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Kai Palikiko           Sep.  29, 2019

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So fellas, what we're going to talk about today is something special, we gonna do something a little bit different today.

We are all completely influenced by the movies you watch, by the media, the type of movies you watch, and the celebrities who are acting in those movies. So with that in mind, guys, we are going to theory craft the action heroes, the action stars.

The celebrities that we all have been looking up to. So this is going to be a apart of the video series that we're going to do to theory craft the type of steroids cycles these guys are on. And today boys, we're going to start off with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. That's right. 

So he's one of those celebrities guys that he somehow just gets a pass when it comes to using anabolic steroids. Everybody knows he's on it, from guys who are initiated like us, or just the normal average person. But somehow nobody hates him for it, nobody is saying, oh, he shouldn't get that role, he shouldn't get that part because he is using steroids, he's a cheater, that's not right, that's a bad influence.

But yet, when it comes to Dwayne The Rock Johnson, millions and millions of followers on Instagram, millions and millions of people buy his movies, constantly, from his comedic chops to his acting, all amazing stuff. Plus he is just entertaining guys, I love watching his movies. 

He is funny as shit, he is a good actor, he looks amazing on screen as well, he looks huge. He is one of those guys who will, it doesn't matter what type of movies you like, when you watch it, you are either laughing, you are influenced or you just want to look like him.

When it comes to the actual image of it, the aesthetics of it, even though it's a bulking agent, it doesn't aromatize, but I'll get to that in a minute when it comes to the post cycle therapy stuff, it doesn't aromatize.

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So what we're going to talk about today is the steroids cycle that he is on, and at the same time boys how you can look like him as well. So first off, let's talk about his size, because that's the main one.

A lot of actors out there look amazing shredded, anybody can look shredded. When it comes to that, guys, it's so easy to get abs, it's one of the easiest things to do. You literally just have to starve yourself by taking less calories in, and there you go, you have abs, the whole lean look that everybody is trying to go for, at least the guys with low standards, it's just that, it's a low standard thing. The harder to get is by being huge and shredded at the same time, which what the Tock has.

So we've seeing him in roles as Jumanji, Hercules, he's the biggest size right there in Hercules as well. All the comedy movies he's made with Kevin Hart as well. Amazing, amazing look. So he could play whichever role he wanted to, but the biggest one I want to talk about more is his physique and how you guys can look like him. So when it comes to that guys, we would really have to address his bulking phase first ok, because I know a lot of you guys do not look anywhere near as big as he does now. 

So we're not even going to talk about the shredding part yet, we're going to talk about his bulking cycle and how you can look like him as well. When it comes to that guys, his bulking cycle is pretty standard, the majority of bodybuilders out there use the exact same thing in order to prep for an event, a photoshoot, a movie, or just a plain old bodybuilding competition. 

So when it comes to that, the standard foundation of his bulking cycle would have to be testosterone, testosterone enanthate, sustanon, whatever it may be. Just to let you guys know, it doesn't matter what type of ester you guys use boys, ok, testosterone is testosterone. Don't think that propionate is going to be a lot better than enanthate. At the end of the day, yeah, when it comes to an event or a bodybuilding show, those minor differences will take into effect. But for you guys right now, that doesn't matter.

If you're getting ready to play a role for a movie, that really doesn't matter. Same thing with a photoshoot. You can always water deplete or increase your aromatizing inhibitor. But when it comes to that guys, they're all the same thing, the ester really doesn't change at all. First things first, for his cycle would have to be testosterone enanthate, or testosterone base. That's one thing that he really needs to build his foundation. On top of that, NPP. 

Again guys, this is one of the best bulking agents you can use. If you have a hard time gaining weight, NPP would be the best thing to do when it comes to that. And this will go synergistically with EQ as well boys, ok, EQ will make you hungry, it will make your vascular and it will lean you out. Now you can absolutely use that as a bulking cycle, even though EQ is known more for performance and leaning out. 

But when it comes to bulking cycle guys, you could use EQ to mainly increase your appetite. One of the hardest things guys, when it comes to building your physique is just having the appetite to eat eight to nine meals a day. Can you imagine being able to eat 6, 7, 8 meals a day and being able to do it freely? It is damn hard to do. Trying to stuff those meals down your throat over and over again, can get taxing and I promise you guys, that is a lot harder than going on a cut.

Again going on a cut, just starve yourself, that's practically all you have to do, go from 3000 calories down to 2500 calories a day. That's easy to do, but eating 6, 7, 8000 calories a day, that is impossible. Unless you are on EQ, that makes it so much easier boys. Whatever you need to do, you can eat, whatever calorie goals you need to have, you can hit it by using EQ. So so far what we have for Dwayne Johnson's cycle, Test, NPP and EQ, that would be his main bulking agents right there. The next part boys, here we go, we're going to get a lot of hate out of this. The next part is absolutely needed. 

It doesn't matter how big he is, you can see in his past pictures, he wasn't as big, before to get his size now, insulin is absolutely needed for his bulking cycle. Why? Because even though you're eating 6, 7, 8000 calories a day, you're not taking all those calories in, your body will not accept that much calories at one time. How do you get over that subject? 

Using insulin, that is the best way to get over that speed bump. Just to let you guys know, everything you eat on your plate, you're not absorbing 100% of it. This can all be theoretical, but at the same time, there's one fact for sure - you are not absorbing everything you eat on that plate. That's where again, insulin comes in. Now everybody knows that insulin is dangerous and don't do this, don't do that. Here is a basic facts about insulin.

You will not become diabetic when you use insulin, because you weren't diabetic before in the first place. Number two, the whole death scare, guys, if obese people out there, fat people out there, who have no discipline at all to keep up with their image, and if they can use insulin, why can't you? 

