The Truth About Optimum Nutrition

Kai Palikiko           Oct. 10, 2019

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The biggest scam that I first started buying in, which is right here, Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein. 

This was probably one of the most popular whey protein when I started and it still is to this very day. Main reason why? Promotion. This thing is owned by GNC, a lot of big companies out there have a huge stake in this protein shake right here.

That's why it's heavily pushed. You see it all over the place, and you see everything - I would walk into GNC back, and I'm sure it's still happening now, they're constantly pushing this as hard as they can, simply because they make a lot of profit out of it.

So you hear me talking about this time and time again that supplements is a scam, supplements is a scam, this thing is bunk, this thing doesn't work. So I'm going to show you today of why Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein is absolutely a scam.


And this is backed by a company called Lab Door. They check the purity, the consistency, and what's actually inside these powders right here. Specifically, what we're going to cover today is Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein, I'm sure some of you guys out there right now it's like, wait, I have that bottle. I have the protein shake powder right now.

So I'm going to show you the breakdown, and this right here is backed by Lab Door, an independent company that tests the purity of the supplements, what's actually in there and how much are they really clean.I am another doctor, and also I do not recommend any of the lifestyle choices that I have made. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein, this is where the scam starts, it's within the label. The reason why their label can be pretty much completely inaccurate, and pretty much write down whatever they want is because majority, if not all, supplements out there, they don't need to be FDA approved.

So they can literally write out whatever they want. Now the biggest danger right here is the label. Check this out. This is gonna blow your mind. The actual sodium label of what they claimed it for Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein, is this right here. Sodium.

When it comes to their label, right, what they actually written out, is that accurate? The reality of what's in there is 63% over, 63% over what they claimed it. Do you know how... Just that alone, just that alone, that to me, it's ridiculous. Imagine if you bought a car, oh, by the way, it didn't come with the steering wheel. 

That's the equivalent to that, is you're buying something and you're expecting especially what they claimed with the label. So if I was actually high in blood pressure, if I actually had some kind of danger into going over certain sodium level, 63% of what they claimed it to be, that is a ridiculously high number. 

That to me is insane, that to me is insane. That right there is where the scams already start. Now for some of you, who are probably just, you know, it's like, oh, why not, I only sodium. Here's the thing, here's the thing. If I'm buying this product right here, if I'm spending $40, $50, every single time.

I want to make sure everything in there is accurate, I wan to make sure everything is exactly what the label claim it to be. I can understand maybe if it's, you know, 1%, maybe even 2% over, but 63% over the sodium. What if I'm already having high blood pressure? What if I'm already taking too much sodium, my doctor is telling me hey, you need to cut down the sodium. 

And I'm thinking, ok, that's not so bad, I am reading the label, that's not so bad. And I see that. That is an insanely high amount of what they claimed it to be in the label. Now the next part is the actual protein in there, right. Per serving, they stated on the label, is exactly what it is, but the reality is this right here. 

The protein intake in their, per serving, ok, check this out. It is 12.5% under. 12.5% under. If I'm buying supposedly 100% whey protein, and the way they would price this is per serving, that's how much they would price it, the more per serving, the more higher price I am gonna be paying.

So if I'm paying $45, $50 for this bottle right here, I'm going to expect it to be accurate. And if it's 12.5% under, what it's... It's equivalent to, like, say gas, for example, or the weight of gold or the weight of something that's valuable. That to me, that's hard earned money. 

If I'm expecting 25 grams per serving, I'm going to want 25 grams per serving, I'm not going to want 10%, 7%, 5%, or even 12.5% under. I want exactly what I paid for. I don't want to get [cheap], I want to get exactly what I paid for it, especially when I'm spending that much money. If this was just one time, right? 

If this was just one time in one bottle, that's not too much of a big deal, I would still be pretty upset because that's really inaccurate, that is hugely inaccurate. Am I buying, hypothetically if I am still buying this, am I only buying one tub a month? No. I can be buying anywhere between three to four tubs a month.

So that's 12.5% under, 12.5% under, 12.5% under, more sodium, more sodium, more sodium, every single time. That is a lot of money being spent on things that I did not pay for. If I'm going to want something to where it's accurate, sure, the price could match it. But that's nowhere near. 

And by the way, Lab Door doesn't just test one bottle, you think oh, well maybe that's just one bottle. No, this is a good amount of bottles to where they could actually claim that's how inaccurate this is. Now the next part is the safety. It says 100% whey protein, you would think everything in there is 100% whey protein. 

