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Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Picture this, you're going to a restaurant with your girl, nice amazing restaurant, pretty much pretty high end stuff as well. Now you are walking in there and you've been thinking about this particular steak all week, you're planning this out, you're making sure you're reading all the reviews, and you're finally in there ready to have your Kobe beef. I'm sure you've had a cut before, amazing, melts in your mouth, really good. Kobe beef by the way, it's one of those cows that they have in Japan where they massage it, they're making sure the cow is happy, they are literally called, what are they called, like happy cows? Anyways, yeah, that's what they are famous for.

So you've been looking forward to that all week, that nice, juicy fat steak all up in your mouth. Freaking awesome. In fact I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Imagine you are going in there, you finally ordered it, and then you're getting your steak, it came in, medium rare, not bad, and then you are having your first bite. And you've had Kobe Beef before, you've had it before to where you kind of know the difference between regular type of steak to what Kobe Beef steak is.

Imagine at the end of your dinner experience, and you're finally in there and you look at the bell, I am like wait a minute, this isn't market value price, it's only a very cheap cut of steak. And then in the end, you find out that your Kobe beef wasn't really Kobe beef at all. It was a ribeye steak. Now there's nothing wrong with ribeye, right?

You can usually have that on a week to week basis. In fact, I have that on a week to week basis. But did you go into that restaurant ordering ribeye, or did you go into the restaurant ordering that Kobe beef?

This is where a lot of pre made places like UGL Labs, for example, scam people, this is what I have to let everybody know, just because you feel that compound working doesn't necessarily mean it's the actual compound that, you know, I would be getting. 

But how salty would you be when you're going in there, expecting Anavar, but yet you're getting Winstrol? But yet you're getting Turinabol? You're getting the cheaper cut of that type of compound. And again, there's nothing wrong with Winstrol, right? 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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It serves its purpose. This is there's nothing wrong with Turinabol, that one also serve its purpose. But if you're out there paying for one of the most expensive oral compounds, like Ananvar, which literally is the most expensive oral compound that I can take, I'd be pretty salty, especially when I'm paying the price of the Anavar, but yet I'm getting Turinabol and Winstrol instead. 

Now if you have any questions by the way, my email is right below this video. Click on that links, it's going to take to my website, put in your name, your email and ask me whatever questions you need for your particular situation. 

Take for example Winstrol. If I were to take it, am I'm going to see results? Absolutely. Am I going to shred down? Am I going to get a little bit vascular? Am I gonna actually start seeing results? This is where I'm starting to raise my standards, especially when I'm home brewing stuff. 

Because this is where a lot of UGL Labs take advantage of people, to where I'd be ordering a very expensive type of compound, and then guess what? They just threw in there some Turinabol, or some kind of Winstrol, some to where...

Again, there's nothing wrong with these compounds, but if I'm paying top dollar for Anavar, I am going to expect Anavar. Now here's the counter argument to that though, a lot of you are gonna be like, well, if you're getting results, right, if you're getting results, why would you care if I'm getting Winstrol or Turinabol? I'll tell you why.

Same exact thing is going to that restaurant. If I am going to be paying top dollar for that Kobe beef, I don't care if ribeye is somewhat closely mimics it. If I'm going to be paying top dollar for Kobe beef, I'm going to expect that. Same thing with Anavar, even if it comes close to mimicking the results. It doesn't matter, right, because these are my standards. 

So I mean, look, if that's how you view your steak, and I'm sure you are a red blooded male, and you care about your steak that much, why would we lower our standards for something that we are actually taking within inside our body? And that right there, I'm just talking about the benefits.

Now here it comes where the safety comes with, right? This is why it's important for us to really pay attention in terms of are we really getting the compounds that we're looking for? What if we have really bad sides from say Winstrol for example? What if we're trying to avoid Winstrol for this whole entire time? Why?

Because if I were to actually take it, my joints are going to feel super dry, I'm going to feel like an 80 year old man where I'm walking around, and everything freaking hurts. Or I've been trying to avoid Turinabol, because that might raise my RBC count, or my platelet count to where Anavar doesn't do it. That's where the safety protocol comes in as well. 

So that's why when it comes to these things, we can't just be ok with well, I feel some kind of result, well I feel some kind of thing, I feel it working. We have to raise our standards now. It doesn't matter what compound it is.

Just because it mimics it, it doesn't mean we should be satisfied with a certain compound, because man, trust me, I have fallen for this stuff over and over again. From HGH, from testosterone, from Winstrol, from Turinabol, even Anavar itself. And I can tell you right now the highest fake compound out there would be Anavar.

I can't blame UGL Labs faking Anavar because it is very expensive, but it doesn't matter/ If I'm going to be buying Anavar, I'm going to expect Anavar in my frickin hands. I'm not gonna expect Turinabol or Winstrol. I'm going to make sure that I'm getting my Anavar. 

Because that's where the whole trusting relationship is, and at the same time, that's where my entire plan can get thrown out, specifically, because if I'm going to order Anavar, if I'm planning on Anavar cycle, I'm going to expect Anavar type of results.

After so many years of being on Anavar by the way, I can now tell the difference, absofreakinglutely, between Winstrol, Turinabol or Halo or Superdrol or whatever it is. That's the reason why I absolutely love Anavar.

Now, it is on the higher end prices, but it's always worth it to my investment, simply because it's easy on my body, it's amazing, I see my body changing the entire time and I react to it very well. Raise your standards, don't just take a certain compound just because it feels like it's working or I see some kind of change or I see some kind of result. 

We have to raise our standards, especially when I have access to homebrewing. That's pretty much the only guarantee.  When I'm homebrewing my stuff, I know for sure because I'm gonna be putting the Anavar compound into my thing, I'm putting the Anavar compound into the homebrew. 

So anytime there's less of that, I just can't anymore. The only way for me to guarantee for sure if I'm getting exactly what I'm getting, which is Anavar, is by homebrewing it myself.

Now if you have any questions by the way, my email is right below this video. Click on that link, it's going to take to my website, put in your name, your email and ask me whatever question you need for your particular situation. Kai here, out. Take care.



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