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Kai Palikiko           Sept.  14, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

Check this out brand new item that's going to be added into the initiated store. So what we have here, check this out boys, it's gonna be freakin awesome, man.

So what we have, I am gonna turn this around for you guys here, a massage gone, and oh my God, the build quality in the stuff that we have here it's just freakin phenomenal.

The grip, everything, that attachments as well. So before I dive into that, I want to tell you why I've been using massage gun for a little over a year and a half now. So we all know the benefits of having this thing here, in terms of massages in general. I get a deep tissue massage at least once a month for I don't know how long now, at least for the past, I don't know, 8, 9, 10 years, every single month, petty damn scheduled.

Now I do miss from time to time, but I see the benefits out of getting a deep tissue massage constantly. Now the only drawback to that is this - I would have to schedule it, I have to pay at least $80, not even including the tip every single time I go. The bigger one is the fact that it's very inconvenient in terms of time. It's super inconvenient when it comes to ok, I got to call, I gotta go over there, it's gonna take some time. 

I have to really allocate a time for me to meet up with my masseuse. The beauty about having this massage gun, oh my God, it's freaking phenomenal in terms of time saving. At the end of my day, if I want to have a massage, I don't know, at random time, 9:30pm at night, I could just get that done. The other part of it is this too, when it comes to me using the massage gun, I don't have to do an entire body full of it.

I'm able to literally hit it right on the muscle that I need to and one of the main benefits of doing that - scar tissue, scar tissue reduction. It's absolutely amazing. So hypothetically, I am gonna turn on this bad boy right now and show you guys. So say I've been pinning on my deltoids nonstop, and I have developed a little bit of a scar tissue. All I got to do now is turn the sucker on, put this down in about average level between 12 or 13. 

And I just put it right there on the spot. Now, here's the thing about this too, if I were to go get a deep tissue massage, I don't want to pay $80 for them just to work on one spot, I don't, I really don't, I want to be able to just put this sucker on there and start getting rid of any of the scar tissues that I do not want to be in there, start softening it up as well.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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And when it comes to having scar tissues, it is a pain in the ass when it comes to that stuff, because if I were to pin, say in my deltoids, and I have a good amount of scar tissue, it takes me forever to really push in that oil.

So in order for me to really soften up the scar tissue that I have, I want to stay on that spot for a good amount of time. I want to be able to turn it on, like I said before, the button is right here, and turn on right there. And I usually up the number between 12 and 13, let me see here. I can go higher than that, but 13 is a good spot for me, right there.

And I could just sit, watch a documentary, listen to an audio book, watch a podcast or listen to a podcast, and I could do this right here. This is something that I can never do a deep tissue massage because one, it would be a waste of money if I were to pay them $80 for one spot. But at the same time, I do need that spot to be taken care of. 

That's one of the things that I love using this massage gun for, for that scar tissue that I absolutely want to soften up and actually get rid of as well, on top of the other things. We all know the main benefits of a massage as well, is to get rid of any muscle tightness, any type of muscle soreness, because my muscles has been so tight because I've been working at it over and over again. 

Stretching that fascia, stretching all that muscle soreness right there helps out a lot with blood flow, helps out a lot with muscle growth as well because I am stretching the fascia, and the more I do that, the more room there is going to be for new muscle tissues to be developed in it as well. The best way I could have you understand that it's like a balloon, the more air I put into it the harder it's gonna be.

But if I have to stretch that balloon over and over again, it's easier for the air to go in. The same with the blood flow, the same thing with nutrients as well. And I could do this at any spot, it doesn't have to be an injection site either. So hypothetically, if I have problems on my chest, I have problems on my traps, I could literally just put that on there, and just leave it there until I get that full relief. 

And I have been using this for, like I said before, a year and a half, and it's given me nothing but good benefits out of it. Any type of soreness, any type of tightness. I just put it on there. The main spots that I do get tightness on is usually because I do a lot of heavy squats, it's right on my glutes and at the same time right on the medialis part of my quads, so usually, I do this two to three times a week.

And I do it religiously as well. And the thing that I find most enjoyable about it is that I could do it at any time. Anytime I'm watching a movie, it's like, oh, shoot, that's right, ok, let me get this right here before I start this moving and put this on, put the sucker on as well, and I put this on right here, boom, done, start this sucker up.

And as I'm watching, because I don't want to sit there and concentrate on the spot wherever I am working on, I just turned off my mind to whatever I'm doing with my hands. I'm just watching a movie. Oh, cool, awesome. And by the time I realize it, oh, crap, I've actually been working on that spot I want to do for the past hour, hour and a half even. 

And the benefits about all this too - one charge, I don’t know how long it's gonna last me because it's never died on me and I've used it before, at least an entire span of week, maybe five hours’ worth, six hours’ worth and it has never died on me at all. So that's the beauty about all this stuff here, being able to work on the spots that I want to work on, be able to get rid of the scar tissue that I want to do at my own convenience. 

This massage gun comes with four different types of attachments. Now personally, I only use two of them. The main one is this ball circle thing, because it covers a good amount of area, it's pretty soft as well. Now for the really fine spots to where I know for sure I have a good amount of scar tissue, mainly my glutes, I use this instead, it's a lot smaller, at the same time, it's able to concentrate on the actual spot.

And these attachments, they're easy to pull in and out of, let's push that in there, boom, done, and it's ready to rock, it's ready to go. And man, I can't tell you how really, the benefits out of getting rid of all that stuff, the scar tissues, the knots, it makes us whole entire lifestyle, this entire habit that I do when it comes to bodybuilding, lifting, going went to the gym, it's much more enjoyable, especially when I don't have to worry about any kinks, any pains, any muscle tightness. 

So this stuff is really hot right now, the guys who are initiated, they're grabbing this left and right. So make sure before this sells out, grab yours, click in the description, check out the initiated store and make sure you type in gun 40 to where you are going to get 40% off.

Anyways boys, since I already have this bad boy out right now, I'm going to do my massage on my quads and also my deltoids. I just came back from the gym. And make sure you use yours right away the moment you have it in your hands as well.



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