So if you're disciplined enough already to stay within your diet, to stay within your workout program and to stay within your image, you're more than welcome to use insulin because you're going to be that discipline in the first place. So don't get the whole scare tactic thing about that stuff.

So so for what we have is Test, NPP, EQ and the big one right there is insulin, that right there boys is how he got his size. In order for you to be that big. because here's one thing about tall people as well guys, ok, he's incredibly tall 6'3, 6'4. I think he's actually just 6'3, he bows to be 6'4 on his wrestling stuff, on his wrestling profile. But anyways, 6'3, it is damn hard to get that big of a size when you're that tall. You can't really have both, being tall and being jacked at the same time.

Unless, of course you're on anabolic Gear, and that's exactly what he's doing. So for you to get that big, you absolutely need steroids. And on top of that guys, you need insulin. You can be on anabolic Gear all day if you want, if you do not add insulin, especially when you're that tall, you are never going to get the size you are looking for. It is practically damn impossible. If not, it is literally impossible for you to get that big without the help of insulin. 

So last part boys that we're going to add on to this bulking cycle, DBol. That's the main thing that will also kick start your entire cycle and also give you that big amount of image when it comes to building the lean bulked up muscle you're looking for. So yes, half of that is going to be water weight. But again guys, it doesn't matter if you're gaining 20 pounds and half of it is water weight. 

Oh wow, you gained 10 pounds of lean muscle, but no, let's just forget about that because the other 10 is water weight. Who cares if it's water weight, guys? 10 pounds of it is water, yeah, but the other 10 you're gaining is lean muscle. For a natural to get that 10 pounds of lean muscle, do you know how long it would take? So I get it, yeah, when you gain 20 pounds from DBol, yes, half of that is water weight, I get it, it is water weight.

But guess what - those haters do not understand, the other half of that is your lean muscle. It is impossible for you to do that in the first place when you're a natural, so do not push aside what DBol can do, just because oh my God, half of it water weight, might as well toss it out. No. Are you kidding me? Do you hear yourself? When you can gain 10 pounds of lean muscle, that is absolutely worth to do that. 

So that will be his bulking cycle boys, ok, Test, NPP, EQ, insulin, I would have to say high dosage of insulin absolutely, and at the same time DBol to top that off. That would be his main bulking cycle for a good amount of the year. Now to get to his shreddedness guys, simple basic cycle of being shredded as well guys, ok. 

Again, when it comes to that more, it has to be more on a shorter ester for his testosterone, especially when he comes closer to his movies, his events, his debuts, whatever it may be. I would have to say either Sustanon or Testosterone prop. TNE, like testosterone no ester, that's just way too short, I'm sure there's no way he's going to want to inject constantly anyways. So if I have to theory craft, either Sustanon or testosterone propionate.

After that guys, I would stack that with Tren enanthate boys, ok, Tren enanthate or Tren acetate. Again, the esters doesn't really mean that much, as long as your base is Tren. Just to let you guys know, Tren is hands down, if you haven't been on that yet, my God, you're missing a lot when it comes to being lean, being shredded. You will see daily changes, that's how amazing Tren is. And that's how these guys, these movie actors, not just the Rock himself is using to get lean towards the role that they're doing. 

So first off right now, we have testosterone for his cutting cycle, Tren first cutting cycle, I would have to say Masteron as well guys, ok. When it comes to that, that's the thing that's going to make you lean and get you vascular on top of that as well. And obviously to top everything off, I'd want to say DNP, but here's the thing about the Rock guys, ok, he's big, he's huge, he's jacked, the one thing he's never achieved in the first place is an aesthetic looking abs. Here's the thing guys, when it comes to that he's going to be a lot more concentrating on his roles. on his script and all that stuff. 

And then when you deplete that much just to get abs, you're not gonna be able to concentrate, to be honest with you. And for me to speculate that he's on DNP, he would have had aesthetic looking abs already. So for me to say he's on DNP, I can't justify that. I would honestly have to say he's just probably on some regular cutting agent, like Clenbuterol, Albuterol, maybe ephedra. But for me to add DNP on top of that cycle and for him to look like that...

He looks amazing, don't get me wrong, but if you add DNP to it, then he'll be able to achieve the abs that he's been looking for. But I've never seen him in any role, any movie, any photoshoot where he has completely gotten his aesthetic looking abs, it always looks a little too bulky or water retention or just not fully there. So his cutting cycle would have to be Test, Masteron, at the same time boys Tren enanthate, and to control all of it guys. 

Clenbuterol, Albuterol, ephedra, one of those three to top it off. When it comes to his diet, honestly it doesn't really matter what you do, either calorie counting, your macros, ketosis, ketogenic, whatever it may be all that stuff yields the same results anyway, it just works whatever best for him. And obviously you want to water deplete towards the end of your cycle to get ready for your photoshoot about a week out. 

So that would be Dwayne The Rock Johnson steroids cycle, from bulking and then to cutting, to get ready for his role, his movies, his photoshoots. Until next time boys, we're going to cover another action hero, another celebrity in this type of video series boys. Celebrities Gear cycles, that's what we're going to be doing.

We're going to constantly do this, because one, it's a lot of fun guys, theory crafting each big celebrity who looks jacked, like Chris Hemsworth, those guys right there, it is a lot more fun doing it this way, because honestly, with my experience and my knowledge and my coaching we can get pretty damn close on what those guys are taking. And that's what I'm here to share with you guys today.

For everybody else, hit that subscribe button fellas, and right next to that that notification bell. Kai here, Formula Secrets here, out. Take care boys.



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