STOP Getting Rejected By Women In 4 Simple Steps

Kai Palikiko           Oct.  11, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

So you clicked in this video because you saw the title, right? You're tired of getting rejected from women, especially when you're a single guy, and that's literally what you're trying to do, you're trying to socialize, you're trying to get something done, even to this day, right?

Even when girls are wearing masks, you're thinking I need to stop being lonely, I need to stop being at PornHub at Friday night.

What can I do, because you're tired of getting rejected from women. Now, this is exactly what we're going to talk about today, but this is actual action taking type of video, there's not going to be some, well, you know, you never get rejected for women because you always learn the lesson. No, this is gonna be something that you could actually do something about it right now. What's going on brother?

My name is Kai, and if you have any questions for me, the best way to reach me is the link to my video, and that link, you can easily find that in the description. And you click on that link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email, any questions you have for me, it is going to go directly to my proton mail. So when it comes to this whole rejection thing, one of the biggest things that a lot of guys tend to do wrong when it comes to this entire social interaction is this :

The reason why a lot of guys get rejected is because they don't even try in the first place. When it comes to this type of way of thinking, a lot of guys do it, because they rather accept rejection then attempting. You see it from time to time again from some of your friends, even you might do it yourself, God, that girl's really cute.

But then you're gonna start making excuses, well, you know, she's really not that hot, and you know, there's something weird about her hair. A lot of guys who are embarrassed about approaching women, they're gonna find any type of excuse to not even approach. That is really the number one killer about guys using any excuse to talk to a girl, because they're afraid of getting embarrassed, they're afraid of rejection, they're afraid of something. 

A lot of guys tend to boast oh, no, I'm not afraid. no, it's just, you know, she's ugly, bro. Really, really? So you'd rather jerk off Friday night by yourself at home this weekend, rather than actually approaching?  And that's the truth, man, I'd hate to say it, but literally a lot of guys use that shit, it is so annoying. Like you see a hot girl and I see them staring, so if you think she's that hot to stare for that long of a time, why aren't you approaching? She's not that hot

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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She's not that hot? The other part of it is this too - when it comes to rejection, it's part of the process. This is one of those things to where it's part of the process, either we accept it, we either accept that and let it be part of the process, it's like working out.

Feeling some pain, or not get any results at all. That is the one thing I love about getting accepted, getting validation, being good with women, because that's part of it, not a lot of guys are able to do it, simply because of that one particular barrier. They're just too afraid of the rejection. I frickin love it, because of this, I'd rather... Also the whole rejection thing, I want it to happen, because the moment that girl rejects me from the beginning.

I'm not wasting my time anymore. That's how I view it. If she were to say, no, thank you, I'm not interested, or no thank you, I have a boyfriend, I have a husband, something in those manners, I literally just wasted 10, 15 minutes of my time trying to talk to some girl that was either already taken, already has a boyfriend or not even interested. You have to think about it like this, you are like a product on a shelf at a grocery store. 

People are either going to love you, or they're going to hate you. So whatever your genuine personality is, accept it fully, because for the people that don't like anyway, why would you want to waste your time? Why would you want to waste your time? Stop having this mentality of everybody's going to like you, not everybody does. And if you try to attempt that, guess what? 

Both sides, you're gonna be eating up within your own soul because you're not being genuine with yourself, and the people who supposedly like you, it's just a front. You want people to dislike you, because for the people who truly love you, they're going to be there. So accept rejection. That's the biggest one. And trust me, I've been rejected plenty of times, to the point where you're never gonna, because I take this thing to the next level.

I would have to say, man, I'm not a beginner to this, I'm not even a veteran to this. I've taken approaching to women, dating to a master level, I've been doing this for the past 15 years. I'm not talking about it in a convenient way. I'm talking about I literally went out of my way to get good with women. I made it a mission to where I would approach, I made it part of my job, Monday through Thursday, I would not go home until I get three names and numbers. 

Who do you know that does that? Not a lot of people. That's the reason why I got good at it, because I made it into a mission. There was some days to where you would think, you know, every single day you'd want to talk to girls. No, there were some days where I was exhausted. Like I'm so tired. I just worked out, I just want to go home. And I will tell myself, did you got three names and numbers? 

No. Well go back in your car, get the fuck back out there and go approach until you are getting, because it's not just about approaching either. Now, the very first phase out of it when I did that, it was just for the sake of doing it. But then after a while it was about getting results. I wouldn't stop until I actually got three names and numbers. Not oh, I just approached three girls, I got zero, let me go home now because I kind of did it.

No, I took it to that level. And when it comes to the rejection thing, the type of rejection that you're gonna get, this is most people, no, thank you. That's it, or I'm sorry, oh my God, that's adorable, thank you so much, but I am already taken. That's the type of rejection you're gonna get. Very simple. I've taken it so hard to the point to where the type of rejection I got - dude, I got water thrown up my face, alcohol thrown at my face. 

A girl threw a martini glass out of my chest, I got slapped before, I got punched by this girl before. Now, all that bad stuff that happened, did I deserve it? Yes. Every single one of those encounters. Yeah, it was much deserved. Now, can we talk about how it wasn't wrong? Or it wasn't right for them to actually physically hurt me? Yeah, we can make the argument. But in terms of moral values, did I deserve it? 

Yes, of course, a lot of those scenarios happened because I was talking to one girl at the beginning of the night, I ended up with another girl towards the middle of the night. So of course, that girl was going to retaliate by either slapping me, throwing water at my face, throwing a martini glass at my chest, something like that. So did I deserved it? Of course, but I wanted to take it to the next level.

