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Kai Palikiko           Nov. 13, 2019

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My realization of how people view Gear when it comes to mainstream society, especially when it comes to subject of sports, right? I was having this conversation at a bar with a couple of friends of mine after the Nate Diaz fight. I don't wanna talk about the Nate Diaz, that was - it wasn't early stoppage, it wasn't anything like that, I actually love the fight, and you know, Masvidal was gonna win anyways.

But that's not the main point here. When it comes to how people view Gear in our society today, it's very, very hypocritical.

What's going on boys? Kai here, and if you are completely brand new to my channel, hit that subscribe button, because I guarantee I will elevate your life overall. When it comes to the whole subscribing thing by the way, because my team is making me say it, because I don't really care.

As long as you guys are actually checking out the knowledge and sharing the wealth of knowledge you're getting here, pretty much the best way to describe to the channel by the way, is to go sign up for a YouTube account and then subscribe to the channel.

Because you can't subscribe if you don't have registration when it comes to YouTube. When it comes to normal people taking Gear, it's bad, I shouldn't do it, I'm stupid for doing it, I am stupid for taking it, I shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Ok?


That's one hand, I'm not even talking about the other hand. In the same exact hand, most people would state that Gear is so good, and it works so well for athletes who are in sports, they have to ban it because it will give them an unfair advantage. 

Pretty much creating an uneven playing field when it comes to other sports and other players and other athletes. So my question is this, and maybe you can help me out, this is an open discussion I want for everybody, not just me stating my opinion here. I want an open discussion with everybody right here in the comment section below.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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I don't get it, is Gear to the point where it's so bad for me, that it's not worth taking? Or it's so good that athletes are able to take advantage of it, it's so good that we have to ban it in sports? That is the thing that I can't stand about our society today. 

It's just that very fact that if I were to take it, I'd be stupid for doing it, because it's so bad for me, it's not worth taking. But yet guys like John Jones, guys who pop for Gear in the Olympics, in the UFC or any other sport, in the NFL, for example, that it's so good for them, that they have to suspend them, they have to fine those athletes, they have to fine those guys because they are getting an unfair advantage.

So somebody spell this out for me, because that's what I don't understand when it comes to this very topic of Gear in general. The simple fact that somehow it's dangerous for me, it's bad for me, but it's good for them. Somebody explain that, because that's what I don't understand within our society today. 

To me, from my, because I'm still looking at too close to where I know it's good for me, I know it's safe for me because I know the proper protocols. But somebody make me understand why within our society today of normies and the peasants out there, that they think it's bad, but yet it's good at the same exact time. 

And I get it within our society today, either politics, religion, personal experiences, or even personal opinions, we are very hypocritical, but this is one of those things to where it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be hypocritical, or anything like that. It should be a clear sign. And I would jump board in either one of them.

If mainstream society today is telling me Gear is bad, it's not worth doing, fine, I'll jump on that too. I'd still do Gear, but I could understand why they would state that. But the same exact conversation, we cannot, a society state today to where Gear is so good and it's so worth it, that we have to ban it away from sports. 

Now for some guys, well, how come you say it's safe for the athletes to take? Imagine a person, let's take John Jones for example, I don't know how much he's worth. In fact, let me Google that. I'm going to Google right in front of you, so I'm not gonna be wrong about this. How much is John Jones worth? 

So this is exactly what I got, this is not my personal thing, I'm telling you this right now. John Jones net worth 2018, Jon Jones has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Ok, so let's think about that. So this guy, John Jones, he is worth about $10 million, right? If it's not safe, if it's to the point to where it could compromise his health, why would a person like that even risk doing Gear in the first place?

Why would somebody like that take advantage of Gear, knowing that it's dangerous, as what society would say? Why would he risk his legacy? Why would he risk his $10 million? Why would he risk any health stuff, if it's so bad? That's my logic that I'm going with into it, right? 

If I'm worth that much money, if I am looking at it, I'm like, holy crap, I have this much, I could retire for the rest of my life, why would I risk it to take some kind of anabolic Gear compound?

So within our society right now, I just think we need to decide if it's not worth taking, then why are we banning it away from sports in the first place? So it's either good or bad. We need to choose the society today and we can't be, you know, derping around in the middle.

But from a sports point of view, why are we banning away from sports in the first place, if it's not worth doing? Anyways, hit the comment section right down below. I'd love to read your comments. Take care boys.





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