Kai Palikiko           May  19, 2020

Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. His Personal Training Techniques have been responsible for thousands of men achieving their personal and professional goals, and you are getting access to the copy n paste steps to replicate them.

I would always think to myself, like I'd be in bed like a little boy, huh, man, wouldn't it be nice if I could just see how, if I could just see how I react to Primo? What's going on brother? My name is Kai, and if you're trying to get a hold of me by the way, the best way to do that is through my email, right below this video. You click on the link, it takes you to a site, you put in your name, your email and any questions you have for me, I'm going to be answering it through my proton mail. So make sure you do that now, before we start right here on this video.

So I had a really interesting question that came in to me on my proton mail actually, the other day, and it was a really interesting question, because the last time I heard this was way before I started to homebrew, and I started fantasizing about it too.

So the question was, what would be my dream cycle if I had $5,000 to spend on whatever anabolic cycle that I would want to do. So pretty much whatever cycle I want to do, bulking, cutting, maintenance, whatever it is, if I had $5,000 to spend on it, what would my ultimate dream cycle would look like?

My answer to that is this - if I had $5000 to spend on whatever cycle I would do, I would spend $4,790 towards Japanese whiskey, more cigars, a new rifle, and a lot more lenses for my video camera here, simply because of this - that $210 would go towards my dream cycle because that's how little it costs when I homebrew and make my own Gear in my very own kitchen.

So that's why these things that, you know, these absurd questions when it comes to say, if I had $5,000, are you kidding me? I wouldn't spend that on a cycle, especially when I homebrew my own stuff. It doesn't cost that ridiculous amount at all.

When it comes to homebrewing, just to let you know by the way, it's so cost effective, that dream cycles like that it is a reality for me, I literally don't have to fantasize about it, I don't have to dream about it. I need to see if,  you know, I need to plan it out. 

Because look, back in the day that was the case, back in the day it was so frustrating that the only thing I could do was to actually fantasize about it, because the only thing I could afford back then was Test and maybe a very small amount of Anavar, for halfway through the cycle.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

How To Homebrew and Pin Your Own Gear To Get 21" Arms Plus A Six Pack WITHOUT Risking Gyno or Spending $897 A Cycle!

So you know, I would always think to myself, like I'd be in bed like a little boy, huh, man, wouldn't it be nice if I could just see how, if I could just see how I react to Primo?

You know, I heard really good stuff about it, and then the main thing that would stop me is I would get my premade sheet and see how much it would cost, and then I would just have the moment I see how much one bottle of Primo would cost. I am like oh, there you go, there goes the reality, let me go back to fantasy and dreamland again, let me just start dreaming about what Primo would feel like.

So my only new thought process when it comes to that is not to have a dream cycle, is to what I could actually really do every single year. What fun new cycles could I really dive on? So pretty much what can I forget physically, while keeping a good fine balance when it comes to my social responsibility, and other responses that I do have. 

So I'm pretty much not limited to any of those things. I could literally think of a cycle, because look, the way I think now it's not limited at all. I am not in type of scarcity when it comes to Gear. I'm in so much abundance that I'm in a new thought process of this - this year, what do I want to accomplish? This year maybe I just want to lay back a little bit. 

But this year, what new experiences can I do? What new combination, because look, when I have access to all this stuff, it's so much, it's like a puzzle piece, right? It's like, do I mix this Tren with this type of ester or wait, or maybe I should add this type of testosterone. It's literally like a fun puzzle to where each and every cycle that I do, it's always brand new to me. It's always like a new exploration that I would love to dive into.

And I don't have to think about it as a fantasy or as a dream or as to where I would just sit in my bed like I'm 12 years old again and think, oh, wouldn't it be nice? I don't have to think that way. I wouldn't have to think wouldn't it be nice. It'd be more like, ok, cool, two months from now, I'm going to do this, after that cycle I'm going to do that. And after that, you know what, let me just throw in a little bit of new cycle here that I've never done before. Let's get that thing going.

So pretty much though, if I literally had to choose my dream cycle back then, but I am literally living it now would be my bulking cycle, would be Test, NPP EQ, DBol, Proviron, and of course good old HGH on top of that. Just to let you know, if I were to buy that premade, dude, that is like a $2,000 cycle, but it's a reality for me, easily done. 

My cutting cycle would be Sustanon, Trend, you know, every time I say Test by the way, just to let you guys in the know, I'm not gonna dive into the ester, but since I am explaining it to you, my dream cycle when it comes to my cutting would be Sustanon, Tren, DHB, Proviron, Anwar and absolutely HGH as well.

Now if I do want to lay back a little bit and not progress too much in the sense of I don't want to have too much responsibility while on the cycle, I would do my relaxing cycle. Test Primobolin, Masteron, and if I feel like throwing in an oral in there, maybe I would, probably not. Because if it's a relaxing cycle. 

I wouldn't really want to do too much upkeep. I just might want to pin, you know, twice a week and that's pretty much it. Either way though, when it comes to whatever cycle I choose, whether it's relaxing, bulking, cutting, whatever it is, I don't concern myself with such pheasantry, normie talk, like what the dream cycle would be or what type of cycle if I could fantasize about it. 

No, that is literally for pheasants and normies. I have access to whatever anabolics that I want, simply because I homebrew and make them in my very own kitchen and when it comes to the financial means of it, it's so inexpensive that it's literally a reality for me, because I am the dream, I am living in it, I'm doing it day to day and I'm rewarded for it every single time I dive right into these type of cycles. 

Other than that boys, my email, again, right below this video, you click on that, it takes you to our site, name, email, any question you have for me, I am getting reading through my proton mail, because Tyler's right there, and he's gonna make me answer it. Other than that boys, Kai here, out. Take care.



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