The other part of it, just to really let you in of how far I've taken it, man, I really wanted to evaluate myself, I wanted to do whole self-evaluation thing to see what I could improve, to see what I could improve. So back in the day, I don't do it anymore, because I don't need to, but this is part of it, this is a necessity for anybody who really wants to hone in into public speaking, especially towards women. 

A lot of guys who are into public speaking, they record themselves to see how they are, what their tics are, what they need to improve, how they can improve. And also at the same time, what their good features are. So they could keep going with that. I didn't stop that at public speaking, I apply that to women as well. So I would take my phone, and I would record all of my interactions to see where I would be cock blocking myself. 

What I would be doing wrong in that particular interactions. And I learned a lot man, just the very first encounter, oh my God, I can't believe I did that. I can't believe I would repeat the same things over and over again. I can't believe I would cock block myself. This girl was literally saying let's go here, but then I wanted to give her more of my resume, you know what I mean, little stuff like that. That's how far I've taken it.

And I've been doing for the past 15 years, so do you see what type of next Level shit I'm talking about? This isn't just some kind of like, oh, well, I heard or not some kind of theory crafting, I literally took action when it comes to this stuff. So when it comes to my next level type of dating advice, dude, that's literally what it is. And I've taken multiple seminars as well. This isn't just some kind of personal experiment, or some kind of thing. 

I've really taken seminars on dating and how to improve. Now going back to the subject of this video here, the other part of it is this - the good thing about me and you, because we are in lifestyle cycling, we're onto Gear, you look good, you physically look good, and you have a particular look, here's the bonus when it comes to this lifestyle. People accept it, people expect it. When people see a good looking guy. 

Who's jacked and is muscular, you know what they think? Of course he's gonna approach this group of girls, of course he's gonna approach that one girl that looks cute, of course he's going to hit on the cashier. So don't be afraid because a lot of guys, again, this is another mistake, they look, oh, there's too many people. They're not going to reveal that physically, they're not going to say it, but I could see it within the frame of mind.

They don't approach because there's too many people all around them. They're afraid of rejection. They're not even afraid of rejection on top of it as well, they're afraid of other people hearing them. Dude, the way I approach girls, it doesn't count until people hear me. That's how far I've taken it as well, because what's the point of flirting with a girl if people don't know? I want to make sure I am heard. 

I want to make sure she is with the group of friends, because if she doesn't work, I'll take her friend as well. That's how far you have to take it. So the one thing that you can lay back on and think, am I supposed to do this? Am I going to get embarrassed, people are staring? People expect it out of you. That's like looking at a frickin dog, why is that barking? Well, it's a dog, it's supposed to bark. Why is that good looking guy approaching a girl? 

He's supposed to, because he's a good looking guy. So that's why I expect out of you when you have a particular look, don't just use it to, you know, give yourself some kind of compliment for yourself at the gym, oh, this looks good. No man. Use that, people want that out of you, people expect that out of you. When you're a good looking guy, a girl is going to have a much better day when you actually approach them.

Now I know to you that sounds conceited, that sounds arrogant. To me, that's reality. Absolutely. Even if she's taken, when a girl gets a compliment from you, you are going to make her day better. Now, what sucks about the society is this - if it's a gross looking guy that approaches a girl, no, you'll can make her day terrible. But guess what, you're not a gross looking guy, are you? People are gonna expect it. 

So don't think that oh my God, there's too many people around here. I love that dude, I freaking love it. I expect that, when I get rejected, it's freaking hilarious to me, because all of that is part of the process. So don't just think that you are getting rejected from people. The majority of the time, the reason why you're getting rejected is you don't even try in the first place, because all of the barriers I just talked about. 

Getting too embarrassed, too many people all around her, not trying in the first place, you don't want to be heard by other people. Expect it, accept it and make sure you follow through this as well. So the main point of all this, even though this is a lot of small, little tips, hints in here, the main one is this - the reason why a lot of guys are being rejected is because they don't even try. So all you have to do is go and try.

Every time I do my day game, or my night game or my afternoon game, whatever it is, when I look around, I look at the world as a playground. That's literally how I look at it. And it's a playground for myself. It's like a sandbox. Here's all the slides, here's that little sandcastle I can make. And nobody is playing the field. It's crazy to me how it's a Saturday brunch time, afternoon time, and I'm looking around this outdoor mall and I don't see anybody else approaching. 

That to me is fucking crazy, because what that says to me is oh my God, every single girl out here is a potential lead, is a potential date, is a potential future girlfriend as well. Because remember, the whole goal of this is to prepare you for your future wife. The entire time we're having fun, sure, yes. But remember, if you don't do this, guess what? You're going to be socially awkward. 

You're gonna be socially inept, and you're not going to be ready for your future wife. It's just ask yourself this question, how do you view your future girl? Are you viewing her as some ugly gross looking thing? No, of course not. You're viewing this girl as somebody gorgeous looking. Am I right? So any girl who is gorgeous looking, what kind of person do you think she's gonna have? Is she gonna be awkward?

No, of course not. When she's gorgeous, she's going to have the qualities of a gorgeous girl. Socially savvy, active, good looking, very pretty much into the whole shiny thing as well. So do you think you're ready to approach that type of girl? Honestly? If not, you haven't done enough work. If you're still intimidated by gorgeous looking girl, you haven't done enough work. You want to get it to the point to where you're so desensitized at approaching good looking girls, it doesn't even matter. 

It doesn't even matter, you are not even phased by it, you don't view her oh, she's gorgeous. You are gonna say oh, she's pretty, boom, done, approach. That's how you got to do it. Anyways, email, description. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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