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Kai Palikiko           Jan. 12, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

She's gonna get weirded out, she's gonna think it's awkward and she'd be like oh, no, Steve go take out the trash instead.

So be a lot more decisive, stop permission seeking and do exactly what you want. If you've prevented me from getting head on a Saturday night I am gonna be pissed. So for the love of God don't do that.

So I've gone over a book that I really love reading or re-reading over and over again, which is Crucial Conversations. After reading it the third time, I found out that there's one concept missing in there that every guy should learn about.

Now I get it that book, Crucial Conversations, if you haven't read that by the way, you have to go grab it, like pause everything you're doing right now, o to Barnes and Nobles, go grab that book and actually read that, because I promise you, it will make your relationship with yourself, people all around you and also with your girl.

Pretty much, if I can sum up that book, it's the best way to have a dialogue with you and your partner, your wife, your girl, to have a better relationship overall, a better quality of conversation.

The one important aspect, one important lesson that I feel like that book is missing, and I get it, the reason why it's missing is because that book is mainly for the general public. It's not dictating to you guys, which is masculine men, right? 

They're not going to state certain lessons that for you to need to learn. So the one important lesson that the book is missing is this - one of the most masculine ways you and I can have a relationship with our girl.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

Plain and simple, stop permission seeking, stop permission seeking in terms of all aspects of your life, especially with the conversations, the decision making, the stuff that you're doing with your lifestyle, that's associated with your girl, right?

Stop permission seeking. It makes it a whole lot easier for you, for her as well, because look, as a guy in a relationship, what is your main job? What is our main duty? Simple, right, we take charge, we take lead.

And I'm not coming out of this in a toxic way either, like, ph, I'm here to tell some girl what to do. No, it's nothing like that at all. You are the masculine energy within that relationship, right? She looks at you to take the lead of the family. She looks at you as the leader. 

The moment you start the whole permission seeking thing, hey babe, what do you think about this? Do you think I could do this? What about if I get that Lasik surgery for my eye? What do you think about that? It makes you look indecisive, it makes you look insecure, so of course she's going to start telling you what to do from then on out. 

And that is just not a behavior that stops on that one question. If she identifies you as a permission seeker, what else do you think she's going to be doing after that? She's going to start questioning your motives, she's going to start questioning your decisions, she's going to start questioning everything that you do.

Oh, you want to go there? Why? What's the purpose of that? Unless of course you fix it right from the beginning, which is dictating everything you guys do, not in an asshole type of way, but in a productive type of way. So take for example this, right, so I could be really detailed about this, say for example, Friday night, you want to go grab up and hit a steakhouse. 

Now hypothetically is like babe, you know what, 7pm, we're going to go here, it's gonna be awesome, we're gonna have some steaks, there is gonna be a game going on, it's gonna be amazing. Now, hypothetically, if she doesn't want to do that, she now has room to put in her suggestions, so you guys can compromise in terms of where you're going to go. 

Now, if you're being a beta male about it, babe it's Friday night, I don't know where to go, oh my God, there is gonna be a lot of people there, I really want to go... What do you thing she is gonna look at? What do you think she's gonna look at?

It's not about the restaurant you're going to or you are not going to, you know what she's gonna see? She's going to see some indecisive guy she's with, that creates resentment in the future, and pretty much she's going to look at you now as the person that cannot lead the family. 

So I would rather be looked at as a selfish asshole that I know I'm not, because she knows that's not who I am either, rather than being some indecisive person who does not know what to do. 

Plus, if you are taking charge and you're not permission seeking, take a look at for example, my usual Friday night, right, it's full of fun, it's full of awesome stuff, because I do a lot of stuff and I just go from one location, right, I pregame at one bar and then after that I go hit up a cigar bar and then I take my.

However my date is, we go to a restaurant for the main course, then after that we hook up another, say axe throwing bar, a dark bar, a bowling alley, whatever it is. Now, imagine if I had all that plan, but every single step along the way babe, what, what do you think about this place that has these really good drinks? 

And I don't know, there's this axe bar I heard about? Do you think you're gonna like that? How does that make you look? Does that sound fun? Does that sound like a person you want to go out with all the time? 

No, she's going to constantly now doubt in every single step you're going to do instead of associating you with this fun vibe, fun energy that you want to be, let alone associating you with this masculine guy she wants to be with. She's now going to relate to you all right, great, here's another Friday night where it's going to be boring.

