason why it is so popular when it comes to any type of competition or tournament, specifically, if I have to meet a certain weight goal. Because again, if I'm trying to cut down to welterweight, or I'm trying to cut down to 169 for example, I can't have the Gear keeping me at a certain weight as well, I can't do that, I want to make sure I expel the water that I do not want.

So in terms of good sides, that's what I get, the strength, which is absolutely explosive, the endurance, which is absolutely effortless, and endless as well, I don't have to concentrate my breathing, oxygen just comes in easily. And the other part of it as well, is the enduring side that comes with it as well. That's the good thing about Tbol. 

It's awesome, ,it's good, it's ready to go. Now the drawbacks out of it, what I mentioned before, is the high red blood cell count that I do not want. And you know, after a prolonged period of time, I do want spike RBC count, because again, that is associated with long endurance, but I can't have that for a prolonged period of time.

So that's why I got to make sure that I have to donate blood, take aspirin, whatever I need to do to bring those levels down. Be on Cialis, take Taurine, whatever I need to do to lower those RBC count. The biggest, most impactful one is to donate blood. Now, the other part of it as well, because it is extremely toxic, right, anything outside of Anavar, Turinabol, Halo, Superdrol. 

Specifically TBol, I have to stop it at the end of week five. Can I push it to week six, week seven? Of course, maybe I can, but from my point of view, it's not worth risking my liver or my kidneys to where it'll go to failure and I'll get jaundice from it. I want to make sure that I'm running for a long period of time, where I get the benefits out of it without having to go through all the bad shit that I do not want. 

So my protocol is to stop it at the end of week five. The other protocol out there as well is that I got to make sure I'm taking the proper liver support and the kidney support that I need to do. I take TUDCA on a daily basis for the full cycle, even after I'm done taking Turinabol, and the same thing with NAC as well. I take NAC for the full 12 weeks I'm on the cycle, even after I'm done with the Turinabol.

Now the biggest one, this is where a lot of guys get the misconception. A little bit side note here. Just because I'm taking TUDCA and NAC, it does not mean my liver is protected, if I'm not drinking enough water. All that liver support is completely useless against TBol's liver toxic stuff, if I am not drinking at least 1.5 to two gallons of water a day. 

Again, just to remind you, remember back then, when you were natural, you're a Natty, and you would go to the gym and you see these big jacked up guys, fucking swoll as shit, and you actually see them drinking a whole gallon of water? There's a reason why they are drinking that much. Not just how, you know, it's fake, not these Natties out there thinking they're just drinking a gallon of water for the sake of drinking a gallon of water. 

There's a reason why I need to drink a gallon of water on a daily basis, plus more just to make sure my liver is actually flushed out on a daily basis. Now as long as I follow the proper protocols when it comes to using those things in defense against Turinabol, I am going to have a good time. The strength piece, the endurance and everything that comes with it is absolutely fucking amazing.

There is one side now about TBol as well. It also gives me that euphoric sensation I get out of testosterone as well. So is Turinabol my go to all the time? No, of course not. You know, when it comes to cutting, I go with Anavar, when it comes to bulking, I got with DBol, but if I get bored, why not throwing TBol in there from time to time, especially if I'm going to go compete at a CrossFit tournament, if I'm going to go to MMA. 

If I am gonna go to grappling. It is a lot more beneficial against Anavar or DBol, because it does shine when it comes to the endurance side of the sport. Anyway, so I hope that really clears up and thinks about you know, Turinabol, TBol, all that stuff. Again, my preference, I'll use it from time to time. But if I were in an enduring sport or any kind of sport, that's what I'm absolutely going to turn to TBol, just like Jon Jones.

Anyways, until still next that boys, hit that subscribe button, right next to it hit that notification bell. And by the way, if you want to learn more about TBol, from powders to procedures, check out the description right down below. Go ahead and click on that, I am literally gonna show you everything you need to know about Turinabol and all the safety procedures with it as well. And on that boys, Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care.



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