Kai Palikiko           Apr.  29, 2018

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

What's going on boys? Kai here from Formula Secrets and let's just dive right into it. So a lot of guys asked me this question, should you do cardio while you are bulking or take some kind of cutting agent while you're bulking, just to offset the amount of fat you're going to gain?

Here's the thing about that guys, ok? When you are jumping into that kind of advanced type of dieting, when you're really trying to hone your skills into either bulking as much as you can

Or cutting as much as you can, you have to pick one, you cannot have both. Because here's the thing, if you try of do both, you're going to look mediocre at best in you're bulking phase, and then you're not going to be satisfied with it, so by the time you get to your cutting stage, you're going to look even smaller by the time you're done cutting.

Because obviously, as everybody knows, when you cut, even when you're on Gear, you are going to atrophy your muscles no matter how much you try, no matter how much Test, Tren, whatever it may be that you're going to be using, you are going to atrophy some muscles.

So when it comes to this, the only thing I would recommend is yeah, do cardio, light cardio, 15, 20 minutes every time you work out when you're bulking. Why? And it has nothing, completely nothing to do with your weight loss, is more just to make sure your heart is still healthy, especially when you're packing on all that heavy weight.

But when it comes to that guys, there is no need to take Tren while you are bulking. I would dive into NPP or insulin or whatever it may be just to make sure that you're actually bulking up properly. 

Obviously when it comes to that stuff, when I talk about insulin, make sure you're safe with it, make sure you knowledgeable enough with it to actually take the right dosage and the right carbs, so you do not go hypo on insulin.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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But with that being said guys, pick one, if you are going to be cutting cut, go full cut, you can't choose both.

You can't be like well, alright, I'm shredding but at the same time I'm starting to look a little too flat. That's what comes with cutting guys. And same thing with bulking, you cannot have both, or else you're going to look mediocre at the end guys. 

You bulk for this reason, to make sure you are bigger when you are actually completely cut and you are on a single digit body. That's the whole point of bulking. So by the time you do have cutting, you have plenty of room to play with.

So don't try to do both at the same time. Don't try to have Winstrol or some kind of Masteron or some kind of something while you're bulking. If you're going to bulk, go all out, you could still eat healthy foods and all that stuff, but when it comes to your look guys, just put your pride aside, put your ego aside. 

Just admit you are going to be fat for the next couple of months while you're bulking. Now a lot of guys, it's hard for them to really admit that, because, you know, most of us are pretty vain when it comes to this stuff, which is a good thing, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, right, because we are a lot more conscious about how we look. But again, stop trying to do both.

You're never going to achieve greatness if you try to do both. If you bulk, bulk up, accept the fat, accept and love that double chin and that big gut, or once you start cutting guys, admit the fact that you will be a lot more shredded, but at the same time, you will look a lot smaller as well compared to your bulking side. So Kai here, Formula Secrets here. Click like, subscribe. Take care, guys.



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