He's going to be insecure, he's going to be indecisive, and that also ties into a lot of decision making you're going to be doing. Your eye laser surgery, she's gonna doubt that, she's going to question you about that, your decision making and going to vacations because of that as well. And also your future desires as well. 

Take for example, because I am dictating everything I do now, if I want head at the end of Saturday Night, I am like babe, do you mind if, you know, if you give me some head right now before we start watching this movie? She's gonna be like, ok, cool, awesome, right? 

For the virgins by the way, that say no, bro, just demand that shit, suck my dick. No, you can't do that either ok, we have to be strategic with what we're talking about, just because I stated in a form of a question doesn't mean I'm demanding it either.

But I'm not permission seeking, right? We have to be strategic about this. I can't be telling my girl suck my dick hoe, before I watch this movie, because that's not going to give me the desires that I want. We have to state it in a strategic way.

But take for example, if I'm already being indecisive, I'm already permission seeking, this is what it's going to sound like, babe, you know, at work, all the guys were talking about their girl, you know, licking their penis. I really want that, do you think you could do that for me?

What do you think she's gonna say? She's gonna get weirded out, she's gonna think it's awkward, and she'd be like, oh no, Steve, go take out the trash instead. So be a lot more decisive, stop permission seeking and do exactly what you want, because I would rather you have a compromised conversation afterwards, rather than being permission seeking. 

And this doesn't just affects you, it affects me as well, because I am a guy, you and I are associated, so if you start this type of behavior, we're going to create this culture what we usually have now, a lot of beta males out there permission seeking, being indecisive, being insecure, being a little bit too much on the feminine energy. 

If you want to take charge, if you want to be a leader within your family, we have to get in touch with our masculinity, which is being a leader and not permission seeking. And then negative vibe, because I'm going to associate the permission seeking thing as a negative toxic energy.

It's going to spread like cancer, because say you are that indecisive, I'm not saying you are, say you have the indecisive behavior, that permission seeking behavior. She's going to talk about that with your buddy's wife, and guess what he's gonna have to go through now? He's gonna get questioned every single time. 

It's like cancer, it's just going to spread overall around, and it's probably gonna get back to me, right? If you've prevented me from getting head on a Saturday night I'm gonna be pissed. So for the love of God don't do that, let me have my head on a Saturday night, I enjoy that shit, and I'm sure you do as well. 

So in the end, pretty much this, stop permission seeking, whatever decision you're going to make, just know that you are in the right frame of mind, and she also trust you in making this decision as well. There's a reason why she's with you.

There's a reason why she's married to you, she's your girl, whatever it is, she's with you for a reason. So stop doing this permission seeking bullshit, because then it doesn't help me out, it doesn't help you out, it just makes us lose control of our relationships as well. 

Now in terms of being decisive, when clearly you're being decisive, you know exactly what I'm talking about, she's never going to question any of your decisions. She's going to trust you, because think about it like this, ok, what if I decided that I want to go to Germany again, this summer, right? 

If I sound like this babe, it's gonna be awesome, we're going to go to Germany, we are gonna do all this fun stuff, it's gonna be amazing just like last time - She's never going to question my decision doing that. Why? Because I sound sure, I am very positive about this, and it looks like I know exactly what I'm talking about.

If I state that in a permission seeking way, babe, you know, I heard about, I read this article and this pamphlet about this place, and I heard it's really awesome. If I approach it like that, what do you think that decision on my end sounds like? 

I sound unsure, I haven't done my research, I haven't done anything to book the flight, the plane tickets, the hotel, the restaurant, she's going to question everything that I do. But if I'm that decisive, if I'm taking that much control of my leadership as a masculine guy, she's going to trust everything that I do from then on out. 

It can be as ridiculous like, babe, I am gonna cut off my arms because I want to be a bionic man, I want to have a prosthetic arm because it looks badass. If I sound decisive about that shit, she's gonna fucking believe and be like, alright, I guess you gonna be fucking awesome, you gonna be the next fucking Terminator from here on out.

That's how good of a decision making you have to be. So you have to completely eliminate any type of being unsure, especially the permission seeking part as well.

And this goes for any life changing decisions you are going to do, because you're going to constantly go through this with her being part of your life. So anything you do from here on out, be decisive about this, don't be permission seeking, because you already know that you are going do as much research about it as you can. So be decisive, get shit done.

Because I get this question a lot, how you can get reach of me. The best way to do this is by clicking the link right below this video. It is going to take you to my proton mail. Other than that, Kai here, take care.





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