This is where another scam of it starts. Did you know that this right here could just be the name of Optimum Nutrition? They could put 1000%, they could put 90%, they could put 2%, they could put 5%, but they chose to put 100% whey protein, to get guys like me back then thinking that everything in there is 100% whey protein.

This stuff that's been found on the test, it contains Ace K. This is an artificial sweetener that comes with a plethora of negative side effects, a plethora of negative side effects. But it's supposed to be 100% whey protein. What is this doing in there? 

What happened to 100% whey protein? AceK is an artificial sweetener that negatively affects cognitive functions and prenatal functions as well. What happened to 100% whey protein? Let alone, let alone artificial sweeteners. 

Like you would think just to be pure, you would think this will have everything that you want, but guess what? It also has that as well, on top of the inaccuracy of the label, on top of the protein that I'm not getting per bottle every single time. This is where the scam is. But guess what? That's not where the real scam is either.

This isn't where the real scam is, even though this to me is a huge scam already. They're already robbing me, supposedly with the label claim. This to me is huge. If I knew this back then when I started, no way I would buy the hundreds of bottles that I did. 

I would go through bottle after bottle of the Optimum Nutrition because every time I'll go inside GNC, every time I would go online, this is what's being pushed. Just to let you know, this is what Lab Door is. It's an independent company, and they test anywhere from probiotics, protein, multivitamins, seed oil, hemp oil, fish oil, all that stuff. 

I mean, this place is awesome. They're not bought up by any other company. They're completely independent. And I can actually rely on these guys to check the purity of the supplements that I'm buying. This is where I got my information from.

So just to give you a source that cited, it's this place right here. For the protein shakes, multivitamins, whatever it is, and they literally put it to where it's scaled, right, from different rankings, all the way down to the bottom.

Now, you would think for the most popular protein shake out there, it's not even the top three, it's not being the top five, it's not being in the top 10. I had to scroll all the way down to like the 70s, all the way down there of how accurate the label is, the purity of it is.

I mean, look how far down Optimum Nutrition is, it's all the way down even lower, all the way down to where it's lower than the Walmart protein shake. I mean, good Lord. It's all... I don't think we are in the top 20 anymore. Yeah, look at that, right there. That right there, a score of 73.4 out of 100? Why?

Now, you would think this is the big scam? No. I'm going to explain to you where the big scam starts. Anytime they have this on those sites that I mentioned, or any supplement or protein shake, right, the scam start is where they have this product sponsored by an IFBV pro athlete, pretty much a guy on steroids. 

And you will think, you know, as a newbie, as a normee, as a guy who doesn't know much, you would think oh ok, I will just correlate those two images. So that is how that guy got huge. He was taking 100% whey protein by Optimum Nutrition.

And I will just correlate those two images. Some of us who are initiated, you would probably say, oh, obviously, he didn't get that big out of 100% whey protein. But we don't know that as a newbie, as a person who's completely brand new to bodybuilding or fitness in general, I wouldn't know that.

But the reality is those guys, maybe they might be taking Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein, but that's not how they got jacked. They got jacked through Test, Tren, Masteron, EQ, NPP and all of the anabolics. Not this, not this scam right here. 

Now I know I'm creating enemies when it comes to these supplement places, when it comes to GNC, when it comes to, but bring it on.

I've been scammed, and this is where I'm making my stand right here to where I'm going to make sure this video goes out to guarantee there's not going to be another person like how I was when I started getting scammed by these guys.

If I could just state one soul, one person, one, pretty much a person who's trusting within these companies, thinking that ok, this is real, that guy got results like that. I'm going to make sure that never happens again. If I could just save one person, this entire video is worth it to me. Because I was that one person. 

I was that one kid. I didn't buy one bottle, I bought hundreds. So if can make this complete aware with everybody about the scam, and we're going to start it right here. 

Our battle starts with Optimum Nutrition???? b????ecause this is the most popular, the push of all supplement companies out there, this is where the scam starts, right here.

And it will dwindle down to the Test boosters, BCAA, all the unnecessary scamming supplements out there that they do have.  

Now I know I sound salty, I know I'm a little bit bothered about it, but of course I will be right. Sometimes it's like oh, you sound [bar]...

Of course I am, I wasted years, I wasted hundreds. Yes I am salty, I am bothered, and I have every single right to be.





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