Simplified What is DHB, and What Does it Do?

Kai Palikiko           Sep. 19, 2019

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When I do a Simplified video, I try and keep it calm, collected, cool but God damn when it comes to DHB you have no idea how amazing this compound is. 

Yes, It’s not that new, but it’s still relatively new, when it comes to the gear community and at the same time out of all of the things that I’ve taken, I wasn’t expecting it to work this well to everything that I was looking for.

Let’s talk about the basics of DHB,  Is it exactly the same compound as EQ? Yes, Absolutely the same exact compound, the only difference in terms of what it is, is the Ester, Now with that being said, does it react the same way as EQ or Boldenone.

No Absolutely not, I don’t care what anybody says right, it’s completely different, I don’t care if it’s exactly the same thing right, it doesn’t matter with my personal experience, the way DHB works is completely different to how EQ works.

It’s not the same thing either in terms of your behaviour, your reaction to it, nothing is the same, when it comes to EQ and the difference of DHB.


Let’s talk about the uses, How I use it is versatile I can see it being used as a Bulking agent, but I mainly use it as a cutting agent. because that is exactly what it is for, It’s just screaming cutting agent, Tren, amazing compound, everybody loves it, I personally love it myself. 

But the problem with Tren itself is this,  when I get the results out of Tren I look depleted, I look Flat, I look Glycogen depleted as well. Imagine going on a full Ketogenic diet, no cheat meals, no carbs cycling whatsoever, you look flat right, You look flat when you go to a Ketogenic diet, I’m sure you’ve experienced that yourself.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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That is How I feel to a greater degree when it comes to Tren, cause Tren is ridiculously greedy when it comes to Glycogen, Anytime I would eat any type of carbs, It will burn it up quick, that sounds awesome, But the drawback of that is I will look flat.

 The answer to that, the God sent is DHB! I don’t know How it works, I don’t care, It combats the way Tren looks depleted on me, It makes me look full, While still being on a Ketogenic diet. How does that work? I don’t care! We can let the nerds figure that out Right?! 

The good thing about it is that it defines Physique and that is the main purpose of DHB. Now let me dive a little more into detail, the strength gains, it’s there, it’s not as significant as Tren, or NPP or anything like that, but it is there. 

The vascularity is relatively there as well, it keeps me looking full, endurance No, Zero endurance whatsoever, unlike EQ, EQ will give me the leanness, high endurance, the High RBC count, and it will get me a little more shredded than anything else.

When it comes to the drawbacks of it, and the main one that everybody is complaining about is the post injection pain is absolutely ridiculous, If anybody were to pin it, they would have to choose which leg they would want to be working on.

Which arm do they want to use, which body part do they want to start using for the one day, I don’t have to worry about that because why? I homebrew DHB to the point where there is literally zero discomfort, zero pip.

I got to that Journey by homebrewing it over and over again, I didn’t just homebrew it, I had to try it over and over again, for about 20 times I had to choose which leg do I actually want to work on, Which chest do I want to be numb, which chest, which deltoid, do I not want to use for that week

I worked with a girl, who was into the chemistry side of it, and she helped me out greatly on top of that, but I was able to finally get the perfect recipe to get post injection pain free DHB.

That’s the conclusion of it, it’s awesome, it’s fun and I’m always going to include it into every single cutting cycle here on out, because it balances the fact that I would look depleted unless of course I’m on DHB. 





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