Skinny-Fat! Now What? Bulk, Cut, or Re-Comp?

Kai Palikiko           Dec.  4, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

One of the main mistakes that a lot of beginners do when it comes to doing lifestyle cycle and doing their very first life cycle, is trying to appease their current goal right now. For example, to be more specific, trying to fix their skinny fat dad bod type of physique.

What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my email.

Now that link, you can easily find that in the description, you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any question you have for me, it's going to go directly to my proton mail. So when it comes to a lot of guys right now, you know, your typical physique, right, which is a good amount of guys out there, because that is the majority, is skinny, fat dad bod type of physique.

To where they maintain a certain type of lifestyle of hitting the gym, but yet, they tend to fall into the trap of being stressed out, not having enough time to follow up on their diet. And it's completely not their fault, honestly, because the majority of the guys, you know, they know what to do, they know what they need to do, but yet they don't have the time to hit the gym as frequent as they want to, or stay within their diet.

That's where Gear comes in, Gear makes it so much easier to where they're still lifting the same amount of time, they're still eating the same type of diet, but yet they're able to progress a lot faster, because that's the beauty about Gear, we're going to be way above how pheasants out there react to the same type of effort. Now, the only mistake, at least right up front that a lot a lot of beginners tend to do is they feel like they need to appease their current goals right now.

Take for example, they have a dad bod or if they're skinny fat, the majority of the time, most guys, they want to cut down to body fat, even when they are underweight. The majority of the guys, they tend to be sitting around 175, 180, the ones who tends to have the skinny fat physique, but yet they want to cut down even more. And completely understandable, they want to get rid of that love handles. 

That gut that they have or that belly that they have. I mean, I would do the same exact thing, right, at least initially. But that's not the way to go, because here's the thing about that. Are we trying to hit our goal right now? Or are we trying to get to our end goal the fastest way possible? And the fastest way possible is not to cut within my first cycle. If I had skinny fat physique right now, I'm not going to cut, because eventually I have to bulk up anyways.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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The best way to do it, and my rule of thumb is, if I am under 190 to 195, if I'm under that, even if I'm skinny fat, I am going to do a lean bulk cycle no matter what, because I'm not trying to hit the goals I have now.

I'm trying to hit the end goal that I have, which is three or four cycles down the road. Now, if I were trying to do a cut cycle on my very first one, I'm just going to delay the end game. I'm just literally going to delay the end game. If I was in a situation and I did end up doing a cutting cycle for my very first one, even if I was 190 pounds, again, that's understandable as well.

I could see why a person would want to do a cutting cycle, especially when they've had a belly all their lives, they look unathletic, they look unfit, yeah, I would probably think about it as well, think maybe well, it'd be wiser enough to do a cutting cycle just for the sake of self-esteem. So I would weigh that out, do I want a piece my right away instant gratification that I want to lose body fat, or don't want to hit the end goal as fast as possible? 

From my perspective, honestly, I would sacrifice. I mean, look, if we've been skinny fat for the majority of our lives, what is an extra three months to be skinny fat?

You know, I would rather be a little bit more skinny fat, bulk up, do a bulking cycle for my very first one and then start cutting down, because like I said before, what's another additional 3 months? Yeah, I'm still gonna have a little bit of a belly, but yeah, I'm actually gaining bigger arms, bigger chest, bigger back, to where I can hit my end goal so much faster. 

At least that's my philosophy. But either way though, when it comes to this lifestyle, as long as you're doing the right protocols, the guidelines, we can't really go on a wrong pathway. I'm simply just talking about hitting the end goal when it comes to time efficiency as quickly as possible.

Anyways, that's my opinion when it comes to what I should do if I was skinny fat, what cycle for my first one should I do if I was skinny fat or a dad bod to where I can hit my end goal as quickly as possible, it would be a lean bulking cycle, and then I would earn the luxury of doing a cutting cycle after that.  Anyways, by the way, my email is right in the description. Other than that, Kai here, out. Take care.



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