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What happens if I pin too much oil into one pinning site, meaning hypothetically, right, if I were to pin an insane amount on my quad or my chest for example, what is actually going to happen?

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One of my bigger concerns when I very first started when it comes to Gear in general, as in when I was a newbie, completely brand new, didn't know what I was doing, and that was pretty much one of the reasons why I pretty much stuck with only two sites for pinning, which was my glutes and my quads.

Simply because I was afraid to do chest or my traps or my deltoids, simply because I didn't know how much was too much, let alone what would happen if it was going to be too much on one site. So this is exactly what I want to breakdown to you, what would happen if I were to pin too much, say if it was a brand new pinning site, for example, my chest, right?

Hypothetically if I had a really small chest, what would happen if I were to pin too much oil all into one spot? So the first one, the first indication that it's going to be way too much oil is this - bruising, that is probably one of the main ones.

Now it's nothing bad as say, a torn muscle or anything like that. It's your typical bruise that you probably got when you're 12 and you're messing around with your classmates and somebody punched you in the arm. That's exactly what it looks like. 

So it doesn't look blue or purple or green. It's your standard dark coloration of that site. That's pretty much it. Now, the effects of that usually lasts about between four to five days. That's pretty much it, it's your basic standard bruising on an actual pinning site. That's pretty much it. 

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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The next one would be the SubQ leak, because there's so much oil all into one spot, it has no choice but to go into the fatty tissue layer and it leaks all around that site.

What causes that it's too much oil on one site, it leaks out. And even though this is exactly what SubQ leak is by the way, even though I were to pin here, I might get that PIP somewhere in a different spot.

Or if were to pin in my deltoids, I might get that PIP more towards my elbow. That is the difference of what SubQ leak is. And some guys would automatically think infection, because I pin here, what's the pain doing down here? Simply because of gravity, right? 

So if I were to pin here, of course, because I'm standing up all the time, right, my arm is down, of course the SubQ isn't going to stop at the same spot, It's actually going to travel down, say my elbow. One of the weirdest ones that I've got SubQ leak before was I pinned it pretty much on the higher part of my quads in the laterals area.

But the SubQ leak traveled all the way down to my lower knee. It felt so weird, only because it didn't feel like a bruise, it wasn't that painful, but I felt like there was something inside my kneecap. It was weird. But by to my better understanding, I knew that it was SubQ leak, because after, you know, I discovered exactly what it was. 

Now, again, that last about, the longest I've ever felt SubQ was about a week, maybe a week and then extra day or two. But again, both of them pretty much goes away without any consequences whatsoever. Now the third one, if I were to pin way too much onto one site, is the actual post injection pain.

That one, the PIP can last as long as two weeks men, because some guys start panicking, like, oh my god, I thought PIP only goes away after a couple of days or so, PIP can last for at least a week and a half, two weeks, some guys who have really bad PIP because they don't know anything about heating up the part, using ice to make sure that the inflammation is gone.

Some guys can experience PIP as long as two and a half weeks, so of course completely understandable if they think that's some kind of infection as well. But again, if I get something kind of PIP and I see inflammation, and it hurts to touch and it's warm in the area.

I'm going to grab a big Ziploc bag, fill that up with ice and I'm going to use ice to reduce the inflammation, because that's what causes or aggravates my PIP even more, right? It's not the crystallization to the oil, trying to absorb into my muscle tissue. What causes PIP even more of a pain is the fact that it's inflamed. 

The best way to get rid of that is by using ice to bring down the swelling of the actual injection site. That's one of the best ones to actually use. But some guys, they don't know that, so of course the PIP is gonna last much longer. 

So that's the three things that usually happens when it comes to pinning too much - the bruising, which goes away in a couple of days, right, the SubQ leak, which is a little bit of a pain, it feels weird, but it still goes a couple of days, and the more important one though, because it does has a longer lasting effect, which is the PIP, which can last up to as long as about two and a half weeks.

But that's it, that's pretty much it. So that's why, you know, if I were to explore more pinning sites, I wouldn't be scared of it because that's the worst thing that could happen. If I need to open up newer spots out there because I might be pinning every other day. 

Maybe even every single day because I'm using a lot more shorter esters, like propionate or acetate, or might even be using no ester type of compounds, then I have to open up newer site, I can't just keep going on and on with my glutes and my quads. 

The other part of it as well as this, if I'm trying to stretch the fascia, for the sake of growth, for example, if I have a relatively small chest, ok, and if I really want to help it grow even more, rather than just eating more and lifting more and lifting heavier weights, another way to do that is stretching the fascia in that muscle tissue.

So one of the best ways to do that - deep tissue massages. The other part of it as well is using that site for pinning, like actually spot injecting. Again, there's going to be some guys out there who will doubt that technique, because they think spot injection doesn't work. 

Spot injected doesn't work in terms of how most people understand it, which they think the hormone is going to be concentrated in that one area. It doesn't work that way. The way spot injections work is that it will stretch the fascia within that site.

Take for example, if I want to grow my deltoids more, I'm going to pin that site more, not because of the hormones, because I'm trying to stretch the fascia. But anyways, we're getting off topic here.

The main point I want to go over with you is what's the worst that can happen if I were to pin too much on one site - bruising, SubQ leak, and PIP. That's it.

That's pretty much what it is, a little bit of oil might leak out, that's the worst case scenario, oh, I'm gonna have to grab a paper towel and wipe it off. Boom, the end, that's the worst thing that could happen. 

So if you have any more questions about this particular subject, my email is right below this video. Kai here, out. Take care.





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